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Iowa Caucus Day I bet there’s nothing Hillary Clinton would likethan a walk down memory lane back to September 11, 2012Just kidding I don’t talk politics on social media The great thing about 13 Hours is that IT didn’t talk politics either Here, allow me to let the book speak for itself “It is about what happened on the ground, in the streets, and on the rooftops of Benghazi, when bullets flew, buildings burned and mortars rained When lives were saved, lost, and forever changed.” In case you aren’t familiar with the backstory (if you have no idea what this book is about do everyone in the U.S a favor and refrain from voting in the next election – I don’t really care which way individuals swing, but people who know nothing about pretty inyourface news events scare the crap out of me) it goes a lil’ something like this: Libya is an itty bitty country in Africa that has a deadly combo of a lot of money and a history of political strife U.S Ambassador Chris Stevens so happened to be in Benghazi on a most historic anniversary – that of September 11th Residing in a “secret” location called the Compound, Ambassador Stevens was surrounded by State Department staff “Not combat Cos, they’re intel collectors They’re fucking glorified desk jockeys, that’s what they are They’re smart people, but smart doesn’t outsmart a bullet.” The muscle? Local militiamen who (in theory) would make sure no harm came to the property or government officials residing there.Down the road was another compound known as the “Annex” which housed private security personnel consisting of retired members of some of the military’s most elite special forces When the poo hit the fan and the gates of the main Compound were flooded with dozens of armed men it was those men who risked their lives when the hired help (and pretty much everyone else) failed to save the day13 Hours was a remarkable story Told by the people who were actually participating in the events, there’s no political posturing to be found The style readsof a “just the facts, ma’am” with the only conclusion being one that at this point in time seems so obvious“The attacks could have been prevented That is, if only the State Department had taken appropriate steps to improve security at the Compound in response to numerous warnings during the months prior.” I haven’t yet watched this movie becausewell because generally I read my movies I am intrigued, however, by the casting of Krasinsky of The Office fame in a dramatic action film Word on the street was he was on the shortlist for Cap'n ‘Murica (which I would have been allllllll over because true to my nature I hate the current choice Oh Chris Evans, your smarmy face is nearly as punchable as the Affleck and Damon) And while his newest endeavor has brought much joy to my Thursday evenings, I’m ready to see what else he can doMy friend Mauoijenn read this one too, but no matter what I do the new “algorithm” continues to filter her off my feed so I have to cyberstalk her page once a week and play catch up Will this tag work some magic that somehow brings her back???? If so, which one of you will next disappear???? This book, the account of what happened in the Benghazi raids that killed Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other brave men, from the perspective of the men who fought for and saved so many American lives, deserves to be widely read and/or seen in its movie format.It reads like a Vince Flynn or Brad Taylor novel but is true.I especially recommend 13 Hours to members of the Orion and the Action/Adventure groups at Goodreads, as well as to the Good Thriller and the Mystery, Crime, and Thriller groups. Read on the WondrousBooks blog To the point: this is a very powerful and captivating book It's also highly informative about not only the events themselves, but prior to that, about Libya's state before and after the fall of Gaddafi.The writing of the author is what you'd expect from a journalist: to the point and making an impression I shy from saying that I enjoyed his style, because the events of 13 Hours are so horrifying that I can't say there is any place for enjoying anything in it.That doesn't, of course, mean that it's a bad book On the contrary, it leaves a mark and it makes you think You can see some bias, but it's not that Zuckoff is fervently defending his country against the big bad wolf he is showing admiration and affection about the soldiers that fought in Benghazi that night A country has nothing to do with it, there is no idealizing of the unworthy On the contrary, the author is actually challenging some of the decisions that the American government made that night, which on the other hand makes me feel admiration to the author, as well as the Benghazi operatives So much, in fact, that I'm actually willing to show trust, to a degree, whereas I usually have very mixed feelings about books depicting either side of a war, because I always expect too much bias and therefore changing up the events as the author sees fit With 13 Hours I think it's possible to accept that the account of the soldiers is as realistic as it can be.There are a few frustrating things surrounding the 9/11/2012 events though.1 What kind of animals are these people?* I know that nowadays it's not politically correct to judge other nations and etc But it's animals we are talking about I hold a firm belief that there are many Muslim people on this planet who are just normal and sane However, there are also way too many fanatics and psychopaths I'm not Muslim and yet I'm aware that Jihad is not necessarily war against the world and it can easily be seen as war against the self But it is convenient for these brainwashed freaks to use their religion as an excuse to massacre thousands and millions of people, including their own, and this is something for which I think death is too little of a punishment.* All of this is as relevant today as it was three years ago, since as everyone is aware, the brutality in the Middle East has not ceased and has, in fact, become evenhorrifying.2 What exactly happened to Ambassador J Christopher Stevens? Because in the book, as well as in Wikipedia, it says that he died from suffocation, was later taken to the hospital and after that retrieved fully clothed for the flight to Tripoli However, in many articles reigns the statement that he was tortured and raped and on the pictures, one of which also shown in the book, you can see that his shirt is badly damaged and possibly torn, if not missing altogether in other pictures So there is no way that his body arrived fully clothed at the airport And here lies one of the things that bugs me about books that have to do with military history there are inconsistencies.3 Where was the White house in all of this? At first it seemed to me that they really didn't give a flying f*ck what was going on in Benghazi that night Why didn't the troops in Spain and Italy deploy? Why weren't any planes sent? There was no help close by? It would take nine hours, counting from the start of the attack, for help to get there? GUESS WHAT: these people were fending for their lives for 13 hours And I'm positive that if it was a hotspot that you caredabout, you'd find a way to teleport whatever and whoever you needed But what's the life of 30 people when there is Afghanistan's oil to fight about.But then I started thinking:Why wasn't the team allowed to leave the Annex? What were the commanders waiting for, were they really expecting the 17 February militia to take care of this, because it seems unlikely UNLESS: was it very convenient that yet another drama unfold, right on 9/11, to show the already frightened Americans how bad the Libyans are and how important it is that America is constantly partaking in some military conflict.Also, it is obvious that the Compound wasn't secure and there were not nearly enough men to protect it.Why, you'd ask?Because the government needed American victims, innocent American blood spilled They were obviously expecting an attack, they were even warned Later, of course, the story pushed especially by Clinton, was that this highly organized, planned and mappedout attack was the result of a spur of the moment anger of a handful of Libyan shepherds who were outraged by some movie Spare me If I went in front of the White house and threw my lit cigarette in the garden, it would be announced as the result of heavily planned riot.So what's convenient: We pretend that we don't know anything, we pretend that everything is all right, we pretend that there is no threat We give up as many lives as necessary and we spin the tale about how our interest lies in protecting our people and not stealing the oil of North Africa and the Middle East.Here is the recipe:1 x Dead ambassador aka an official representative of the United States.3 x (or as many as possible) Dead soldiers who were doing their duty, protecting their comrades, fighting for their beloved country= thousands of freshly motivated soldiers to continue spilling blood, thinking that this was is actually to protect the lives of their families, who are in fact thousands of miles away and least touched by these wars;= USA keeps on fighting the good oil wars, money keeps spilling in, power keeps growing, on top of that we are helping out the world because there clearly cannot be so many people, aye? Hope it does justice to the story.**The movie does great justice to the story It is apolitical, just as the book was It is a graphic account of the 13 hours from start to end of the attacks Even though the movie (and book) are apolitical and do not mention/depict any political party or leader, you will walk out of the theater with a strong opinion of various organizations You will understand why certain individuals and organizations are trashing book and movie Strongest recommendation for anyone interested in history, the warrior, current events!5 Stars for 13 Hours: The Inside Account of What Really Happened In Benghazi, the story of the six Annex Security Team members who ran to the sound of gunfire on 9/11/12 in Benghazi This is a tightlyknit account of what happened from the first terrorists entering the Special Mission Compound, the attacks on the CIA Annex and concludes when all the Americans have flown out It is mainly what the 6man team did and what they saw This is a combat story, not a political one If you saw the TV special with 3 of the team members, you will still learn muchfrom the book Read this one in a day.All six members of the reaction team were contractors, welltrained, and former military They left the Annex against “standdown” orders from a senior member of the onsite team The reaction team had listened to the gunfire and frantic radio calls from the diplomatic compound a short distance away After waiting for over 30 minutes, they decided to go:Jack considered Rone the best driver among them, so he felt comfortable with his old friend at the wheel of the lead car Yet he worried that they’d be ambushed along the way His eyes still weren’t focusing properly, but he kept his head on a swivel, scanning back and forth, left and right, for hostile fighters or anything that looked out of place Tig did the same in the backseat Jack mentally ticked off a list of possible hazards: roadside bombs, rocketpropelled grenades, snipers Jack’s conflicting emotions ran on a loop in his mind: Fuck them How dare they attack us? On the other hand: I’ll probably never see my wife and kids again But that’s the job: We don’t have a choice There are Americans that need our help, and we would want somebody to do the same for us We’ll never be able to live with ourselves if we don’t make the effort Finally he came full circle on his enemy: Fuck them.I thought I was fairly knowledgeable about the events but the book provides new (at least to me) information There was a drone overhead, providing realtime ISR, shortly after the attack started The local “17 February” militia did provide some assistance to the Americans and a couple of them were pretty brave I thought they were either noshows or ran away Most did but some were good allies Until this account, I had no idea what the other Americans were doing, where they were or how they survived in the attack that killed the ambassador and the communications expert.It is scandalous that this story is only coming out 2 years after the event These were brave men that ran into the fight and into the fire to save their fellow countrymen One gave his life and another was badly wounded Highest recommendation. 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My boyfriend picked this book up from our local library as he stays up to date on all military news stuff, I on the other hand know who we are at war with and about big news stories, but other than that sadly not so much But this book grabbed my attention, I remember when this happened not too long ago and the controversy it still causes, so I was interested This book was packed with minute to minute drama that unfolded on that fateful day I really didn't know what I was expecting but this is not for the faint of heart If you like military books or staying up on top of worldly events, this book is just for you. If you want to know what actually happened in Benghazi with out the political spin, this is an excellent source of understanding Told by and through the experiences of the men who were there, who were witnesses to the tragedy that befell these brave Americans Those who fought and defended though woefully inadequate in their ability to do so, fought bravely and courageously for their fellow American in both the Annex and the Consulate To these people honor and dedication to one another was the key to their being there To those who died, America owes a huge debt of gratitude and honor. First, this not a politically motivated Benghazi expose, it's a narrative style story about the team of six American security operators (the operatives), and how they fought to repel the attackers and protect the Americans stationed in Benghazi It's written by Mitchell Zuckoff, an author i knew that can write a gripping nonfiction narrative, so, just based on the author i decided to read this one And, i was very glad i did so This whole Benghazi thing is covered with so much bullshit, just for as a political tool, so, usually when i heard about it, it went out of my other ear But, Zuckoff wrote Lost in Shangrila: A True Story of Survival, Adventure, and the Most Incredible Rescue Mission of World War II which is one of my favorite nonfiction book, so his new books are automatically in my toread list I read this one in a couple of days, which is fast for me It's is one of those unputdownable ones As the book name says, it's about the 13 hour period of a battle/incident, and it has a Black Hawk Down vibe going on Zuckoff writing comes from first hand account of the operatives on the ground, so reader is truly like a fly on a night vision goggles or drone lens, take your pick Me, the ignorant fool, didn't know about the specifics of the incident, so it read like a gripping thriller, only it was a real thing The Operatives came alive, and i felt danger with them, there's this Once that first bullet goes past your head, politics and all that shit just goes right out the window thing about them, unlike some other books about the socalled heroes No bullshit, just guys doing their job I felt their anger about the leader types doing their hesitation thing, and putting everyone lives in danger.Anyway, a great book Recommended for those who want read a first hand account of this Benghazi incident, just that, bullshit accounts about the other things can be found somewhere else And, this whole Benghazi thing, is now somethingto me, not just a thing. My politics lean Democrat However, I've been curious, from the get go, about learning what happened on 9/12/12 This book is well written I finished it over just a couple of nights The author has done a good job of not only laying out the facts, but doing so in a way that makes an exciting read.I recommend this book.