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Shaw and North are best friends, private detectives, and in danger of losing their agency A single bad case, followed by crippling lawsuits, has put them on the brink of closing shop Until, that is, a client walks into their Benton Park office Matty Fenn is young, blond, and beautiful, and he s in danger When he asks for Shaw and North s help foiling a blackmail scheme, the detectives are quick to accept The conspiracy surrounding Matty runs deeper than Shaw and North expect As they dig into the identity of Matty s blackmailer, they are caught in a web that touches politicians, the local LGBT community, and the city s police An attack on Matty drives home the rising stakes of the case, and Shaw and North must race to find the blackmailer before he can silence Matty But a budding romance lays bare long buried feelings between Shaw and North, and as their relationship splinters, solving the case may come at the cost of their friendship

7 thoughts on “Orientation: A Borealis Investigations, Book 1 (Audio Download): Gregory Ashe, Charlie David, Hodgkin and Blount: Audible Audiobooks

  1. BevS BevS says:

    5 outstanding stars Gregory Asheyou ve done it again Another fantastic series in the offing, two great MC s and terrific banter, and you re already making the MC s work very hard to a stay alive and b actually SEE each other instead of looking straight through and dismissing everything as just friends A Gay Fiction whodunit at it s finest, this is NOT a romanceyetshe says hopefully .Yes, Shaw and North will do anything for each other but North won t admit that heads up here for domestic abuse and Shaw certainly won t admit that he s been love with North since collegeand that the awful attack he suffered at college, which killed his then boyfriend and left him badly scarred, has also understandably left him with intimacy and trust issues.Blackmail, drag queens, hustlers and violencethis story had it all I liked Pari too, and yes North said some dreadful stuff to Shaw that he now sincerely regrets but I think he s mainly ashamed of how much he feels for Shaw, given the fact that he s married to Tucker As for Shawwell, we ll see what happens as the series progresses He clearly deserves some happiness.

  2. Rowan Rowan says:

    This was such a great read I simply loved Shaw and would like to see North get out of the abusive marriage and together with Shaw I love this guys work and this is definitely a series I ll be reading and have already pre ordered book 2.

  3. Reviewer Reviewer says:

    I love the lead characters in this book I can t wait until there s to the series.

  4. Susan Mac Nicol Susan Mac Nicol says:

    What can I say I loved this author s Hazard and Somerset series and when I saw he had a new book series out I had to have it And I can truthfully say I m going to love Shaw and North s books just as much Gregory is a master at conflict, at hidden truths, at the art of mystery and deception and the telling of a romance that is positively fraught with pain and suffering His characters know how to hurt each other so well, and we can only wait with bated breath for the time when they come to their senses and figure out what they really need from each other Along with a story line that spurs you to turn each page as quick as you can so you can find out what s next, the two MC s constantly pushing and pulling at each other is a masterpiece of story telling I can t wait to read the next books in this series.

  5. Michael Wild Michael Wild says:

    I approached this book already biased I love this author His weird, convoluted plots which are somehow closer to real life his unusual, whacky sense of humour the deeply flawed characters All these are to be found in each of his books, yet they are each new.

  6. Jeanie Giles Jeanie Giles says:

    I love this authors work Loved loved loved Somerset Hazzard this one is following suit 2 MC s, old friends, working together as PI s to uncover all truths except their own 1 sassy receptionist with bad attitude than anyone should own, a suspended license, an abusive relationship, old scars physically mentally, one likes order, the other doesn t understand the meaning of the word, one likes coffee, the other drinks swill wears hemp pants carries a yoga mat What could possibly go wrong What could possibly go right Together they would drive the sanest person mad, but it seems to work to get the bad guy, albeit with bloodshed near death Hope the books keep coming, quickly

  7. Gaia Gaia says:

    Gregory Ashe is one of my favorite contemporary authors His writing is crisp, smart, funny, and impressive in its ability to make you feel something After falling completely, maddingly in love with his Hazard Somerset series, I was excited embark on a new Ashe adventure.North and Shaw are complex, endearing characters Their relationship is beautiful, deep, complicated, simple, and at times infuriating They are friends who care deeply about each other, each wishing, in their own way, that they could be Shaw naturally seems like the fragile of the two, but by the end, one wonders if it isn t North who might fall apart in a brisk wind without Shaw as his anchor.The mystery in this novel is wickedly smart It s hard to express just how smart it is without spoilers, but It s like if a Sherlock novel and Macgyver had a baby and that baby took classical piano lessons from the age of 3, kind of smart You might think you have a bead on what s going on, on the culprit s behind it, and you might be right For a while at least.In summary, you really should get this book if it sounds like something that s up your alley You won t be disappointed, but you will be swept up and carried away into North and Shaw s daring, dangerous, and intriguing world.It s Gregory Ashe s world, and we re all just living in it I would be remiss to not take this opportunity to also plug his Hazard Somerset series as well Both series are amazing Sorry Gregory I had to