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Scout Duffy doesn t know what s worse The fact that his scorching one night stand is his bratty new client, or the fact that he doesn t even remember Scout But beneath all the bravado, Scout can see Emery is terrified, and he ll do anything to protect him from his attacker If only he would lower his walls and let Scout into his heart as easily as he lets him dominate in the bedroom Being out and proud his whole life means Emery Klein has never been safe But now, his charity work and social media fame have put a target on his back from bigots, and his friends force him to hire a private bodyguard Emery doesn t need to be judged by some straight former boxer, but his attraction to the gorgeous hunk is insatiable When Emery finally recognizes Scout, they can t keep their damn hands off one another, if only for as long as Scout s in town There s a reason Emery never looks too closely at the men he sleeps with, just like there s a reason Scout lives out of a suitcase in motel rooms Will two men hiding from hurt realize the love that could heal them both is right in front of them Or will Emery s attacker take everything before they have the chance Troubled Waters is a steamy, stand alone gay romance novel with a guaranteed HEA and absolutely no cliff hanger

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  1. Julia Smith Julia Smith says:

    This was a well written and brilliant story I loved Scout and Emery s journey to love Can t wait to read the next one in the series Xx

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  3. Debbie Attenborough Debbie Attenborough says:

    This is book 2 in the Pine Cove series, but you don t NEED to have read book one, Safe Harbor, before this one But you NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED emphasis on the long E and there IS a difference to read it Cos, you know, that is a darn sneaky book and because I bloody well said so This is maybe not so sneaky, cos everything is laid out for you, but still a fabulous read Scout is surprised when his awesome hook up turns out to be his new client But Emery doesn t remember him, so Scout keeps quiet He wants to keep Emery safe while they figure out who is sending the threatening emails Something deep in him NEEDS to keep Emery safe, and he needs to keep his hands off But when Emery remembers, he goes all out to get Scout back in his bed, in his life and his heart He just needs to stay alive long enough.We met Emery in book one, he is Robin s best friend from school He is out and proud and very fem He is who he is, and stuff everyone else He is an Instagram star, but he is so much too But people don t see that side to Emery, he doesn t let many people in Scout is very much a man s man big and bulky, ex boxer, but he loves fem guys That s why Emery caught his eye in the club, that first time Why Emery continues to push Scout s buttons while they try to figure out what s going on Why Emery continues to PUSH Scout, in every which way Why Scout pushes Emery to open up, to talk to him Why Scout s heart breaks when Emery pushes him away Why Scout s heart damn well stops when he realises the danger Emery has walked into.I loved this I really did I ve been in such a book slump for a while, and this book, this deliciously sexy, heart stopping book, was just the book I needed to get me out of it Emery is such a character I loved him in Safe Harbor, and I fell in love some with him here He is so much than the image he presents to the world he really is You don t see that in book one, but here you get the full Emery experience and I loved it Scout is quite a character too, just not quite so in yer face as Emery is.Emery is very clear about what and who he wants, and so this book is somewhat explicit than book one, but I ain t complaining, no ma am, I ain t A tad violent though, what with car bombs, and nutters, and things but I think they are needed here, they really are.Both guys have a say, and both voices are very different I need to listen to this now I heard Emery s voice in my head, but it wasn t quite right, and since we don t get Emery is all his glory in Safe Harbor, I need to listen to hear him fall apart when Scout touches him, when it all goes down, and when things are settled after.Ava, Robin s sister, plays a part here, and Robin, Dair and Swift, eldest brother to Robin pop up So pleased about that There is the blurb at the back of this one for the next book, and THAT threw up a surprise So, can t wait to get my hands on that little baby I read this in one sitting, I was totally engrossed 5 full and sparkly stars same worded review will appear elsewhere

  4. Meph666 Meph666 says:

    Absolutely loved this story, such a great follow up to book one There s the same small town with great characters but even added to the mix From the first chapter there is a hot chemistry between Emery and Scout, then once we dive into the story there is drama, tension, mystery and a lot of attitude from Pine Cove s favourite brat.Emery has gained himself an unwanted follower and Scout has been hired to protect him, also unwanted by Emery That is until things escalate and there s no denying the danger he s in.Between the two of them is sizzling sexual tension, right from the beginning but there s a little to their history than Emery remembers and Scout doesn t have it in him to reveal all Emery clearly loves and cares for those close to him but has walls up against anyone new which has occurred because of bullying and how he fits into society He is bratty and snarky which was occasionally a little much but a perfect match for Scout Scouts main aim is to keep the man safe, whether they get close or not The plot thickens as they struggle to discover who is after Emery but with Emery not being the most willing person in need of protection makes Scout s job much harder He clearly has the brains and the brawn to protect him whilst also needing to protect his own heart.I love Pine Cove in the way it s full of love and acceptance which you can feel from so many characters, those important to this story as well as regular town folk.HJ Welch has built up a really great storyline that has several elements working well together and it was a constant guess who as to the suspect It all crashed together with drama and action with a healthy dose of attraction and friendship from those who love Emery and want what s best for him, whether he likes it or not.I definitely recommend reading Troubled Waters It can definitely be read as a stand alone but I loved book 1 too so am recommending the whole series as you gradually get to know all of the characters in Pine Cove.I received an ARC and am happily giving a review.

  5. Liash Liash says:

    I loved Emery in book 1 and couldn t wait to read his book There are really only 2 words to describe Emery Hot Mess Yes, he s a fabulous queen who takes so many people under his wing, but there is so much to him What I wasn t expecting was the manic elements to his personality he would have these amazing highs and then these almost depressive lows where he would retreat into himself and withdraw from the world I did feel this wasn t delved into deep enough for how it affected Emery and his behaviour towards others at times It was almost just mentioned in passing from Scout s POV that he could see some similarities between Emery and his mother who suffered from depression Nothing else was done or mentioned about it.Otherwise it was a good story The mystery surrounding who was stalking Emery was well written, even if the why was quite out there I guess these sort of people do exist, so that s a little saddening in itself.Can t wait to read the next book and see what happens with Swift He has been a quiet and responsible character to date I hope we see him let loose a little when we get his POV.

  6. SarahH SarahH says:

    I am a huge HJ Welch fan and I adored the first book in the Pine Cove series, but this book I struggled with I love Scout, he s strong, protective, caring and to be honest he s an all round gorgeous teddy bear Emery though I struggled with He just came across as altogether too bratty and immature I know that some of the bratty attitude was a cover up to keep people at a distance so he couldn t be hurt, but it left me feeling as if I never truly got to know him I couldn t see what Scout saw in him because I never felt I got to know the real Emery The story telling was fantastic as always though I also loved Kamran who was a secondary character in the book and I d love to see him get a book of his own.I m looking forward to book 3

  7. Desi Desi says:

    What should I say It s a HJ Welch book DAnd meets all my expectations..Hot, steamy sex, two MCs that are on the one hand totally adorable, but on the other hand also drive me crazy and give me the feeling I want to choke them because they are so awkward to deal with each other..It s packed into an exciting story about a stalker, a bit like a thriller An absolutely wonderful second part of the Pine Cove series