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Here's a quick overview: Vampire Kisses is a series written by Ellen Schrieber The books in it are Vampire Kisses, Kissing Coffins, Vampireville, Dance With A Vampire, and Royal Blood Recommended for 12 Genres include: horror/thriller/romance Rated: A Since Kindergarten, Raven's biggest dream was to be a vampire When her parents are hippies and you watched a lot of old horror films, why wouldn't she? Well, things haven't changed a lot since then, and now Raven's in high school She's gothic, and gets rejected by all the preps at her school (which is everyone, except for her best friend, Becky) You could say her life is pretty boring and it is It is, until a strange and mysterious boy moves into the abandoned mansion up the road from Raven's house Is he a vampire, and can he make Raven's dreams come true? Read the series to learn about an undying love between two very different teens ReadTEEN FICTION book reviews at The Book Princess! It was interesting and cute I will consider reading on but it was just a like for me COMPLETELY INSTALOVE, minimal character development and depth. A new guy in townRumors of vampiresDangerous first loveThis is where it all begins The mansion on top of Benson Hill has stood empty for years But one day it seems to be occupied, and its mysterious, handsome inhabitant Alexander Sterling becomes the source of much talk around town Raven, a vampireobsessed Gothgirl who has always considered herself an outsider in Dullsville, is determined to uncover the truth surrounding the secretive Alexander As she gets to know him, and their spark intensifies, Raven finds herself in some unanticipated situations Can Alexander make her lifelong dream come true? But love always has its complications—especially when it can only be awakened at nightfallThe first three books in Ellen Schreiber's bestselling Vampire Kisses series capture the thrill of a most unusual romance book 1: This book was kind of dumb For one thing, i hated how the main character Raven, was so Goth She didn't fit in with the preppy/normal kids and this didn't make me empathize with her at all It seemed like she was trying so hard not to fit in that she became a 180 of what she hated The story was kind of silly and not very interesting The only struggle was her trying to get some idiot named Trevor to leave her alone and meet this guy Alexander (who might be a vampire) and then redeem herself to him for wanting to meet him because she thinks he is a vampire Really lame The story is easy to read and isn't very long It took me about 3 days to get through which is a long time for me considering if this book had any substance to it I would have flew through it in an afternoon Some books can be described as not being able to put it down, but I put this book down several 2: this book was definitely better than the first one i still hate how raven refers to her town as dullsville and the town she visits as hipstervillle i just think its DUMB the addition of the character Jagger really made this story muchinteresting than the first the description of the mansions is kind of unoriginal i keep hoping that raven will actually own a regular object, but its seems like every thing she mentions is goth, an olivia outcast journal (or something like that)? why can't she just write in a freakin' composition book?! i wonder if she has a regular toothbrush i am glad she is being nicer to her brother, but think it is pretty unrealistic that a middle schooler's friend really has all that high tech stuff seems like the author really takes a personality to the extreme raven is extreme goth her brother's nerd mate is extreme nerd very annoying when raven dressed up as Jenny for the drive in movie it made me think of the episode of NCIS when abby dresses up as marilyn monroe for halloween if raven was half as cool as abby i would love her character but she is not even close naming the cat nightmare was also unoriginal and kind of stupid, i kind of hope her cat is a little nightmare for giving it such a dumb name even though i liked book 2 better than book 1 i still would not tell any of my friends to read it, or even mention 3: While reading this book I was definitelycurious as to what would happen next than in the previous two However, the book story still were not all that great I still don't really like the characters Nothing about them seems real to me I know its just a story, but with most books you can find something that makes the characters alive and for me this book just doesn't have it I don't think i will be reading any other books from this series i just think its too stupid i gave it a chance with the first 3 and was not impressed I think i will stick to twilight saga and sookie stackhouse series for my vampire fix i would not suggest this book to any friends, i would only mention it as a book to avoid because it is that bad DO NOT READ THIS BOOK! Wow This was seriously one of THE lameest books I have ever read This was actually a compilation of the first three books in the series, of which I believe there are currently nine I am not planning on reading any of the others If you know how dedicated I can get to finishing out a series in the hopes that it redeems itself in the end you'll know how big of a deal that is Even though the author acknowledges that Raven, the main character, has read countless vampire novels and watched every single vamp movie there is (in which case realizing how wide and varied the types of vamps and mythology surrounding them is), she, the author, does not flesh out the particular vampire mythos in this series at all The love interest is a teenage vampire (at which point Raven does a happy dance) does he explain any of what this means? No Then other vampires, also teens, come to town They are evil and must be forced to leave Why are they evil again? What do these other vampires do that is so bad? Apparently they're not killing anyone They're not even biting people since they're getting their blood from tribute amulets from a club in hipsterville so why do we need to drive them out of town again? Is it just because you don't like them? Why yes, I believe it is I also couldn't get past the way Raven talks about herself and life in general, how she is so goth and Alexander is her gothic knight and no one understands her and she is so different from everyone else because they're all cookiecutter cut outs of each other who only care about getting the latest prada bag, etc However when she goes to see her aunt in hipsterville she is so excited to run right to the local hot gothic (sound familiar to anyone?) and grab the latest and greatest in gothic garb Yeah, so this was totally lameevenso then those Real Vampires Have Curves books At least Glory's inner dialog somewhat resembles a real persons One thing in the author's favor; by the end of the first book she had almost totally convinced me that Alexander was not actually a vampire I had begun to wonder if the series was going to be about a poor sick boy allergic to garlic with that light sensitive disease that everyone teased about being a vamp If this was the only book I could see it ending that way, but seeing as how there were so many other books to follow I was pretty sure that couldn't be the case, but as I said, she did have me almost convinced so I was a little surprised along with Raven when he was revealed to be (totally randomly I might add) an actual vampire. Book One: Vampire KissesI've read this book ages ago, around 2005, and now I'm looking forward to continue the series so I decided to reread the first book I think this month is my rereading month! Raven is so funny! She is one of those protagonist that makes the story so light that you MUST finish it in the same day! She is confident, oneofakind, in other word: unique! She's imaginative, stubborn and totally gothic obsessed! I can't wait to see what happens with her and Alexander.Book Two: Kissing CoffinsI think Raven is such a strange character After seeing how afraid she was of what is supposed to be her passion, I think it's safe to say she is just a teenage drama queen who doesn't know how to have a healthy attentionseeking personna She thinks this is what she wants but I think she is delusional, I mean seriously, who would want that?! Book Three: VampirevilleA love triangle is ensuing here, Luna wants Alexander who wants Raven but Trevor is there and Luna's brother is pursuing Raven to destroy Alexander. I don't know why this series is called vampire kisses as there is not very much that differentiates the vampire characters from the human characters The only differences between the humans and vampires in this series is the vampires' sun and garlic allergy, their ocassional thirst for human blood, and their need to sleep in a coffin during the day Basically, the author just refers to old vampire lore when delving into the vampire aspect of the series but doesn't actually bother to elaborate any further on what exactly makes Alexander, his family, and his enemies vampires None of the vampires, even the bad ones, actually feed directly from humans Raven, the annoying main character who is just a goth version of the irritating Bella Swan, expresses the same goal of wanting to live forever with her vampire boyfriend Alexander That will be a difficult goal for Raven to make a reality since in this series vampires are born, age, and die just like regular humans I'd only recommend this series for people that like Twilight. There was once a time in my life when I thought that there will never be a book worse than the Twilight series There was once a time in my life when I believed that no publisher would ever put out something so horrible that it is like a train wreck or a car accident that you can't look away from.And then I bought Vampire Kisses: The BeginningAnd I learned that yes, Virginia, there is a bookterrible.You see, Vampire Kisses could have been good It could have been amazing actually Dark and Mysterious Alexander suddenly showing up in a dull little town where the outcast of said dull town finds herself drawn to him It was the reversal of Twilight even though the boy was still the vampire and the girl was still the human.It was awful.Terrible.No words can actually describe.Ellen Schreiber is almost as untalented as Smeyer, perhaps evenso The book read badly Laughable in some places Endless mentions of the fact that the girl was goth and wearing goth clothes and she was putting on a mesh shirt or ripped tights or mesh army things or black lipstick or blue hairstreaks or WHAT EVER It was like Schreiber was flashing a huge sign at the reader saying BY THE WAY DID I MENTION AT SOME POINT THAT THIS GIRL IS A GOTH AND LOVES GOTH STUFF? NO? WELL HERE IT IS AGAIN!!!Raven is forever referring to Alexander as her Gothic prince or her vampire love muffin or whatever All the terms of endearment that she uses for this guy made me snort out loud, in public, while I was reading.It got to the point where I was in the last hundred or so pages and decided to say F*CK it and skipped to the last three I read it and and sighed a sigh of relief For it was truly terrible Then as retribution, I decided that since I'd seen a girl with an Edward bag get on the bus ahead of me I put my things to the side on a seat, marched down to the end of the bus and said hey you like Twilight right? I'm never ever ever going to read this again You might like it Want it for free?Really? That's like 500 or so pages of my life I'm never going to get back But yet I couldn't look away Because really? I kept trying to say to myself, It has to get better at some point And then it didn't! Just like Breaking Dawn.I immediately went out and purchased The Book of Negros by Lawrence Hill Something to wash the bad taste out of my mouth Kind of like how I read The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath after I read BD. Rating Clarification: 0 starsSimply terrible, just TERRIBLE.SUPERFICIAL, STEREOTYPICAL, CLICHÉ Plainly and excruciatingly bad, BAD, BAD The facts have no union; it is like watching a TV series, a succession of changing scenes but with no explanations anywhere, and a bunch of systematized ideas and shallowness An assortment of conventionalized and “popular” elements put together with the apparent intent of being cool and special but obviously failing miserably What a painful, painful read.I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS SERIES, I repeat, I do not recommend these books, if you do read it BE WARNED, you will never get back the hours you wasted. Good grief, I'm on a roll with the 12 star reviews lately I must be having a case of the Fussy Book Crankies *sigh*At any rate, this was pretty dumb Though I picked it up, read 80 pages, put it down before bothering to update my Goodreads stats, I hesitate to say it was totally horrid; the writing style makes me think it was aimed for tweens preteens, in which case it would've beeninteresting Heck, I might have enjoyed it when I was 12 but I'm not enjoying it NOW, which is what counts Good things: Raven's snarky asides are cute No disappearing parent syndrome A positive approach to the goth lifestyle, which is frequently ( unnecessarily) villainized in schools Bad things: Snarky asides aside (heh), Raven is an idiot Supporting characters are flat, the scenes jump around, the chapters are annoyingly short, the approach is just plain goofy There's something to be said for books movies that don't take themselves seriously but this went beyond the point of gentle selfmocking Despite the overload of silliness, the story itself is entirely earnest there's no comfort zone, no way to settle on wry goth satire or serious gothic romance (And FYI though I won't be trying anybooks, I hope Raven ends up with the hapless Trevor He's a jock doesn't know the first thing about properly wooing women, but the poor guy is head over heelshe just needs a better handle on female brains.)Not for me, obviously Hopefully my copy will find a better home via Paperback Swap.