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Ty Scott has spent most of his life trying to keep his best friend, Declan, strictly in the friend zone It hasn t been easy, especially sharing a condo with him for six years But having an unattainable straight best friend in his life is better than losing that friendship altogether At , Declan Andrews is settled in his life He s been a Navy SEAL for seven years, rapidly climbing the ranks and doing everything he can to put as much space between him and his childhood Being locked tightly in the closet is wearing him down, and seeing his best friend shamelessly flirting with a guy in a bar one night snaps something inside of him Will staying in the closet end up pushing Declan s best friend, and the man he s loved for most of his life, away for good Will Ty s sexy secret be too much for Declan to handle Or will an on the job accident stop everything before it starts Coming Home is a best friends to lovers, demisexual romance novel, with a sassy man in lingerie and an HEA Other fetishes and BDSM lifestyles are discussed openly While Coming Home is the second book in the Finding Home Series, it can be enjoyed as a stand alone novel

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  1. Kirsty Mc Kirsty Mc says:

    Ty and Dec have been best friends forever and living together for 6 years Ty is gay, out and has loved Dec for yearsbut hidden it Dec thinks that he is possibly gay but only attracted to one personTy Will they ever admit their feelings for one another Will they get their happily ever after I had been looking forward to Coming Home ever since I had read At Home Carly Marie is an amazingly talented author and she blew my high expectations out the water with Coming Home I love Dec and Ty just as much as I love Derek and Colt and can t wait to read Jasper s story in the future.

  2. Scotty Scotty says:

    I was eagerly awaiting this book after reading book 1, where Ty makes a few appearances, and Ty and Dec are hinted at The plot was unexpected, almost back to front compared to the clich, which was refreshing the angsty bit came later Hoping for of them

  3. Mrs N Mrs N says:

    SIGH I loved this book, the story containes all of my happy triggers.Intense sexual tensionResisting and finally succumbing to your hearts desire.Very well described sex scenesLoving family and loyal friendsBest of all, cute sexy boys looking sexy in lace.How can you tell your friend of over a decade that you have loved himfrom the minute he came into your life How can you tell your best friend who thinks that you are straight,that in your head sex will always relate to only himDeclan comes home from his latest deployment desperate to see Ty,to be close to him, to accidentally touch him, to breath him in.Ty has been waiting for Declan, one way or another most of his life.His big, strong Seal is everything that he desires,but the risk of losing his friendship is just too scary.Trying to live together and keep their attraction is getting harder and harder.Until some shockingly sexy, hot lace panties bring everything to a head.l want to say that this story is so beautifully written that l struggled to put it down.The intensity of Ty, and Dec s chemistry had me squirming at times.It s very thought provoking and enlightening all at once.Very enjoyable.

  4. Lucy Oliver Lucy Oliver says:

    Coming home is a masterpiece Completely different to book one but equally as good.Ty is an incredible character funny and loving who has a very sexy hidden kink and also a best friend he s always wanted but could never have because he believed he was straight.Dec has just come back from the army and started to look at his best friend differently and realised he might not be a straight as he first thought.I love Carly Marie writing her style and her characters are incredible I loved book one Derek and colt are so sweet and so a Dec and Ty The way she writes scenes that can be emotional and so funny is a talent not many can possess Please tell me Jasper has his own book because he is a hidden gem and by the end of the book he s so in need of his own journey Cannot wait for the next installment in the series if there is one hopefully Jaspers not 100% sure but maybe if we beg she might do it.

  5. Modwena Farrell Modwena Farrell says:

    This is such a sweet and emotionally charged friends to lovers story I loved the fact that Declan is a demisexual and I thought that that aspect was handled well The book can be read as a standalone but I read the first book At Home and would definitely recommend doing the same We meet Declan and Ty in that book and I felt that this gave a really nice background to the couple s relationship as teenagers Also the couple that book 1 is based around are revisited in this book too so I felt like I had depth to their characters too.Overall, I devoured the series so far within 24 hours They were just that good.I am so excited to have found a new favourite author Highly recommended read.

  6. Edga Edga says:

    I haven t read the first book in this series, but found that it didn t spoil this story for me It was an easy read, very straightforward, with two likeable MCs.I like the best friends to lovers trope and this one didn t disappoint I understood Declan s reluctance to pursue a gay relationship, his parents really did a number on him, leaving him insecure and lacking in confidence.He and Ty who is fabulously out , are a perfect match, and I enjoyed reading how their relationship grew and evolved One thing I wasn t too keen on was the kink element, it somehow didn t feel that it had a place in this particular relationship, and was just included as an after thought Also, the over sharing of said kinks, made me cringe a little, didn t seem realistic.Still, a nice romance, between two best friends, with a lovely ending.

  7. NJB NJB says:

    Ty and Dec have been best friends forever Ty is gay and out and Dec is, well Dec is just a little confused It takes time but Dec eventually works out what he is and mainly, he is in love with Ty Which is great because Ty loves him back It s a fantastic friends to loves romance, with very hot scenes, a little drama and angst, a great story line and incredible secondary characters.I haven t read book 1 and I m not sure the kink is one I d enjoy but book 2 is amazing and I can t wait for book 3 I was so lucky to be given the opportunity to read and review this book from LesCourtArc and I would highly recommend it, I loved it

  8. Oz007 Oz007 says:

    I enjoyed reading Declan and Ty s story, very different from book1 The plot is a nice best friends to lovers Nice character mix again Dec is a navy SEAL, not clear on his sexuality and is in love with his best friend roommate, Ty Ty is clear on his sexuality, loves his job as a vet and wearing silky lacy underwear The guys eventually get together Interesting sub characters Glad Tony and Gavin became a couple Easy to engage and well worth a read.I read via KU.Cliffhanger for book3 Intrigued if Jasper will end up with Greg and or someone else

  9. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    I enjoyed Ty and Dec s story so much, but the amount of age play involvement and constant explanation is just not for me and wasn t mentioned on this books page If adult diapers casually dropped into conversation are your thing, you ll love this.

  10. Leci F Leci F says:

    It s so hard to believe this is a relatively new author This is the second book in the series and is as excellent as the first Declan is a Seal who is supposedly straight He has been best friends with his roommate for 20 years Ty is out and proud He was secretly in love with Dec Friends to lovers, sweet heat and lingeriefantastic story This book can definitely be read as a stand alone.

  11. must must says:

    This is the 2nd book in the series and I cannot read enough of this author This story was waiting to happen Ty and Declan such secret lovers they didn t even realize It had humor, tears, family, military buds, and most of all deep love Cannot wait to read next book.

  12. Lisa Neal Lisa Neal says:

    Th was such a scene stealer in the previous books so it was hard not to be excited for his story Declan was such a mystery to me and I could not wait for of his backstory Carly did such a fantastic job with this book and I am so looking forward to from such a talented new author.

  13. SilkeeeeeeReads SilkeeeeeeReads says:

    This is a cotton candy sweet read with a bit of kink and a lot of sex The characters were well formed and relatable.