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Totally worth the wait I love how Davidson King writes, keeps the story moving at a fast pace and has so many twists and turns you re left wondering how it will all work out Snow is one of my favourite characters and I love how everyone underestimates him Christopher will do anything to keep his family safe, but now it s Snow s turn and he ll do whatever it takes I was sad that he lost Poe as his friend, but I know they ll sort things out All of the past characters come together to lend a helping hand There are some amusing parts, some sad and lots of action Highly recommended. The city of Haven Hart rests under the heel of Christopher Manos He reigns over the most dangerous and deadliest citizens as the most powerful crime boss the city has seen in generations Yet, for the last five years, the harshest edges of his nature have been tempered by the loving devotion of his husband, Snow, and the nephew Christopher adores like a son His life is a balance of darkness and light until a birthday trip for his nephew, Simon, is interrupted by a hail of bullets and explosions, threatening to destroy it all Snow has found a home, a family, and the love of one of Haven Hart s most powerful men When Christopher and Simon are kidnapped, Snow risks everything to find his family Utilizing specialized skills he learned on the streets and the finer points of running a city from his crime boss husband, Snow takes on roles he never dreamed he would protector, leader, and avenger No one threatens his family and lives Experienced enough to know he can t do this alone, Snow calls in every favor he is owed, risking his life promising favors in return, all to save his family and the man he loves Contains mature themes I read this book with just a break for a wretched food shop, I buy and they eat it I loved every page and Snow was just brilliant, but I really hope he hasn t completely obliterated his friendship with Poe as that would be really sad for both parties Roll on the next book I can t wait I ve not read every single book in this series, but I know the main characters and it isn t hard to imagine how Davidson King s world of shady rich guys and killers works, so it wasn t hard to get into this tale.There s the usual drama and double crossing and danger, and there are some OTT scenes, but they work, given the characters At first I did wonder where yet another baddie could have come from to intrude on Snow and Christopher s little idyll, but DK gave the guy a convincing background and motive, though the baddie himself wasn t worthy of the title I think baddie in the context of these tales and kind of expect the likes of Javier Bardem from the Bond film, Skyfall, but here the guy was exposed as weak and without a well thought out plan and far too reliant on the brains of others He didn t seem worthy of Snow and Christopher s attention in some ways, but maybe that was part of how damaged he was by what was revealed, and yes, that would be understandable I think I d expected a dastardly baddie, a messed up in the head one, but I think we only got a half baked one, unfortunately, due, I think, to the circumstances of his history And, he wasn t ruthless enough and didn t seem to have his heart in it, especially with how solicitous he was to Christopher, and no, it wasn t any kind of shared history that made him so.I think DK is a storyteller, and that s not necessarily the same as being an author I mean that constructively, as she can create a tale, for sure, but there s a skill to recounting it that elevates a storyteller to author Quite a bit of her wording and grammar dragged me out of the tale as I tried to make sense of what she d written I think she s certainly improved as she s written stories, but sometimes what s in your head and what sounds right in your head doesn t translate well, and with respect, readers deserve better when they re paying for a book I think DK needs a really good editor, and though I expect that the ARC I got will undergo final proofing and so I was able to ignore the few typos I found, I struggled with stuff such as I wanted to press Simon for details of Christopher, but by the time the doctor was done and he d told us about the location of everything he was dead on his feet it sounds like the he refers to the doctor, but it s not, as is clear when you stop, pause and reread, but this drags you out of the tale while you try to make sense of things When he d arrived last night, the doc looked him over and determined, while smelling of garbage, he was in perfect shape seriously, this needs fixing Not sure about the determined and I seriously hope the doc wasn t smelling of garbage I placed the fluffy towel over the mirror and with quick force, I punched it, relieved when I heard a muffled shattering sound sounds like the towel got punched the whip sliced Redding sic bruises that would explode into purples, blacks and blues hmm Doesn t really segue, or make sense, grammatically they were killers and all resorted to puddles by the puppies sic yes, I did wonder who was making the puddles Overall, this is an improvement on previous offerings, but with respect, this tale needs some work.ARC courtesy of the author for my reading pleasure. I like this series and these characters I was so excited to discover another Snow book was out but while I liked it I just didn t love it.The main reason was the plot just didn t really work for me.So Atticus kidnaps Christopher and Simon A brilliant plan since Christopher loves his nephew and would do anything for him.So as far as evil plans go it s a good one You show your hand too quickly, Christopher It s very clear Simon is your world He stood and walked around the desk Just the implication I d hurt your nephew and you went off like a cannon He tsked Not smart I ll tell you, I can t figure out how you ve risen so high with stupidity leading the way But then That s where you show your very own stupidity, Atticus I took a step toward him No one is dumb enough to take what s mine, and those who have tried aren t alive to tell the tale Arrogant fool He punched the side of his desk, and it was a huge tell He didn t like being accused of being stupid I haven t gotten where I am today by willingly telling people about my operations Every person who has knowledge of what I do, I hold leverage over It felt like my blood was boiling as I advanced on an unmoving Atticus But every person in my web has respect, protection, and thrives because I am good at what I do You re a boy playing a man s game You can t win I saw it coming, but not quickly enough Atticus fist slammed into my face He was strong, but I was able to stand my ground Blood pooled in my mouth, I spit in on his papers What s wrong, Atticus, is this not going how you thought it would I spent two years watching you, Christopher Three before that, I was building forces to get to you He huffed I made a miscalculation All I saw told me you loved your nephew and would sooner die than see harm come to him He tapped the desk and went back to sit down I see you pretend well just like your mother His eyes narrowed, hate glistened in the darkness there.Okay so I m obviously missing something What part of that conversation suddenly had Atticus thinking Christopher didn t care Why change the whole plan He knows from Christopher s reactions that Simon is his weak spot.I just don t understand what happened It just didn t make any sense to me.I had other issues as well of course I did but this was the main one.Now this really bothered me but I ve read other reviews and it doesn t appear to bother anyone else So we ll put this down to me being far too picky.The rest of the book features our favourite characters and it s good but I just couldn t get past this.That said I m still looking forward to the next book. Phew This was action packed from the first chapter and I literally could not put it down I can t get enough of these gorgeous men, cold blood assassins killers, but also very loyal, warm loving family guys,who will go to the ends of the earth to protect their loved ones I m so looking forward to finding out what s to come next Thank You Davidson King This series is awesome I recommend this author Snow in this book is defending is family Loved it Every books is a must read for me. This series is awesome bought this book 1st as recommendation from a book group immediately after finishing this book bought all the rest I really enjoy anything this author writes The series is well worth reading Highly recommended Original Audiobook Listen November 2019 What can I say about the story that I didn t already cover in my original review Nothing It s still just as beautiful and engaging as originally So I think I ll just talk about the narrators, Joel Leslie and Philip Alces There again, what can I say that I haven t touched on in the first 4 audio versions of Haven Hart Nothing They bring life not only to Snow and Christopher but to all the characters, good guys and bad guys Between Davidson King s visual storytelling style and Leslie Alces narration, you can almost see the story unfold in front of you I should add that although there have been bits pieces from each entry that has carried over, I found Snow Storm to be the first one that really shows everything starting to come together to form the big picture , so definitely read listen to Haven Hart Universe in order.Original ebook Review April Book of the Month 2019 Never underestimate Snow The mother nature kind looks light and fluffy but can be anything but, well Davidson King s Snow on the surface is light, fluffy, and a bit of pushover at least what a certain bad guy thinks but just like Mother Nature s white stuff, Snow Manos can be deadly Let s be honest, there are times when its best if we get underestimated and Snow Storm is a prime example of just that Never threaten the Manos family, Snow may not be the head of the family but he is the head s husband and that makes him even of a danger to cross.Not sure which factor I loved most Snow being underestimated or that Christopher knows his husband so perfectly he knew exactly what to say to him on the phone to get the ball rolling Talk about a perfect pair and its this knowledge and chemistry that will always put Snow and Christopher on the top of my favorite Haven Hart couples.Snow is such an amazingly creative fun, flirty, and fabulous character which in my honest opinion defines exactly what Haven Hart is all about, both the city and the series Don t get me wrong, Haven Hart Universe is not all rainbows and unicorns kind of rom com happy happy Oh no, it is anything but because there is danger always lurking and Snow Storm is the best example of that because Snow Manos brings happiness to everyone he meets but its not all he brings to the table With this series entry you realize that he really is what brings everyone together, he is the cement that makes the bricks into a home, he is the Force that binds the Jedi together, and he is the love that makes the Manos and Black Organizations family even if neither Christopher nor Black want to admit that is what they ve become since meeting Snow.Speaking of Christopher, he is just as dangerously yummy as always His love for his nephew, Simon, has been blatantly obvious from the very minute Simon brought Snow home with him way back in book 1, Snow Falling, and if you hadn t already noticed that Christopher has become than just a father figure you will clearly see he and Snow have become dads to the growing boy I already mentioned how perfectly attuned Christopher is with Snow by knowing what clues to give his husband to help find them so I ll just add that they may be well established couple but their passion for each other is still off the charts that will fry your e reader if you re not careful.As for the secondary characters, well has there ever really been any secondary characters in this series No because they all serve a purpose whether they get their own story or not, not a single one can be labeled page filler , each one brings a needed element to the journey It is always nice to see where other couples are once they ve had their story begun, the author letting her readers know there is still life after they get their HEA.Snow Storm once again showcases Davidson King s knack for storytelling, not just a writer but a true storyteller She creates not only characters to read and plots to unravel but a whole community to discover and experience If you haven t been reading Haven Hart Universe yet, I highly recommend doing so because you are certainly missing out on quite a ride.One final note if you are wondering if this is a series best read in order than I have to say yes Sure each one features a new couple, well Snow Storm revisits Snow Christopher from book 1 but each entry does have its own central plot so I suppose technically each one is a standalone but I have to recommend reading in order The characters, the friendships, the favors Snow cashes in, these factors just flow better knowing each pairings journey If reading 5 books seems daunting, don t worry because the time will fly by and before you know it, you ll be kicking yourself for not savoring the moments but you just get so sucked in that you can t put them down I should probably add that for the first time EVER, I did a re read in less than 2 weeks after my initial read and if that doesn t express how amazing Snow Storm is then I m not sure what does.