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Have you tried to develop a champion mindset but were confronted with fear, doubt and disbelief Do you want to learn how to develop amazing mental toughness, resilience and optimism for achieving greatness in life If so, then this powerful book, Sports Psychology for Athletes , will teach you how to think, train and eat for optimal physical and mental performance Sports Psychology for Athletesis divided into four sections The first section, Mental Toughness , will teach you How to become your own coach and self motivate yourself to push yourself beyond your self limitations How to develop tremendous resilience for overcoming adversity, obstacles and challenges The second section of this book, Bodybuilding , will teach you How to a build a functional well proportioned, athletic body like Ancient Greek Warriors How to train and succeed at winning like Ancient Greek Olympic Athletes The third section of this book, Intermittent Fasting , will teach you Important intermittent fasting schedules and methods as well as tips and strategies for effectively burning fat while you train Useful tips and strategies for developing and maintaining discipline with your eating habits The fourth section of this book, Optimize Your Health , will teach you How creating a fitness purpose will help you improve your training How a fitness calendar will organize and optimize your health and fitness lifestyle So are you ready to let go of fear, doubt, and disbelief and instead, develop a champion mindset and true warrior spirit for achieving greatness in life Then buy this must listen audiobook, Sports Psychology for Athletes , now