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COUNTERACT IS AVAILABLE IN A NEW SECOND EDITION THIS EDITION IS OUT OF PRINTgt;Who do you trust when your world unravels and everything you believed is a lie?For the past fifteen years, The Office of Civilian Safety and Defense has guarded the public against the rampant threat of terrorism Teenagers Tommy and Careen have never known life without the governmentapproved Civilian Restrictions For them, there’s no social media No one is allowed to gather in public places or attend concerts or sporting events Only a small, select group of adults have driving privileges It’s a small price to pay for safetyNow a new, deadly, terrorist threat looms: airborne chemical weapons that can be activated without warning The OCSD is ready with an antidote to counteract the effects of the toxins Three drops a day is all it takes It’s a small price to pay for healthTommy and Careen obediently take the antidote; neither considers stopping when strange things begin to happen The day the disaster sirens signal the dreaded attack, Tommy shares his last dose with Careen, even though doing so might hasten his death It’s a small price to pay for a friendFollow Tommy and Careen as they uncover a web of lies and deceit reaching to the highest levels of the United States government and join an underground resistance group that’s determined to expose the truth

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  1. catherine ♡ catherine ♡ says:

    *Thank you to the author for providing me a free e-copy. This is my full and honest opinion.*

    So, this is a dystopian story. But what really sets it apart from the other ones like Divergent, The Hunger Games, or Legend. Why? Because this book seems so real. The premise of this book seems like just another dystopian, but in truth, there are so many parts of this story that are grounded in modern society, and when you think of the terrorist threats that have plagued the world and compare it to the society in Counteract, the similarities are striking.

    This book depicts just how powerful fear can be - which kind of explains Trump's popularity - and how it allows an already corrupt government to take away people's liberties all under the guise of protection.

    Admittedly the only thing I had trouble with was the multi-character perspective; there were so many people and so many different thoughts that at first I had some trouble wrapping my head around who was who. Eventually, I did get into the groove, and I thought this book became a fast and engaging read.

  2. Johanna Harness Johanna Harness says:

    I'm giving this book five stars because the premise is so fresh and because the narrative works well as a beginning point to discuss how we are often asked to give up freedom and privacy for a sense of security.

    The story opens with citizens being told they must take a drug to counteract the effects of a terrorist-released poison. Lawson creates a clever narrative where we begin knowing, without question, that the terrorists are the enemy. By the end, we realize that those truly loyal to the country must rise up against the existing powers--effectively becoming terrorists themselves.

    There is so much action and plot packed into this short book. I did find myself wishing at times, that we might slow down a bit and get to know the characters more intimately, but that says more about me than the story as it is told. Overall, well done.

  3. Jacqueline Smith Jacqueline Smith says:

    In a fictional era where futuristic dystopian novels are all the rage, it's difficult to find a whole lot of originality. Counteract by Tracy Lawson provides a look into a not-so distant future that at first glance seems farfetched and unrealistic… Yet the more you read, the more you think, you start to realize that a United States under the strict control and surveillance of The Office of Civilian Safety and Defense doesn't seem quite so impossible.

    In the year 2034, the United States government has gone to such great lengths to protect its citizens from the ever-looming threat of terrorism and chemical warfare that the world as we know it no longer exists. There is no social media, no tourism, no freedom. There is only the strict control of the OCSD.

    In the face of yet another airborne attack, two teens, Careen and Tommy, as well as the rest of the population, are provided an antidote: three drops a day. You take the antidote, you live, you don't, you die. But the United States government has secrets, and as Careen and Tommy soon discover, not everything is as it seems.

    Well-written and fast-paced, I highly recommend Counteract to fans of dystopia, political corruption, and futuristic fantasy.

  4. Jypsy Jypsy says:

    Counteract (The Resistance Series #1)
    By: Tracy Lawson

    Thank you to
    Tracy Lawson, author
    For a complimentary copy
    All opinions expressed are my own.

    I've read a lot of dystopian fiction, some ridiculously far fetched, some slightly possible, but the premise of Counteract is one of very few that actually seems plausible to me.
    Picture this: the government tells you that an enemy nation has astash of killer poison gas, and an attack is imminent. But, the government can save you with preemptive measures. It's an antidote, and you must take it every day. You believe them. You take the antidote. Everyday. Without question.
    Now, what if something happened in your life to disrupt your daily dose? You don't take it for a few days. You suddenly notice things you never saw before, like the docile mediocrity of everyone, the vacant stares and empty personalities of everyone, the fact that you feel different, better, than a few days ago. You begin to realize the powers that be have lied to everyone. The masses are subdued to best control them, but they are not in imminent danger after all. What would you do? Counteract addresses this type of situation. It's quite chilling because it feels real, like I'm reading it in the newspaper. Government and powerful entities controlling every aspect of our lives is within the scope of plausible futures. They could lie because we would never know. Two brave teenagers wake up and fight back in the story. I like these characters for their strength, intelligence, perseverance and their humanity. This story is a cutting narrative about our doom if we don't wake up. How much control have we already given up? I'm so glad to finally read a dystopian story that I actually believe. It's thought provoking and immersive in so many ways. Read it, and you will question everything. But, I think that would be a good thing.

  5. Claire Heaven Claire Heaven says:

    Tommy and Careen start out as naïve teenagers who believe the government will protect them from an imminent chemical attack by terrorists. Overwhelmed by fear mongered by the very people who are trusted to protect them, the pair are amongst the millions who willingly take the drug they’re offered and believe it will protect them. Purely by accident they discover the truth about the so-called, ‘antidote’, that it is merely a cocktail of drugs to subdue the masses. Then they must decide, who is really the enemy?
    It’s so easy to draw comparisons with our current government and maybe that’s the scariest part of this book. A beautifully controlled YA drama that ends before it really begins and left me wanting to just simply carry on reading. And just to make me really want to follow our young duo into their next adventure there’s a tasty preview of the second in this series, Resist.

  6. H. P. H. P. says:

    “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”
    – Ben Franklin

    The Office of Civilian Safety and Defense confirmed that a chemical weapons attack against the United States is imminent. Terrorists have released a latent cocktail of poisons into the atmosphere, where it can remain, inert, until such time as they choose to detonate it. You are directed to report to a designated distribution center in your area to receive an antidote that will protect you. Weekly allotments of this antidote will be provided free of charge for as long as the threat persists. The OCSD expects the terrorists to mount repeated attacks, so it is essential that you take the recommended daily dosage. Compliance is a small price to pay for your safety.
    – Counteract

    SPOILER: The OCSD is not to be trusted.

    Counteract is a Young Adult dystopian novel, and unabashedly so, but it departs from those that I’ve read by setting the story in a world that is recognizably ours. Counteract takes place in 2034, in an America suffering under decades of relentless terrorism and economic malaise. The creation of the Office of Civilian Safety and Defense (OCSD) in 2019 resulted in the creation of a quadrant system, restrictions on the press and social media, restrictions on food distribution, restrictions on sporting events and other large gatherings, abolition of the writ of habeas corpus and Miranda rights, and an unelected bureaucrat becoming more powerful than the president. By 2034 Homeland Security, the TSA, and even OSHA have been folded under its umbrella.

    It’s against that backdrop that the OCSD announces the latest threat, and its latest response. It’s kind of a silly threat and response, but the people have been well primed to accept both. Including Careen and Tommy, our protagonists. Careen is a first-year college student who lost her father to a terrorist bombing. Tommy is a local recovering from the accident that robbed him of his parents and shattered his right leg.

    It quickly becomes clear to the reader, if not Careen and Tommy, that something is off about the antidote CSD. Careen’s and Tommy’s mild hallucinatory trips on CSD are the best writing of the book, even if they do drag on a bit too long. Eventually Careen and Tommy meet, start to figure out something is amiss, and things really kick off.

    Meanwhile, Lawson gives us a glimpse at the wider world (well, the wider American world; this is a country that has become firmly inwardly focused) through Wes, a quadrant marshal and Resistance sleeper agent; Dr. Trina Jacobs, an OCSD employee who gets between the director and his ambitions; Kevin, a lowly OCSD employee who throws in with Jacobs; and Eduardo, a mailman.

    Counteract doesn’t do anything revolutionary with the YA dystopian genre. But it stands out for two reasons. One is that the dystopian future it presents seems all too plausible. Lawson has a keen grasp of the ambitions and incompetencies of bureaucrats and the all-too-common irrational and foolish reactions to terrorism by the common people. And she looks all too prescient as 2016 has seen a rash of small-scale terror attacks, most recently in Orlando and Nice. At least we haven’t given massive power to any unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats other than Richard Cordray. The second reason Counteract stands out is Careen and Tommy’s budding relationship, which is both sweet and very real.

    Counteract is book 1 in The Resistance Series. Book 3, Ignite, is out tomorrow.

    Disclosure: I received a review copy of Counteract from the author.

  7. Caru Caru says:

    Actual Rating: 4.5 stars

    My Opinion Of This Book: I absolutely loved it!

    *I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

    When I first got a message asking if I wanted to review this book, I checked out the GR synopsis and it definitely caught my interest. It sounded unlike anything I've ever read and that's exactly what it turned out to be. I mean, wow, this is such a unique novel. I love its fresh premise and how different it is. This is truly an amazing novel.

    ●The Plot: To briefly tell you what this book is about, basically the Office of Civilian Safety and Defense has guarded the United States from all attacks from terrorism for several years, but now there's a threat of airborne chemical weapons that could go off any second. But the OCSD has a solution: an antidote. It's as simple as just three drops of it a day. It's a small price to pay for your safety, or so they say.
    Such a fresh, unique premise. I have never read a book like this. It was very intriguing and thought provoking, I was instantly hooked. Also, I've been scrolling down and reading these other reviews and I've read some that say this premise is a bit far fetched. I disagree, I think this is something that could happen, I actually think it highly to happen one day (or something quite similar). If you just take a while to actually think about it, you'll start to realize that it is something that is definitely possible, which kind of makes it a bit more frightening. Anywho, I definitely loved the plot and how action-packed it was.

    ●The Writing: The writing was another thing I loved. With such a complex premise, you need to have great writing, or else it'll be hard to understand everything..But Tracy Lawson's writing is amazing and easy to understand. I'm an aspiring author and it definitely helps me grow and learn as a writer by reading such great works of literature with fabulous writing.

    ●Careen: (Yay a character's name that's derived from my name!) Anyway, Careen is our lead character. I really liked her and I loved the growth she showed throughout the book. Finally a character who isn't naive! Careen is intelligent, and I loved the fact that from the start she was questioning things, I liked how she wasn't like, Oh it's no big deal! Let me just take this antidote! I also loved how she wasn't immature, she knew how to handle situations, and she was a relatable character.

    ●Tommy: Tommy was another of our main characters. I also really liked him, although he did have his moments. But there was only a few occasions where he acted immature and wasn't focused. But overall, I loved him. He can be pretty adorable too.

    This book was amazing and I would definitely consider it one of my all time favorites. I'd recommend this to anyone.

  8. Brian& Brian& says:

    For more reviews like this check out Brian's Book Blog

    Counteract is a great addition to any YA Dystopian's bookshelf.

    4.5 out of 5

    The world is much safer than it was 15 years ago, at least that's what the Office of Civilian Safety and Defense would like you to think. There are basically no freedoms and you are watched at every turn. Now, the OCSD wants to protect the citizens by coming up with an antidote to the poison that terrorists are releasing randomly into the atmosphere. Needless to say, things aren't all that they seem.

    Counteract was narrated by Sarah Rogers, who has a really nice younger female voice which works perfectly with the protagonist of the novel. A few times I felt like she sounded too young/childish, but that was only for scenes that were dealing with the adult antagonist characters in the book. Overall, I felt like Rogers did a wonderful job and I was happy to listen to a book I had already read to see how it would sound (and what would change listening to someone else read it to me).

    Counteract is a really nice addition to the young adult/YA Dystopian scene. The characters were well hashed out and incredibly likable. I'm always happy when an author (especially a new/indie one) can write such strong characters that drive the rest of the book. There are numerous antagonists that Careen and others must fight against, and they are really well described. You definitely find yourself rooting for Careen throughout.

    Following the two main characters, I wasn't sure what was going to happen. Another trait that is rare in a first book in a series. Usually, I can tell within the first 100 pages how the story is going to end (or not end). This book had me surprised around every corner. Lawson is going to be one of those authors to watch in the near future for sure.

    Overall, the story was enticing and enthralling enough to be enjoyed by an adult, but I could really see the draw for a YA. It's always great when YA stories can be enjoyed by adults and young adults. I think that the writing was aimed more at young adults (there were a few times that I felt like things were simplified for a younger reader), but this didn't take away from the story at all.

    I don't know if this will be the next Hunger Games or Divergent, but it has the qualities to become something that strong.

  9. cRistina cRistina says:

    This mostly believable dystopian thriller creates a chilling picture of a government that goes above and beyond to protect its citizens from terrorism. Book one in the Resistance Series does an excellent job at reeling readers in. It’s fast paced, edgy, and ends with a mega cliffhanger… though the constant change in POVs can give whiplash.

    The Office of Civilian Safety and Defense (OCSD) has their hands full. They single handedly react and take down any threat the nation faces and further ensure safety through the use of the long list of Civilian Restrictions they’ve created. They have even eradicated sporting events, travel, social media, cash transactions, driver’s licenses, and grocery stores, all in the name of the nation’s safety! Imagine what the OCSD will do now that there is a new threat: airborn chemical weapons that can be activated at any given time. Why provide the antidote to the masses of course!

    All appears to be going according to the OCSD’s plan until an antidote delivery truck fails to complete deliveries. Careen and Tommy, two strangers, soon find themselves a few doses short in the midst of a high terrorist alert. As their world closes in on them, they soon discover that perhaps a few drops a day is too steep a price to pay for safety.


    The premise is offbeat and exciting, albeit not exactly new. Lawson’s story telling makes an impact, after you get used to the constant changes in POVs. Initially, I was annoyed with the constant switch in storytellers, but over time I grew to appreciate the different perspectives offered. It was definitely something to get used to. Extremist much? Sure, I can see how a government division can come to hold too much power, but to be overcome so quietly? That the public had become THAT complacent did not mesh well with me. The antidote’s effects also had me reeling. Luckily, the novel’s plotlines and likable characters allowed me to overlook this. Careen and Tommy are fun, multi-layered college students who end up doing more than they ever imagined to help the public take their lives back.

    Overall, Counteract is well written, entertaining, and has twists and turns that are both surprising and welcomed. Definitely looking forward to the second in the series.

    *** This book was received from the author in exchange for an honest review. ***

  10. Cranky - The Book Curmudgeon Cranky - The Book Curmudgeon says:

    ****4 Cranky Stars

    The Office of Civilian Safety and Defense has guarded the public against the rampant threat of terrorism for the last fifteen years with the full backing of the US government. Their carefully crafted list of Civilian Restrictions means no concerts or sporting events, no travel, no social media, no cash transactions, and no driver's licenses for eighteen-year-olds Tommy and Careen. The OCSD has even outlawed grocery stores, all in the name of safety.

    Now, there's a new threat-airborne chemical weapons that could be activated at any time. But the OCSD has an antidote: Just three drops a day is all it takes to stay safe. It's a small price to pay for safety.

    Or is it...

    I've never been so happy to not believe in conspiracy theories. This was a difficult book for me to read because I was constantly asking myself what if?

    The author takes you into the not so distant future of a terrified United States. Many sanctions have been placed upon the people and now they're being controlled by a power hungry madman. Some unlikely people ban together to form the resistance.

    This book jumps around a lot between characters and situation. It read like a TV series but I still found it difficult to put down. I'm looking forward to the next book as the author leaves you hanging at the end.

    I recommend this book to anyone who loves conspiracy, action and very real characters.

    4 stars from this reviewer.