Free ePUB The Myst Reader: Three Books in One Volume (The Book of Atrus; The Book of Ti'ana; The Book of D'ni) –

This omnibus edition of the hugely popular Myst trilogy is published to coincide with the release of Myst Revelations, the latest in the line of the bestselling Myst interactive CDROM gamesThe awardwinning Myst series is one of the most successful interactive CDROM computer games in history with sales of thanmillion copies worldwide Myst captivated the world when it was first conceived and created by brothers Rand and Robyn Miller Its extraordinary success has gone on to spawn Riven, Myst III Exile, and most recently, Uru: The Ages Beyond Myst Devoted fans of these surreal adventure games gather yearly at Mysterium whose event sites are spreading to other countries to exchange game strategies, share stories, and meet up with old friendsThe Myst Reader is a literary companion to the CDROM games and a compendium of the bestselling official Myst trilogy: The Book of Atrus, The Book of Ti'ana, and The Book of D'ni Devoted fans and new players alike will be delighted to have three books in this mythic saga together for the first time in one valuepriced volume, which will be published in time to coincide with the longawaited release of Myst Revelations Second time around reading this, and still enjoy it very much It is a fun and simple story, that pulls you into a fantasy world, bordering on, if not even stepping into science fiction Sure, the language is not complex and the storyline easy to follow, but keep in mind this was mainly aimed towards the youth market For fans of fantasy and science fiction, this is good fun Though knowledge of the game and characters is not necessary, it does help with picturing what the world(s) and customs of the D'ni look like I even feel the stories have aged quite well, and are as relevant now as they ever were Even the book of D'ni, which I felt was the weakest of the three, to the point of having to duck a star But I must admit, in the end, all I wanted was to play the games again, to step into that world onetime Maybe that's what the books were hoping to do the whole time? This reader is very thought provoking The first book explores the possibilities and complexities of creating worlds It helps me to believe in the truth of a creator Atrus is learning from his father Gehn how to write ages or worlds Gehn is out of control and believes that he is a God Atrus looks at it differently that they are linking to worlds already created.The second book is about Gehn's parents and the fall of the anciend civilization known as D'Ni You follow how a vibrant culture can be corrupted and fall because of pride.The third book follows Atrus as he attempts to find the remnants of the D'Ni people after the fall This book explores the corruption of power and what can happen to a culture were there is abuse of power and slavery.I really enjoyed these books They are a little slower of a read, but well worth the time. For fans of the Myst series of computer games who want to knowabout the history of the D'ni and the backstory of Atrus this is great, although the beginning of I agonized over what rating to give this book I would like to give it 5 stars, because I support all things Myst and I have been obsessed with the world of Myst since the first time I sat down to play it But I feel like I should give it 1 star, because it was just so terribly written Seriously I felt like I was reading bad fan fiction on the internet So I compromised and gave it 3 stars.A worthwhile read for Myst fans, to see the story behind the games But for a wonderful read with deep characters, interesting dialogue, and a satisfying writing style look elsewhere.