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Download A Heart So Fierce And Broken Brigid Kemmerer In The Sequel To New York Times Bestselling A Curse So Dark And Lonely, Brigid Kemmerer Returns To The World Of Emberfall In A Lush Fantasy Where Friends Become Foes And Love Blooms In The Darkest Of Places Find The Heir, Win The Crown The Curse Is Finally Broken, But Prince Rhen Of Emberfall Faces Darker Troubles Still Rumors Circulate That He Is Not The True Heir And That Forbidden Magic Has Been Unleashed In Emberfall Although Rhen Has Harper By His Side, His Guardsman Grey Is Missing, Leaving Questions Than Answers Win The Crown, Save The KingdomRud To Be The Heir, Grey Has Been On The Run Since He Destroyed Lilith He Has No Desire To Challenge Rhen Until Karis Luran Once Again Threatens To Take Emberfall By Force Her Own Daughter Lia Mara Sees The Flaws In Her Mother S Violent Plan, But Can She Convince Grey To Stand Against Rhen, Even For The Good Of Emberfall The Heart Pounding, Compulsively Readable Saga Continues As Loyalties Are Tested And New Love Blooms In A Kingdom On The Brink Of War.

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    I JUST GOT AN ARC WHAT THE HELL IS EVEN HAPPENING weeps happy tears January 2019Right now MY heart is so fierce and broken because of how much it pains me not to have this book in my hands Damn 2020 has all the awesome sequels _____My review of A curse so dark and lonely

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    Hi, Cursebreakers Giveaway opportunities for ARCs will be coming up soon Sign up here for info

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    Omg Omg Omg I can t wait January I loved the first book soooo much The wait

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    Bye Mom Bye Dad I m off to Emberfall to live in the kitchen where FOOD MAGICALLY REAPPEARS

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    Man I can t wait a whole year, it s too far away

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    harper, princess of disi, love of my life, protector of my heart, giver of my rights, you deserved than one pov chapter and five appearances in almost 500 pages where your only purpose is to serve the character development of your male counterparts

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    ARC received via publisher

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    What we do know is what s most important this prince s reign will come to an end, one way or another This review is long, longer than what will probably be allowed on this website so click HERE for the link to my blog First and foremost I d like to say, if you haven t read A Curse so Dark and Lonely, please go read that before reading this Or click HERE if you re interested in watching my review on that I m not holding back on spoilers for that book as there s no way to explain what I hated about this without spoiling There s a lot about this book that truly got on my nerves and ruined the book for me, but there s a tiny bit of good so I ll go over it all This review will contain ACSDAL spoilers only, you don t have to worry about spoilers for this book OverviewThis book picks up a couple of months after the events and ending of A Curse so Dark and Lonely And the story is told from Grey s point of view, as well as a new character, Lia Mara Grey is hiding, after finding out he s the rightful heir to the Throne and that his blood is filled with magic And Rhen is looking for him, not knowing Grey is the heir, but just wanting to find his friend While at the same time Rhen is also sending out search parties to find this supposed heir to have him killed so Rhen can fully take the throne Pretty much the entirety of this book i...