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When it comes to children's books, it's hard to beat the bestselling team of author Laura Numeroff and illustrator Felicia Bond for creative and captivating tales that are both fun and educational They continue the tradition that began with such whimsical titles as If You Give a Mouse a Cookie and If You Give a Moose a Muffin with yet another tale of actions and consequences: If You Give a Pig a Pancake Once again, Numeroff follows the potential effects of one creature's chaotic demands, creating a tale filled with beguiling characters, delightful anticipation, and a fun sense of adventure In addition to being humorous and entertaining, If You Give a Pig a Pancake allows children to see how their own constant demands might frazzle their parents Kids should also enjoy studying the subtleties in Bond's colorful illustrations, such as the facial expressions of the book's adorable protagonist or the details found in a mountain of bubbles and the contents of a closet Easy to understand, stimulating to both mind and eye, and irresistibly amusing, this is one book children will likely want to read over and over again Beth Amos

10 thoughts on “If You Give a Pig a Pancake

  1. Archit Ojha Archit Ojha says:

    Kids are going to love this If You Give series by Laura Joffe. The fun is to the point. I can really imagine how happy children are going to be when they get to know what happens when they give a pancake to a pig!

  2. Josh Caporale Josh Caporale says:

    THESE are the kinds of children's books I enjoy and feel that children should be reading or having read to them! This is a modern classic that is placed in the series of books that includes If You Give a Mouse a Cookie and If You Give a Moose a Muffin. One zany thing leads to another and it is just wacky and hilarious. At the same time, children will almost definitely understand everything that is going on in this if and then arrangement. The pig is quite adorable, while also being quite funny herself. This is definitely a children's book that should be in your child's book collection!

  3. One more, please! One more, please! says:

    My kids absolutely love the If You Give a series by Laura Numeroff . In this installment we meet pig and learn about the chaos that will ensue if we were to give a pig a pancake. The story is fun and silly, the illustrations are cute and appropriate for youngsters.

  4. Reham Reham says:

    If you give a pig a pancake:6-8

    I liked this story; it gives you so many ideas to work with, such as pancake lesson, Sequence, what comes after each steps. Teach the children very nice things like when you want to send a letter what should you do first, write the letter down, then put it in the envelop and put stamps and take it to the mailbox. Another thing is the tree house, what you need when you want to build one. Also the story shows how much the girl care about her pet.

    Learning experience:

    Teacher can make cards with pictures with each steps in the story such as pancake, syrup, bath, rubber duck, camera, envelope, tree house; and let the children put the story in order and ask them what happened in each step

  5. Zequoia Hyche Zequoia Hyche says:

    I think that this book is very expressive in the way that it was both written and illustrated. I like how the events that took place are displayed in sequential order. It helps readers to understand that once the pig has done something, this is what happens next all the way to the end of the book. But what is neat-is that once you reach the end of the book... it sets the story back up as if the sequence would start over again. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and the children that I work with seem to love it too. They can almost quote what is going to happen next!

  6. Becca Wilson Becca Wilson says:

    If You Give a Pig a Pancake is a thrilling story about what would happen if you were to give a pig a pancake, and although it seems harmless, this story proves that you would be in for quite the day. The pig would probably want syrup, then a bath, new clothes, to tap dance, wear a costume, send a letter, take a picture, and eventually want a pancake all over again! The main theme of this story is that sometimes when you have lots of demands for someone, it can get crazy and that person gets tired.

    I love this story because I personally love pigs, and I think the little illustrations are absolutely hilarious. The pig's facial expressions are so cute, and the illustrations make the story seem that much crazier. I love it when picture books have funny illustrations and I found myself laughing out loud several times while reading this because of the pig's crazy antics.

    I would recommend this book to young children, because the story will captivate them and keep them focused, since you are constantly anxious about what happens next. I think this story can also teach young children that their actions affect other people, and can lead to a discussion about using manners and asking for favors instead of demanding them.

  7. Zethu Zethu says:

    Good grief, after my nephew shoved this book in my face the fourth time I gave it a whirl. I'm glad I did. The combination of detail in the art and the sweat surrealism in the story made me turn the pages not to convince my nephew, but because I wanted to see where it was going(embarrassing considering it's a children's book!). My nephew enjoyed it and so did I and that's why I recommend you get a copy and find out just what happens If You Give a Pig a Pancake.

  8. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    This book made me exhausted. This is one messy and chaotic pig. I do admire her love of maple syrup. Orianna, on the other hand, seemed a bit mystified by the antics and the girl characters willingness to follow the pig's whims. In the end, the important part is that she understands the relationship between syrup and pancakes. Job done.

  9. Jon Nakapalau Jon Nakapalau says:

    Fun 'cause & effect' book that small children will enjoy!

  10. Kathy Kathy says:

    The kids love these books, but the original mouse and cookie is my fsvorite