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New From Marie Benedict, The New York Times Bestselling Author Of The Only Woman In The Room An Incredible Novel That Focuses On One Of The People Who Had The Most Influence During World War I And World War II Clementine Churchill In , Clementine Churchill Steps Off A Train With Her New Husband, Winston An Angry Woman Emerges From The Crowd To Attack, Shoving Him In The Direction Of An Oncoming Train Just Before He Stumbles, Clementine Grabs Him By His Suit Jacket This Will Not Be The Last Time Clementine Churchill Saves Her HusbandLady Clementine Is The Ferocious Story Of The Brilliant And Ambitious Woman Beside Winston Churchill, The Story Of A Partner Who Did Not Flinch Through The Sweeping Darkness Of War, And Who Would Not Surrender Either To Expectations Or To Enemies

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  1. Liz Liz says:

    3.5 stars, rounded upThis book is an interesting, but not engrossing, fiction of Clementine Churchill s marriage to Winston Clementine proved herself Winston s equal time and again Not afraid of speaking her mind, she was as enthused by politics as he was Benedict chooses smart women who were restrained by their times as her topics I do wish she didn t try to have her characters see their futures, whether Winston seeing himself as destined to save the world or Clemmie seeing herself as Winston s rescuer I see my future with Winston unspool before me Perhaps this rescue is not meant to be my last It just came across as telling, not showing The book covers a large amount of time so we see just glimpses of Clemmie and Winston s life Maybe because of this, I didn t initially connect with them as real people The book becomes compelling once WWII starts and Winston becomes PM I was especially interested by Clemmie s push to get women involved in the war effort As well as the other issues she chose to champion such as the air raid shelters I felt Benedict did a good job covering Clemmie and Winston s relationship with their children and her guilt over their parenting In fact, throughout the book, she doesn t sugarcoat the family issues The book definitely improves as it goes on I was initially disappointed with the story but by the end, found it very worthwhile I ve often said that I judge an historical fiction by how much I learned While I know a lot about Winston and England s trials during WWII, I still picked up a lot of interesting facts I always enjoy reading the author s note for historical novels so that I can get a feel how many allowances were taken But Epstein s AN was not included in my advance copy My thanks to netgalley and Sourcebooks for an advance copy of this book.

  2. Suzanne Leopold (Suzy Approved Book Reviews) Suzanne Leopold (Suzy Approved Book Reviews) says:

    In September 1908, 23 year old Clementine Hozier became Mrs Winston Churchill As a powerful statesman s wife, Clementine was expected to be an intuitive and devoted woman playing a supporting role to her husband s endeavors However, Clementine Churchill would be than just the woman behind one of history s most powerful men Through the decades of Winston s political prowess and key military roles, Clementine supported him and served as his secret weapon, saving his skin countless times and providing key insights into his political relations Clementine weathered two world wars and overcame the expectations of what a woman can do She never relinquished her independence or her values Lady Clementine gives a new look at one of the unsung women of history Marie Benedict, author of The Only Woman in the Room, Carnegie s Maid, and The Other Einstein, creates a compelling tale of historical fiction This book paints a realistic picture of the trials and victories of the wife of Winston Churchill and provides a personal perspective on the Churchill family.

  3. Annette Annette says:

    Clementine Hozier Churchill 1885 1977 was a woman of great intelligence, who had skillfully influenced her husband s political career London, 1908 Clementine Hozier attracts attention of Winston Churchill by her intellect and responsiveness He is very impressed with her, stating, you listen, understand, and engage with the important issues of our day After five months of courtship he proposes.She quickly realizes that if she wants to play a meaningful part in his life, she must become involved in his political world, which naturally fits her And Winston encourages her to take a charge no matter how unusual the issue is, specifically if it s fit for a woman.On June 28, 1914, Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the Austro Hungarian throne, gets shot in Serbia The brewing war is now inevitable.The strategic plan of Dardanelles to cut off Turkey from helping Germans fails.Winston Churchill is dismissed from his position of lord admiral.Since he can t command the war from afar, he decides to join the men in the trenches and fight alongside them.And she on the other hand, plunges into repairing her husband s damage by meeting with governmental figures and making other engagements, anything to bring him back in favor.From the trenches, he rises to the position of minister of munitions, then ascending to secretary of state for war and air.When Winston falls out of favor again, Hitler gains his momentum Hitler has mustered the forces he s secretly assembled to conquer and lay waste to Poland Hitler thumbed his nose at England by blatantly invading Poland Later as a wife of Prime Minister, she receives criticism which she uses as fuel She turns it around and uses as positive ammunition, involving women in the war in a meaningful way, by convincing her husband to hire women in supportive, administrative, and manufacturing capacities The story entails major events, making the pace fast It gives a glimpse at brewing relationships among European countries then Nazi Germany annexation of Austria, and then invasion of Poland ultimately leading to WWII It s an interesting glimpse from British perspective of slow reaction of then current PM Chamberlain and later the efforts of new PM and his wife to woo the Americans into the war, to help end it.This book paints a portrait of a very strong woman, who knows how to tackle man s world She is a woman to reckon with But she struggles as a mother Motherhood gives her anxiety than the challenges thrown at her by men And still where she feels most comfortable, she sees room for improvement for herself While meeting Mrs Roosevelt, first she notices her out of style dress, but then what impresses Clementine the most is how Eleanor conducts herself And that s what inspires her to be even a better diplomat.Well written, with steady pace, informative, but not overwhelming, presenting a story of a commendable woman with an engaging prose.P.S Highly recommend other books by this author The Other Einstein, Carnegie s Maid, The Only Woman in the Room FB BestHistoricalFiction

  4. Rose Rose says:

    Thank you to NetGalley, Author Marie Benedict and Sourcebooks Landmark for the early copy of the book for my review.What a delightful book, a historical fiction story about Clementine Churchill A book full of history, and a great storyline about a wonderful and inspiring womanThis book was enlightening and interesting, and flowed really well A book for all lovers of history, and historical fiction One I would gladly recommend

  5. Karren Sandercock Karren Sandercock says:

    Thanks to NetGalley, Sourcebooks and Marie Benedict for my copy of her new book Lady Clementine.In 1908, Clementine Hozier married Winston Churchill and it s the start of one of history s greatest unions Clementine was expected to be a Winston s wife, a mother to his future children and support his political career Clementine Churchill was than the wife of England s most powerful men, she was his friend, his confidant, his greatest supporter and together they made a formidable couple.Not long into their marriage, Clementine saved Winston s political career after the his idea to attack The Dardanelles during WW I was an utter disaster, he was a demoted from the admiralty, she though of a way for Winston to redeem himself and it worked Her life wasn t an easy one, she had troubled childhood, her marriage to Winston was at times hard, trying to be a good mother to her five children, while being a busy politicians wife and of course living in England during the two world wars was difficult.Both she and Winston had issues with The Black Dog as they called depression back then, the pressure of being in the public eye, loss of a child, juggling so many different roles and WW II This took it s toll on both of the Churchill s mental health and of course their marriage.Clementine was a very strong woman, she was smart and she was determined that her husband s time as England s Prime Minister was a success During WW II, not only was she her husband sounding board for his famous speeches, she encouraged him to change the wording, Winston used big complicated words and the average English working class person wouldn t understand what he meant Clementine, put her husband first, she struggled with terrible guilt regarding the lack of time she spent with her children while they were growing up and her life wasn t easy But she was dedicated to her husband, she loved him, she supported her country and it s people She went out herself to witness the terrible damage the German bombs had done to London, she noticed the bomb shelters had issues, she discovered while they did protect women and children from harm They lacked basic things, like somewhere for families to sleep, decent toilet facilities and she made changes She was involved with the Red Cross, she also added her name to the fire spotters list, at night they sat on roofs of buildings for 8 hours shifts watching with binoculars fixed on the sky, they reported incoming German planes and also if any fires had started Mrs Churchill was also was an excellent hostess, she made do with what food was available due to rationing and she remembered the famous dinner guests favorite dishes.Lady Clementine, is a story about a strong, brilliant, ambitious woman who stood beside her husband, during England s darkest hour and in her own way she helped her country defeat the Germans I received a complimentary copy of this book, opinions expressed in this review are my own, I gave Lady Clementine 5 stars and I really enjoyed the book.I have shared my review on Goodreads, Twitter, NetGalley, Edelweiss and my blog.https karrenreadsbooks.blogspot.com

  6. Sterlingcindysu Sterlingcindysu says:

    One of my favorite Winston Churchill quotes is, I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught and I agree with it That s one reason why I like reading historical fiction because I learn without being taught This is my first book from Benedict I really don t know much about Winston, let alone Clementine, his wife and this was a good introduction I didn t realize he was at the top of his political game, then out, then back in again and out He changed political parties a few times He always looked old to me, and he was in his late 60s during WWII, and Clementine was in her late 50s Clementine had enough political ambitions for five husbands I don t know if I would have been friends with her she was very driven and had to then take rest cures for nervous exhaustion Someone needed to tell her life was a marathon, not a sprint While her childhood wasn t the easiest, she certainly didn t put her children at the top off her list I found it ironic that when an American diplomat was coming to England to view the damage of the bombers in WWII, she knew he had stomach cancer and catered to him, serving him nutritious meals and even putting a hot water bottle in his bed, yet she didn t put the same concern in the care of her children Looking up information about her mothering habits I found some concerns about Marigold s care or lack thereof and Diana s death.I was unaware how the Churchills viewed Roosevelt as the Americans joined the Allies in WWII and thought he was pushing them aside to control the battles I find it odd that Clementine put so much energy into raising funds for Russian children s hospitals when certainly there was so much need for that in England Thanks to Netgallery and the publishers for an e ARC I really have no idea why Clementine s hair and coat are purple in the cover Oddly, it kept reminding me of Violet, a daughter of the prime minister, who had designs on marrying Winston.

  7. Rachel Rachel says:

    Lady Clementine by Marie Benedict is a delightful and enthralling historical fiction biography of the incredible Clementine Churchill It encompasses how they met, what she was thinking during this courtship, as well as their early years of marriage through the end of WWII While I would have loved to read about the remainder of her life, I feel that the book ended on a romantic and satisfying point in her life, and it was fitting for this novel.I have to say I have always been a huge fan of Ms Benedict and have read, and enjoyed, all of her novels This one did not disappoint I have so much respect for Ms Churchill, and learned so much about her through this story The author clearly did her research and brings nothing but respect and has created a wonderful piece that does justice to an amazing and classy woman.I think I like Clementine so much because she is imperfect Yes, she is strong, passionate, caring, selfless, intelligent, and fiery, but yet she has her weaknesses an imperfect mother, bouts of anxiety , but she is impressive enough to call herself out on these issues and honestly does what she can to better herself I will read on Clementine because this novel has created that inspiration for me to find out as much as I can That is a huge compliment to the author 5 5 stars enthusiastically Thank you NetGalley and Sourcebooks Landmark for this stunning ARC and in return I am submitting my unbiased and voluntary review and opinion.I am submitting this review to my GR account immediately and will post a review to my , Bookbub, and BN accounts upon publication Thank you again

  8. Shari Suarez Shari Suarez says:

    Marie Benedict tackles Clementine Churchill in this book She takes us through her meeting with Winston Churchill through the end of WWII She has a wonderful way of evoking the personality of Clementine and how she managed Winston without putting her on a pedestal One of Clementine s weaknesses was as a mother and Benedict tackles that issue head on I have many of Benedict s books on my TBR list and after reading this one I m ready to do a deep dive into her work.

  9. Nancy Nancy says:

    Marie Benedict is a best selling author who writes historical fiction about remarkable women I had previously read her novels The Other Einstein and The Only Woman in the Room I am not a huge fan of her writing style, but commend her for bringing the women she writes about to a public who might not know their stories.Lady Clementine is about Winston Churchill s wife, usually portrayed as long suffering and anxious for Winston to put aside politics and enjoy his life and give her of his attention Benedict shows a woman who understood what she was taking on in marrying Winston In that moment, I knew with utter certainty that I could make a life with him It would not be an easy life no, it would be one of striving and ambition but it could be an important and purposeful one from Lady Clementine by Marie BenedictTwenty three year old Clementine married the thirty four year old Winston, with wanting to write my own chapter The novel takes their story through WWII, told by Clementine, in episodic scenes.I just did not feel compelled to pick up the book, and half way through decided to move on It just couldn t compete with the other books I was reading at the time.I was given access to a free egalley by the publisher through NetGalley My review is fair and unbiased.

  10. Susan Johnson Susan Johnson says:

    I have to tell you that I did not like this book at all If I ever had any interest in Clementine Churchill this book has effectively killed it It s too bad because apparently she did do some good work during the War but this book just pounds away at giving her all the credit for Winston Churchill s success I don t buy it They probably did have a supportive relationship but I don t accept that she wrote most of his speeches and made most of his decisions I just don t think he would have been nothing without her Clementine apparently had a difficult childhood Her single mother was interested in herself and her love affairs than her children Her father s identity was unclear Clementine learned nothing from her mother s lack of interest She displayed almost no attention to her children and left them to the nannies reasoning that the nannies would provide for them better She was probably right She devoted all her attention and devotion to Winston and taking all the credit for the work he did It was a difficult time for women where they couldn t perform on their own I think she would have loved to be Margaret Thatcher I have read in other places that she was shy and retiring but in this book she craved the attention and wanted the credit She also suffered from depression and would take off for months on her own to recuperate She once almost had an affair but the man turned out to be gay so that didn t work At the end of this book, I neither liked Clementine or the author I think she was trying to fit a character from another age into the standards of today That doesn t work People are a product of their times It s like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole That sums up this book for me It didn t work and I don t believe it Thanks to NetGalley for a copy of this book in exchange for a fair review.