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Peacocks for dinner and boys in skirts? That's what Jack and Annie find when the Magic Tree House whisks them back to the Middle Ages for another wild adventure In the Great Gall of the castle, a feast is under way But Jack and Annie aren't exactly welcome guests! A book my 6 yr old loved, a little old for my preschoolers A solid reading level 3 book, this reader has a good amount of advanced vocabulary words, but not so long that it discourages a new reader Used it for his read out loud book, which was perfect It took about 15 mins for him to read and had just enough new vocabulary words to make it challenging Also, it was a fun and interesting story he could get into He liked it so much, he asked forby this author Great reading book! The events in this one are much less exciting and logical than in the others I've read The reason why the children are captured by the men in the castle is never clearly given, nor is the reason why they're placed into a storage room (view spoiler)[The very storage room that fortunately just happens to have the secret passageway mentioned in Jack's book (hide spoiler)] The Knight at Dawn is one of many belonging to the Magic Tree House series I remember reading these when I was younger The adventures and stories were vividly depicted and easy to follow along with I enjoyed these books so much I read them all within a month I could not put them down Children today still feel that way The librarian told me this when I went to check one out Mary Pope Osborne does an excellent job of creating a world of mystery and adventure for Jack and Annie, two little children that discover this magical tree house The tree house takes them on wild adventures where they are the heros and always have to save someone or something All the books teach a lesson in the end and have an excellent plot Children can also have the added benefit of having the opportunity to read not just one put over 30 books in this series A great book with illustrations added within Highly recommend for children who love reading about mystery/detective type stories. Magic Tree House, The Knight at Dawn is a fantasy book It is targeted for primary as well as intermediate aged children The book is book #2 of the Magic Tree House series written by Mary Pope Osborne The whole idea of the Magic Tree House books are that two siblings, Jack and Annie, had a tree house that made them travel in time This particular part of the series is about a time where they picked up a book about a knight and wished they were in that time period Next thing they knew they looked out of the tree house window and seen a knight in shining armour and a huge castle They met many medieval characters and went on a journey through thier time period I rated this book a 4 because I like the idea of the magic I think it will really expand children's imaginations In these days where children only watch tv and play video games, imagination is important I think the occasional pictures also bring a nice touch to the book The characters are brother and sister which is very relatable to most children I think this book will be very appealing to children Most children love the idea of magic I first hand hear a lot of good things about the series from the children at the school I work at I could use this book in the classroom for enjoyment or to discuss the difference between realism and fantsy. Loving this series just as much as my son is! The Knight at Dawn is the second book in the Magic Tree House series This is a cute story about Jack, and his sister Annie traveling through time to a time with knights and castles I read this to my six year old and he absolutely loved it My three year old also sat through the story with us and she loved it as well, though she did have a few questions She had a harder time understanding the story All in all we love the Magic Tree House stories and plan to continue on with the series I definitely recommend this book to people with young children who love stories with action, and easy to understand dialogue! I thought that this book was very fun and exciting as well as adventures book for me That I really enjoyed to read and have connections to I finished this book in not even a day for how much I enjoyed to read it I read this book with great fluency and the book also influenced me to readof that serious in books.I would rate this book in between 4 and 5 because there were some parts n the book that I wanted to skip and not read but I read it anyway There were alsoparts in the book that really caught my attention and also impressed me I normally do not read that much but when I read this book It caught my attention so much that I felt like reading another book. To start with, I still don't understand the popularity of these books, at least not for the age group it's often suggested for My fiveyearold finds them dull, though he might like themif he were an independent reader The story was too dry and lacked any real excitement However, my nearly twoyearold is starting to get interested.As a parent I found this book a little annoying Annie doesn't think before she acts The story is overly vague and bland I had a hard time following the story in the book because it all seemed to be repetitive sneaking around with a handful of random, vague facts spattered around Even the dialogue with the contemps was pretty inconsistent There was a thou thrown in there, but also the slang 'em It just didn't seem to flow Then there was the obvious curiosity about kids wandering off in the middle of the night and trying not to get caught by their parents.That being said, while I don't think it's a great story for the grade levels it's promoted for, I do think it will be fantastic for a younger age group I wouldn't really use it as an introduction to history, but it could be a fun read and encourage a younger child to have interest in a variety of things It could give a lot of inspiration to a younger child interested in makebelieve I like it a lot for a younger age group, just not the age group it seems to be used for. Okay so I probably would not read this book in English; however, I read this book in spanish In Spanish it is called, El Caballero del Alba It is a great book for first or 2nd year Spanish readers Reading this book in Spanish is a great way to keep up on your Spanish.