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Six unforgettable kids with no families, no homes are running for their lives Max Ride and her best friends have the ability to fly And that s just the beginning of their amazing powers But they don t know where they come from, who s hunting them, why they are different from all other humans and if they re meant to save mankind or destroy it. Do Not Finish at page 145.I want to finish this book, but after a while I remember life is too short for reading one crappy book after another.If I read The Angel Experiment when I was 12 years old, I guess I would have been oh so impressed.But readers who possess the mental maturity of a 13 years old or above are free to skip this book.And James Patterson, I m blacklisting you I will not read any other of your books Trick me one, shame on you trick me twice, shame on me. Now this is a terrible book.Written with all the wit and grace of a one legged puppy, Maximum Ride The Angel Experiment reveals its intentions within the first chapter alone This is not a book of striking prose or even serviceable but entertaining MOR lit It is merely a cash cow, another mindless series designed to appeal to reluctant readers It is, in a word, soulless Maximum Ride follows the adventures of six children, each of whom is the product of a genetic experiment they are 98% human, 2% bird These characters each bequeathed with atrocious names that are supposed to be hip Maximum, Nudge, Iggy, the Gasman, Fang, and Angel spend 422 pages being chased by Erasers while trying to discover the secret of the School, the institution responsible for their mutations 422 pages for what could have been a novella, nay, an essay The stilted narration, provided by the edgy Maximum Ride, perhaps one of the most grating heroines in YA literature, is weakened by attempts to provide three dimensionality to her character through her thoughtful analyses of those around her Unfortunately, Patterson s creativity as a writer is strictly limited to half baked and poorly described battle sequences, so Ride s introspection is relegated to heinous platitudes like, It was like I had just lost my baby sister And like I had lost my little girl p.25 Guess what, Sister Girl you did Because Patterson has made a career out of writing awful books for adults, he has convinced himself that he knows how to write for teens, and, horribly, like teens In fact, his writing reads like an old man trying to sound young Angel stared and stared and stared at Jeb Batchelder p 143 is writing worse than the output of most 2nd graders, and Then, in a burst, she leaped up, sprang off the table, and practically crashed through the fire door The Gasman was practically glued to her back p 183 makes me practically tired of bad writing.Worse than the one dimensional characters and the freakishly awful writing are the countless pages devoted entirely to filler Hundreds of trees could have been saved if Patterson had employed an editor Here is a sample of go nowhere events in the book The gang sees a concert in Central Park The gang enjoys Mrs Fields cookies Two characters hang out with a bunch of hawks and learn cool flying tricks, all of which occurs while Maximum spends about 8 chapters with a family in a subplot that appears to tie into the primary story, but, in fact, does not The majority of Chapter 103 is spent enumerating each character s orders in a fancy restaurant in great detail Most of the book is devoted to to ing and fro ing running from one location to another with the express purpose of supplying a new setting for a battle The only upside to Maximum Ride is its appeal to reluctant readers and I m all for that Avid readers, however, be warned This book will take hours of your life that you will never get back. Well that wasn t too bad You have six kids that are human and have some bird in them Huh, and all this time I thought they were angels Goes to show you have to read to know I m glad this was on one of my challenge lists because I have wanted to read it I think I will keep checking them out on Overdrive to see what else happens I mean they all escaped and have people things after them Happy Reading Mel This is a book I always thought I wouldn t enjoy.I saw it numerous times at my former high school s library and, each time I came across it, I would let my fingers linger on the cover, a pensive expression on my face, and think, Naaaah, not for me Boy was I wrong not to read it YEARS ago The Angel Experiment is such a fast paced, action packed, well, RIDE I thought it would be about actual angels, but that s not what Max and her friends are They are literal experiments with bird genes in their blood How messed up is that But hey, they have crazy superpowers and ALL OF THEM CAN FLY I thought Catwoman was pretty awesome with her ability to jump great lengths and move like a cat, but nothing beats being able to fly It s definitely an enthralling read The action is ever present things are always moving, always progressing Granted, for most of the book, there s this game of cat and mouse going on, so that can get repetitive, but there are many other things happening Max s voice is a young one, but that s normal since she s fourteen years old We can t really expect her to be devoid of immaturity Still, she s strong, brave and loyal to her friends And isn t it refreshing to read YA novels without romance SO refreshing BUT, I think there will be of it in the sequels Give this a shot if you have some time to kill and are curious about mutants like The Fantastic Four but with cooler superpowers.Blog Youtube Twitter Instagram Google Bloglovin