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The Talismans of Shannara, by Terry Brooks, is the fourth and final book in The Heritage of Shannara quartet of novels All of the threads of the previous three novels are now coming to fruition, as the Elves lead by Wren Ohmsford Elessedil, the Druids resurrected by Walker Boh, and the Sword of Shannara, found by Par Ohmsford, are all converging on a final battle with the Shadowencontrolled Federation.Of course, this is not even the most critical factor in the heroes' success That distinction probably goes to their friend and ally Morgan Leah, and his weapon, the enchanted Sword of Leah The family heirloom, blessed by longdead Druid Allanon to help Morgan's ancestor, Rone Leah, protect Brin Ohmsford, during the events of the novel The Wishsong of Shannara, is a powerful artifact It can cleave through nearly any magic.On top of his sword's abilities, it seems Morgan has a natural penchant for conceiving of, and executing, plans on short notice Even theridiculous ideas can somehow be made to work once the young highlander gets started with them.Rounding out the group of heroes are Padishar Creel, leader of the Freeborn movement, his daughter, Dhamson Rhee, a young resistance leader named Matty Roh, and Coll Ohmsford, Par's brother Coll is an interesting case, as he is arguably just as much the hero as Par is, because Par can not do anything without Coll first doing his part.This story was really enjoyable Some of theannoying philosophizing and soapboxing of the previous Heritage volumes was toned down, and when it was there, it was only what was necessary to advance the plot Had the first three books been this discreet with the wordy navelgazing from the characters, the books would have been about 50 pages shorter each one.Another improvement over the first trilogy was in the area of romances Mostly Par and Dhamson, but also Morgan and Matty, had farbelievable romances, for instance, than that of Morgan's ancestor Menion Leah and his eventual wife, Shirl, from the book The Sword of Shannara What's , instead of just being told they love each other, Brooks actually showed us that these couples love each other, and why.I did have some problems, of course, with how dark the story was Yes, the good guys won, but my goodness gracious were they ever put through the ringer first They suffer again, and again, and again That said, there was a real satisfaction when you see the characters triumphant, except for poor Wren, who I wished hadhappy moments, given how muchshe suffered than the others.In general, this was an excellent conclusion to the series I just would have preferred aunambiguously happy ending Though I will give Brooks kudos for giving usof a conclusion Instead of the five page ending at the most of the first three books, he gave us a proper ending with “what happened to them afterward” accounts of the characters That was one major complaint of mine that I am pleased to say that Brooks improved on eventually.Despite the wordiness, annoying soapboxing, and sometimes overly dark atmosphere, this was a really great epic fantasy of good triumphing over evil Read this book and the first three as well You won't regret picking up this story The Heritage of Shannara was topnotch storytelling.Highly Recommended. Although some of the goals to keep Shannara safe had been met, the work of Walker Boh, Wren, and Par was not yet done For The Shadowen still swarmed over the Four Lands, poisoning all with their dark magic Each Shannaran had a special death waiting for him at the hands of The Shadowenunless Par could find a way to free them all with the Sword of Shannara At this point, I think I might be done with the Shannara books Not the MTV series, not by a long shot and certainly not after that cliffhanger! But as for the books, I think I either need to give up now or just take a long break, because they're burning me out at this point I feel like they're just too ofthesame, and they're really not bringing anything new to the table, not like the ways the show gets a littleinventive and incorporates the postapocalyptic setting muchstrongly.Like I said, though, maybe I'll come back to this someday. I should have added a reminder to all of the other Shannara reviews I've written the fact that these books are written for young people When I originally read these books, they were astounding But now they seem a bit hollow Upon rereading the Talismans of Shannara, I've discovered that the depth is not nearly what I remember Nonetheless, a lesson is awaiting those who are willing to read it And the characters come to the natural conclusion of the quadrilogy, although not necessarily the one you are expecting Even with the sure knowledge that I have read this book before, I still was surprised by the way things end but, as before, pleasantly so. #17/29 in my Epic Shannara Quest.A slambang conclusion to an epic series Exciting action, expertly paced with a finale in the bowels of the obsidian tower Southwatch that exceeded all of my expectations The final reveal Brooks saved for this final volume of The Heritage of Shannara was not a surprise (if you drop enough clues, the reader will figure it out; and that's what happens here) but it didn't matter A definite pickmeup after the lackluster Elf Queen of Shannara. This is such an amazing series The four Heritage of Shannara books follow the adventures of Wren, Par and Walker Boh They are on a quest sent by the spirit of Allanon to save the Four Lands onceOn the way they learn how to come to grips with their magic and their destiny They are helped by family and friends who are vital for the saving of their world.I really enjoyed this series They are action packed, and well written Terry Brooks has a wonderful way of describing the Four Lands and I found myself often rereading passages because they're just so nice The characters go through a lot of trouble, sometimes I felt like they could never get a break! My favourite parts of these books are the fantasy animals Stresa, the Splinterscat (a mix between a cat and a porcupine), Faun (some weird fluffy furby kind of thing? is how I always imagine her) and the Creepers (a weird mix between scrap metal, insects but then very big and some Crustaceanlike body parts) are all great creative creatures that I love reading about.I also felt like these characters werereal compared to the earlier Shannara books They struggled , they hadreal thoughts The relationships werebelievable too If I had to nitpick a little, it's that even though there are many creative and unique aspects to the story, it's still a typical Terry Brooks story, the storyline proceeds like many of the other books So some things are a bit predictable I don't really mind, I love predictability lol But I can imagine if you're into fantasy you might find these books standard and not bringing anything new to the genre.This final installment wraps up the story well, the ending is great and what I hoped for. 1238 pages later and I've finished the Heritage of Shanara series This entry was decent but all in all I wouldn't recommend investing the time into this series The characters and plotlines are very similar to the first trilogy and I didn't get a lot from it. The Talismans of Shannara is the final conclusion of the four books series, the Heritage of Shannara So that means that you kinda have to read the other ones too, and you also kind of have to read the original three book series, amounting to this being the seventh book In this story, the charges of Allanon to the Ohmsfords have been fulfilled, and Par, Wren, Walker, Coll, Morgan, and friends must find a way to defeat Rimmer Dall and rid the Four Lands of the Shadowen The Elves find themselves on the brink of destruction, and Wren as Queen of the Elves must find a way to avert her people from annihilation, and to reveal the terrible secret of the Shadowen to the others Walker Boh and Cogline come face to face with his destiny as he unlocks the secrets of Paranor and as he completes his transformation And Finally, Par and his brother with the Sword of Shannara, must finally discover the truth about the Shadowen, and himself This, and so muchin this epic conclusion of Terry Brook's sequel series So what I liked about this book was the style of his writing The character arcs and progression for each character was amazing I really liked how he wrote each side of the story with their own thinking styles so you always knew who you were following I really loved Walker Boh's point of view and I got excited every time I turned a page and the chapter started with his name It was easy to relate to each of the characters and it felt like I was was making the decisions with them (Spoilers) I really, really did not like the ending of this book It was one of those kill the bad guy straight up then release goody good magic back into the land everybody lives happily every after endings for me I was thoroughly disappointed to find that the conclusion of four long novels came to this sort of thing, and I really think he could have done better than this Rimmer Dall was such a cool character, he was wasted in my opinion I also didn't like Morgan and Matty's relationship because it was kind of weird and I don't know why Matty was even into Morgan The author in my opinion also put too many hugging and holding parts for them that it was just kind of awkward Overall, this book, despite it's ups and downs, provided a great action filled suspense fantasy conclusion to the Heritage series. Good book The characters and quests of the first three books come back together in an attempt to get shot of the Shadowen On the bright side, because so much of this is plot and there's so much that needs to be covered, there's just not room for Brooks to waste on the miserable neverending navel gazing that characters such as Par and Walker are all too prone to indulging in (Hooray!) There is still farthan is warranted, however, and the rot spreads to Wren as well My favourite of the three main characters, she's barely served in here, getting a much shorter role than the men, and not much of what she has is complimentary She's fooled by the most obvious trap in the history of traps, and spends far too much time handwringing about how it sickens her to kill (It probably sickens the men in your Elven army too, madam, but carry on letting them sicken themselves to death so that you don't have to compromise yourself, by all means.)I did like the pace and breadth of this, and I always enjoy a moor cat Walker was much improved from The Druid of Shannara, I liked him The ending was a little rushed, however, and I just cannot take the romance between Plum and Golf Boy seriously.