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You Are Invited Come Inside And Play With GODBring Your Friends It S Fun But Remember The Rules Win And ALL YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE Lose, You Die With Those Words, Charlie And His Friends Enter The GOD Game, A Video Game Run By Underground Hackers And Controlled By A Mysterious AI That Believes It S God Through Their Phone Screens And High Tech Glasses, The Teens Realities Blur With A Virtual World Of Creeping Vines, Smoldering Torches, Runes, Glyphs, Gods, And Mythical Creatures When They Accomplish A Mission, The Game Rewards Them With Expensive Tech, Revenge On High School Tormentors, And Cash Flowing From ATMs Slaying A Hydra And Drawing A Bloody Pentagram As Payment To A Greek God Seem Harmless At First Fun EvenBut Then The Threatening Messages Start Worship Me Obey Me Complete A Mission, However Cruel, Or The Game Reveals Their Secrets And Crushes Their Dreams Tasks That Seemed Harmless At First Take On Deadly Consequences Mysterious Packages Show Up At Their Homes Shadowy Figures Start Following Them, Appearing Around Corners, Attacking Them In Parking Garages Who Else Is Playing This Game, And How Far Will They Go To Win And What Of The Game S First Promise Win, Win Big, Lose, You Die Dying In A Virtual World Doesn T Really Mean Death In Real Life Does It As Charlie And His Friends Try To Find A Way Out Of The Game, They Realize They Ve Been Manipulated Into A Bigger Web They Can T Escape An AI That Learned Its Cruelty From Watching UsGod Is Always Watching, And He Says When The Game Is Done

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  1. Nilufer Ozmekik Nilufer Ozmekik says:

    It wasn t the best example of the fantasy genre but surprisingly this book hooked me from the beginning, glued to my fingers, captured my mind even it s quite mash up of Stranger Things concept waltz with some Black Mirror episodes and finally doing Macarena dance with Ready Player One and takes a bow after the powerful performance accompanied by Nerve Emma Roberts and brother Franco teamed up for deadly truth or dare concept There are also some vibes of Ready Player One hid inside that you easily catch So when you see all those references you want to dive in without thinking This kind of fast paced, full of action and entertaining books interestingly relaxes my mind and make me feel like I m a part of team to fight against the obstacles for achieving my goals It s better than wasting my time by competing at play station tournaments I had a husband spent his last weekend with his friends sleepless bath less proper food less on the couch like a statue, only his fingers for moving, eyes glued on the screen, playing Fifa 18 So I know if they read my review about the games, they ll come after me I am not afraid of you sleepless, game addict zombies Let s get back to the plot Story starts with Charlie and his gang s invitation to play a game with God We don t know it is a sign of inferiority complex or they are playing games with Morgan Freeman on the computer It seems like their God stalking their daily moves and commands them to pull some pranks on students and teachers in exchange cash rewards But the challenges become compelling, confusing and finally their friendship seems to be broken because the tasks they get start to turn them against each other Finally everything gets out of their control They became jealous, paranoid, and find their loyalties, priorities getting tested.So this marvelous, entertaining, heart throbbing page turner gave me so much fun and I want I felt like I still had some place to taste sweets of game world Special thanks to NetGalley and St Martin s Press to share this wild and exciting ride ARC COPY with me in exchange my honest review.

  2. Katie B Katie B says:

    Even though I don t read science fiction very often and don t consider myself a gamer my Atari Nintendo Super Nintendo playing experience in the 80s and 90s doesn t count right , I actually enjoyed this book Now, I m not going to pretend I understood everything the author was going for here but this was a fascinating read for me and is a good example of how I need to branch out of my reading comfort zone every once in awhile Charlie and his friends are seniors in high school They call themselves the Vindicators and are not the most popular kids in school There s a bit of a Stranger Things type vibe to the group They get invited to play The God Game, it s some mysterious underground type video game where they communicate with AI who goes by the name, God It s a high risk, high reward type game Your real life wishes could come true, but if you mess up, well, you could wind up dead Sounds fun, right Well, maybe at first, but then stuff really starts to get out of control.I was hooked basically from the beginning as the whole mysterious God thing and what that was all about had me wanting to find out What made this a fun read was I truly had no idea what the end game so to speak was going to be and what direction the story was going to go in Charlie is what I would call the main character, but the story does alternate between his friends as well There are quite a few moral decisions the players are faced with and watching everything play out is crazy because again, everything was so up in the air and unpredictable I m not sure if this is a book for every reader However, if you read the publisher synopsis and it sounded appealing, I do think you should give this one a try Despite the fact it is over 400 pages long, it was a quick read as it s fast paced and there s a lot of action going on Thank you to the publisher for providing me with an advance copy I was not obligated to post a review here and all views expressed are my honest opinion.

  3. Nenia ⚡ Aspiring Evil Overlord ⚡ Campbell Nenia ⚡ Aspiring Evil Overlord ⚡ Campbell says:

    Instagram Twitter Facebook PinterestThis book is trying to be Ready Player One meets WarGames, as run by Hal 9000s with the gory morality play mentality of The Purge The God Game is exactly what it sounds like, an invitation only e game that is sent to the unwary If they play and win, all their dreams come true But if they die in the game, they die in real life and there s only one way to stop playing.Charlie and his friends are initially super into the God Game They can play on their monitors or on their phones, and the interplay between reality and the game quickly fascinates them, even if the little errands the game sends them on do occasionally cause people to get hurt It all seems pretty harmless, and as outcasts they feel a little entitled to their pound of virtual flesh.But when the errands become higher stakes and the pain they cause in the game takes a sharp and drastic incline for the worse, Charlie and co have to figure out how much of their souls they re willing to sacrifice if it means playing to win, or if there s even a way out of conforming to the hostile intelligence s will at all.I thought THE GOD GAME was good but cheesy I think it was a mistake trying to write it as realistic and less speculative science fiction fantasy It gave the book a hokey, 1980s fantasy fulfillment vibe that I don t think will age well as technology continues to improve The social commentary was interesting but, again, heavy handed, with a grim, and rather disturbing message that left me in a bit of a funk I m not sure what this book was trying to be I think the author had so many ambitions for his project that he couldn t focus on a single one, and didn t succeed at any of them THE GOD GAME passed the time and entertained me while I had the flu, but I don t think I d ever reread it It was too dark and depressing, and I don t really think it made a whole lot of sense Thanks to the publisher for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review 3 stars

  4. Faith Faith says:

    I don t think that I am the intended audience for this YA book I am not a gamer and I understand nothing about coding I skipped over the parts that talked about computer code Nevertheless, I enjoyed this book in which the 5 teenaged protagonists 4 boys, 1 girl belong to an informal tech group called the Vindicators at their high school The Vindicators join a game led by an AI chatbot who claims to be God The game begins to control them by doling out gifts and punishments They are faced with moral dilemmas and real life consequences are dependent on their choices The protagonists face a litany of YA issues getting into college, how to get the girl, parental death divorce neglect abuse, bullying and suicide Each of these issues has a part to play in the game The book was fast paced and often suspenseful I thought it got a little messy near the end when one of the characters improbably turned into a one armed fighting machine, but I liked the twist in the last chapter I would read by this author I received a free copy of this book from the publisher.

  5. Zainab Zainab says:

    You can find this review here hereIn all honesty, I requested this book mainly because the blurb said that it s a lot like Stranger Things and they were right I wouldn t call it a complete fantasy but there s some aspects of fantasy in it.There s a group of five friends each dealing with their own problems when two of them Charlie and Peter discover this God Game At first they don t think much about it, they think it s just someone messing with them behind the screen but then it starts sending them messages which are very secretive and very personal.Things get intense and it starts making them do these dark and different tasks and are forced to do all these things because they are kind of threatened to be killed if they stop playing the game.In all of this mess, the group falls apart, they start questioning each other and things get very dark.This was quite a thrilling book, It s fast paced and it s a bit of a mix of a lot of movies and books so I think a lot of people will enjoy this.Many thanks to the publisher for providing me an ARC of this book.

  6. Dave Dave says:

    The God Game may sound at first like yet another juvenile sci fi journey, but it is as incredibly addictive as any video game ever made Once you start reading this, it s impossible to put down On the one hand, it s a modern version of Revenge of the Nerds On the other hand, it s a complex morality play And, on yet another hand there are lots of hands , what happens when you build an artificial intelligence that s convinced it s God Is it a game or is it real At one point do reality and virtual reality meet What is real and what is not The Stars of the book are a high school gaming crew of outcasts What happens when they stumble on an internet game, one that will give them whatever they desire if they play the game and punish them if they don t play along Maybe what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but what happens in this game changes reality And once the genie is out of the bottle, you are not going to fit the genie back in.

  7. Nursebookie Nursebookie says:

    The God Game by Danny TobeyIn the G.O.D game, when you Win, ALL YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE but if you Lose, you DIE What a premise to this exciting YA thriller suspense read where free will and choices in the game have real life consequences This certainly gave me the Black Mirror vibes in the setting of Ready Player One I love reading about how people navigate the morality of their actions to gain and advance in life for every action there is an equal or opposite reaction Charlie and his four other friends Peter, Vanhi, Alex and Kenny who call themselves the Vindicators a group of computer nerds who meet at midnight in the schools computer lab, all receive an invitation to play this GOD game That is where this all begins When you get rewarded and get GOLDZ points things are great But careful if you don t do what is asked you get BLAXX points and that could mean being hurt or worse The excitement starts from the beginning and it only gets crazier and mind blowing It really did have me believing the scenarios especially with almost everything being on line now it s very hard to stay anonymous Someone will always know what is happening, always listening, knows what you are doing, knows where you are going creepy isn t it That just gave me goosies I found that the writing was solid and the characterization well written each of the characters equally had an amazing back story and how this GOD game could benefit each one of them The pacing was amazing and the short chapters propelled the story well I loved that the overall theme of the story was about friendship, loyalty and the importance of family The book did address the issues young adults are facing such as the pressures of excelling in school, the social acceptance of belonging and not being an outcast, peer pressures, drugs and alcohol, pressures of college applications and college acceptance, as well as, sexuality and individuality I think those were handled well and weaved beautifully within the story I highly recommend this book for those looking for an exciting entertaining suspense and thriller read.

  8. Rebecca Rebecca says:

    I was fortunate enough to receive an ARC of this book at BEA This book was AMAZING I literally could not put it down It is Ready Player One meets Nerve and will keep you reading until the very last page Buy this book when it comes out in 2020 You won t regret it

  9. Aga Durka Aga Durka says:

    This was one of the best sci fi thrillers I ve read this year It was brilliant, surprising, and quite entertaining The author did a great job at not only keeping the plot intriguing and action packed but he also managed to develop great characters I am not going to lie, I was a little intimated by all the technical descriptions of video games and computer systems but I am happy to say that I was able to follow the story and fully appreciate the author s clever ideas and plot twists I highly recommend this book to everyone, especially to those that enjoy sci fi thrillers This one is definitely not a book you want to miss.Thank you St Martin s Press and the author for providing me with an ARC copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

  10. Lu Lu says:

    I received this book from NetGalley in exchange of an honest review.CW attempted suicide, violence, self harm, depression, blackmailThe God Game is the most peculiar, exciting and brilliant book I ve read in a long time The writing is perfect, the characters well rounded and so real, so relatable Alex and Charlie were really perfect it hurts, the plot captivating and chilling Everything starts with a chatbot, the God game, that answer any kind of question, an AI that claims to be God and starts sending messages on Charlie s and his friends phones, asking them to do something It s a game, a wild one where it controls everything, can access everything, from phones, to pc, to cameras and so on It s God, He sees and knows everything Intrigued by the ad, Charlie, Peter, Vanhi, Alex and Kenny decided to play this peculiar game, using their phone, accessing, in this way, a cool and peculiar virtual reality The Game is simple If you do well, you get Goldz and something good will happen in your life If you do bad, you get Blaxx and Blaxx you got likely the player will be killed And if someone dies in the game, dies in the real life Skeptic and curious, Charlie and his friends decided to try the Game and they started doing quests, following instructions, running around the school at night, discovering it, through the virtual reality, full of mysteries, gods and quests to accept or to buy.The game inspired by the religion is a wild one and day after day they each found caught up with missions and with the Game From simple request to dangerous one, to lies and cover ups.I loved many things about this book The game itself is creepy, brilliant, controlling, managing to use its players like pawns, using them and turning them against one other In a game where the difference between reality and virtual one is really slim, where they can t trust anything electronic, the characters move and act, in a giant chessboard, without knowing exactly what s the Game real goal, where are the others players, what will they do, what are the purposes of their missions It rewards them if the player do what the Game asks and punish them otherwise It s a crescendo of missions, lies, revenge and so on, pushing and threatening them into doing things they wouldn t have done, otherwise.What I loved about this book are its characters I rarely read characters so real, authentic and raw So multidimensional So relatable and well constructed.Charlie is a young man, who lost his mother to cancer and since her disease and death his life, his grades and relationship with his father is spiralling out of control He feels resentment for his father, who fell apart when his wife got sick, basically leaving Charlie to do the caretaker and bearing his suffering alone.Vanhi is a brilliant woman, a bass player, an Hindu girl who s struggling against her parents expectations and their desire she will go to Harvard, hiding a bad grade and a paper forged from them.Kenny is a cellist, the philosopher, from a very religious family and he too, like Vanhi, has to suffer his parents pressures to do better, to do perfectly.Alex is a nihilist, a young man who is abused at home, depressed and lonely, bullied and feeling himself suicidal.Peter is the golden boy of the situation, the rich one, the carefully hidden deranged one, doing drugs and dealing, with his absentee father and a mother who left him when he was young They found solace in their group, called the Vindicators, doing pranks, supporting each other and doing the Game, that tested their friendships, morals and lives.Each one of this characters, the main ones, are beautifully written and I was able to feel their rage, pain and frustrations What it impressed me was that the side characters were amazingly well rounded too There aren t sterotypes, like the girl to win over or the bad guy We read about Mary, the perfect and beautiful girl, controlled and with a big secret to mantain Kurt, violent henchman, with an homophobic father Tim, violent and controlling, with his stealing father There are no absolutely good or bad people in this book, but incredibly complex ones Even Charlie and his friends nurture feelings that could hurt one other, like envy or bitterness or rage, raging against each other, hurting each other.The Game, knowing everything about them and their dreams, manipulated them and everyone else in a big chessboard, moving pieces like it wants Or He wants, according to the Game It was amazing reading about the augumented reality, seen through phones or glasses, reading about missions, packages, quests and it was disturbing and creepy see the characters being controlled and , until they try to quit the Game and be free Reading they being so controlled and observed was suffocating and I felt their emotions, their warring thoughts.I loved the characters in The God Game, because they were flawed and human Charlie with his rage, Alex with his depression, Peter with his need to control everything, Kenny and Vanhi with their desires and family s pressures It was moving reading how Charlie was so lost after his mother s death and how Peter, in his own, maybe debatable ways, was with him or how Charlie was so caught up in his own grief to not want to reach for Alex s pain, favouring the carefree and unconcerned Peter Or how Alex was so in pain to get involved so much in the Game, that used his suffering to manipulated him Or Vanhi s and Kenny s ambitions, their fear of disappointing their parents, their need to do the right thing, to be honest.This book put forward interesting and moral questions If it someone or something offered me what I want, would I accepted it Even if it hurt someone Could I hurt someone to save someone else, maybe a loved one Someone else s pain is worth my friends or family s lives or could I sacrife someone to save myself or my loved ones During all the book, from small and innocent missions, the characters found themselves debating moral choices, which path take If someone is a bully he deserved to be hurt and humiliated Can I ruin someone s life to life mine better What will you do if your life isn t yours to control any If you didn t ever have any control on it What will you do when you re so caught up in the Game and you can t see any way out other than the worst one And the Game, in his infinite power, manipulated, fooled and tricked all his gamers, until the ending, showing them the free will was a difficult thing to achieve, in The God Game, to be free from the Game itself.Charlie and his friends grew in the book, I loved reading about their development, their choices, their desires, their healing each other I loved their relationship, how they all are so fallible, human, torn between doing the right thing and follow their desires, their selfishness.Besides pushing the reader to think about moral choices, grey areas and religion, it s a book about friendship and relationship, mostly between fathers and sons, from the complex and incredibly frustrating one with Alex and his father to Charlie and his dad About friendship, because it was absolutely moving reading they going to the great lenght to save and protect each other, notwithstanding their small fights and misunderstanding It was a book that gave me hope, because its characters, even though they are hurt and flawed and will do mistakes in the future, go towards a path of growth, forgiveness, another chance to liberation, like one of the character say.That things may seems bleak and awful, but you could go on, pick yourself up, glue the pieces together again and try to be better, to try again and harder Not alone, of course With friends, family and help.This book is absolutely brilliant, pushing the reader to ask questions, to seek answers, to be moved by friendship and loveAnd, to be honest, to fear how far the technology, any AI, could go and do An excellent read A 5 solid star Danny Tobey s writing style is enthralling and his characters are alive and pulsing with life and choices I m a guinea pig in a fucking morality play that stops when I m dead His mind was a house of pain, all exits locked.