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Marie Kondo, Author Of The Worldwide Bestseller The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying Up, And Organizational Psychologist Scott Sonenshein Team Up To Bring Joy To WorkThe Workplace Is A Magnet For Clutter And Mess Who Hasn T Felt Drained By Wasteful Meetings, Disorganized Papers, Endless Emails, And Unnecessary Tasks These Are The Modern Day Hazards Of Working, And They Can Slowly Drain The Joy From Work, Limit Our Chances Of Career Progress, And Undermine Our Well Being There Is Another WayIn Joy At Work, Bestselling Author And Netflix Star Marie Kondo And Rice University Business Professor Scott Sonenshein Offer Stories, Studies, And Strategies To Help You Eliminate Clutter And Make Space For Work That Really Matters Using The World Renowned KonMari Method And Cutting Edge Research,Joy At Work Will Help You Overcome The Challenges Of Workplace Mess And Enjoy The Productivity, Success, And Happiness That Comes With A Tidy Desk And Mind

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  1. rachel ☾ rachel ☾ says:

    i just got approved for Marie Kondo s newest book i ve well and truly Peaked Review copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review Blog Goodreads Twitter Instagram

  2. Emily (FictionallyFloral) Emily (FictionallyFloral) says:

    Big thank you to Little, Brown and Company for the ARC Marie Kondo again writes a wholly accessible and applicable self help book Despite being a college student not yet in the professional scene, I still found the advice and tips helpful, especially within the realm of digital tidying up I am someone who considers herself a bit like Marie, in that we both enjoy keeping only what in my case, think we need This book helped me see that while yes, I may be able to find all my things rather quickly, I am still debilitating myself by holding onto everything A very easy to read and giftable book that is sure to help everyone in some way

  3. Kelly Kelly says:

    For white collar workers, primarily, but there are a lot of good takeaways here about what it means to have joy at work If you liked Kondo s Tidying Up, you ll dig this.

  4. Cate Cate says:

    Like most books on work and improving your work life, it assumes you are the sole manager of your time and activities in the work place Not only is that exclusively salaried white collar workers, it excludes whole industries such as healthcare and other clinical careers, as well as jobs with customer facing hours, not just independent office time That s not so much a criticism of this book, as it is most books in this genre Still, I will rate highly for those for whom it can apply.This ARC was provided for free by the publisher, via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.

  5. Cynthia Cynthia says:

    Let me begin by saying that I am a proponent of the KonMari Method and I own Marie Kondo s The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up and Spark Joy Her method has worked incredibly well for me, tying nicely into my desire to life a simpler and sustainable lifestyle I was excited to hear about this new publication not only because I was interested on how I could apply her method to work, but also I ve also always been interested in productivity and the field of organizational psychology super nerd alert, I know Joy at Work is a collaboration between Marie Kondo and Scott Sonenshein, an organizational psychologist The authors take the idea of clutter at work beyond the mess at your desk They discuss clutter on your computer, in your schedule, in meetings, and , and in turn how to tidy all of these up They alternate as narrators, which was confusing at times to me as a reader this may have been in part because I was reading an ARC, hopefully the final publication will distinguish the voices better The book proposes concrete solutions for all your tidying needs, and shows you as was done in Kondo s first book how clearing all but what you need and brings you joy can offer you greater perspective on your job and life The book weaves its way to this final message on how sometimes focusing on what brings you joy might prompt even greater self reflection, which may lead you to another job or path.This book is easy to read and is filled with case studies that keep the reader engaged and support the ideas presented by the authors I enjoyed it, though I found that some of the sections less applicable to me as a professional working in a school and not a private business As with Kondo s previous books, this one will not be for everyone However, the collaboration with Sonenshein opens the potential audience to people interested in evidence based discussions on productivity and efficiency at work I walked away with lots of ideas and inspired to reread it again soon, to see what I can apply to my own life I would recommend it to people who already have interest in this topic and who are looking for clear solutions on how to tidy up the various facets of their work.Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for the opportunity to preview the book

  6. Kailey (BooksforMKs) Kailey (BooksforMKs) says:

    Marie Kondo and Scott Sonenshein give some wonderful guidelines in this book for tidying up your work They focus on not just your desk and workspace, but also your time, contacts, email and digital documents, and decision making process They give advice on team building, evaluating tasks, and how to run an effective meeting.I liked the chapters that Marie wrote the best Her voice is so inspirational and clear The advice given by Scott is also good, but I didn t connect with his voice as much.I really liked that the circumstances and examples of each job could apply to almost any job or field of work, no matter your level or profession The principles and criteria are general enough that they become universal truths, but the writing demonstrates those truths with specific examples of regular people who found freedom and joy through tidying.I wish there were a tidying checklist at the end of the book, but there isn t, so I wrote my own checklist to help me as I go through the process of cleaning and tidying my office.This book has really inspired me to get going and tidy my office and my work life Disclaimer I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for a free and honest review All the opinions stated here are my own true thoughts, and are not influenced by anyone

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    Decluttering queen Marie Kondo takes on your work lifeDecluttering queen Marie Kondo is back, helping you spark joy in your job With organizational psychologist Scott Sonenshein, she tackles the decluttering process as it pertains to the workplace Helping inspire you to tidy up your office, Kondo uses her KonMari method to show you that minimalism is just important at work as at home Combined with organizing advice from Sonenshein to help you get to get your inbox in order and rework your schedule, Joy at Work is a winning collaboration between these two authors While nothing in the book is shockingly new, reading it will inspire you to streamline your work life I received a complimentary copy of this book from Little, Brown and Company through NetGalley Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

  8. Dina Dina says:

    Thanks NetGalley for the review copy I learned a lot about tidying up my work space and managing work life balance.

  9. Rachel Rachel says:

    As a very tidy person already, I adore Marie Kondo and frequent books about organizational psychologists like Scott Sonenshein But this book isn t really for me it s for people that have trouble keeping things tidy, and feel like they have no control over their physical and digital workspaces For those people, I do think this book can help Kondo s spark joy message is soft pedaled, probably with the assumption that white collar workers could find it sappy Still, the advice is practical Kondo and Sonenshein are clear on personal responsibility and instituting boundaries, and focus mainly on storytelling as a means of getting their points across For the most part, that works For employees that aren t white collar, don t have their own work spaces, and have very little in their own personal control, this book will not help you and might even hurt a little A lot of what is suggested here has to do with the choices we make, which might be a non starter for a lot of work places Still, Kondo and Sonenshein provide lots of small, practical advice that is easy to implement and low stakes I came away with a good amount of things to try, and even thinking about digital workspaces differently thanks to Sonenshein s perspective.

  10. Angela Johnson Angela Johnson says:

    Having already read and loved The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo, I was thrilled to have received Joy at Work in a Goodreads giveaway.Marie s already come into our homes and helped us embrace the material items that spark joy and let go of the items that do not I noticed a huge difference in my household after my husband and I tackled this together Keeping our house clean was a lot easier, tidying every day took minutes, and then our deep cleans were quicker and easier too We were happier in our space, our home, which should be where you re happiest after all Joy at Work is by Marie Kondo AND Scott Sonenshein an organizational psychologist While I do not currently have a typical job, I felt like this book would bring value to me in the future and that I d be able to share it with my family and friends that do have traditional jobs As for me, I m a stay at home parent Right now, my family is living with my parents while our home is built which, during Covid 19 crisis, I m sure our stay here will be even lengthier My job is teaching my toddler, keeping him safe and healthy I need creativity, I need strength and energy, I need love and I need innovation to help him thrive Kondo touches on the actual art of tidying your workspace I don t have a workspace here, but it did make me think of reevaluating how we re living in our current spaces here Further, I was able to immediately call to mind my last corporate job and how this book would have helped me then The cubicle I was in wasn t even fully cleaned out from the last employee I had file folders that didn t belong to me or my job and I had no idea what to do with them It made me feel like I was very much in a temporary space Kondo methodically approaches how you need to tidy your space, similar to her method for tidying in the home Even just reading about tidying a busy and cluttered workspace was calming and I could picture how I would have made changes in my past work environment and how that may have lead to joy and fulfilling work Sonenshein chimes in throughout Kondo s chapters with interesting facts and research His input helped answer WHY tidying affects us in such a positive way I really appreciated the research notes and statistics that were provided throughout the entire book Information like that is incredibly useful, especially if you d like to implement these changes at your work Coming to your boss with facts and a plan is coming prepared.Sonenshein s chapters focused on intangible tidying like tidying your tasks, your teams, your decisions This was a unique perspective I hadn t thought of before He helps you organize these intangibles by writing them out on notecards so you can physically see what you have to work with He also gives suggestions on how to rid yourself of tasks or decisions that aren t bringing value to your position while recognizing that sometimes we don t have control over these choices Overall this book was really enlightening I am eager to share it with my husband and see how he is able to apply it to his own work I can see how this would produce joy at work and reduce stress It s available for sale on April 7, 2020 and during the quarantine the world is going through, this may be a great time to read up on some personal development material I d also recommend Kondo s other book and using this time to tidy your home During this time that we all may be struggling to find joy, inner peace and calm, tidying might just be an answer to that for you.