Free pdf Occult Nazi Go Go Girls Storm Tibet –

Billionaire Robert Mundy and his Globus Corporation are plotting to take over the world, and only the Occult Nazi GoGo Girls can stop him! YOU must lead the girls over the Himalayas and into the mysterious land of Tibet, to track down and assassinate one of Mundy's key operatives 'Occult Nazi GoGo Girls Storm Tibet' is a gamebook where YOUR choices determine the outcome of the story Despite the stupid title, this ChooseYourOwn Adventure style gamebook has a nationalist, anticommunist theme, and is quite entertaining You play the part of a European secret agent (disguised as a musician playing ‘cold postindustrial Black Metal’) trying to infiltrate the Tibetan capital Lhasa to kill a Chinese communist operative After playing a gig in Kathmandu, you cross the Himalayas with three attractive white female followers, into the mysterious land of Tibet, where you are to help the Tibetan nationalist movement.If you survive avalanches, packs of savage dogs, and attacks by evil ghosts (among other things), you may help foment an antiChinese uprising in Lhasa before hunting down the enemy…It isn’t as easy as it sounds, however. Ok, I said that I wouldn't read it, but now I am But only out of curiosity Is it any good? So far just Meh