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Best selling author Paul David Tripp invites you into his personal reflections on his experience of God s ever present grace through the ups and downs of his life He shares his celebrations, disappointments, cries for help, confessions, and confusions in the form ofmeditations that were written over many years through various joys and struggles Vulnerable yet pastoral and wise, these meditations in the form of verse showcase how God s amazing grace intersects with the mundane, unexpected, messy, and beautiful moments of everyday life

9 thoughts on “My Heart Cries Out: Gospel Meditations for Everyday Life (Audio Download): Amazon.co.uk: Paul David Tripp, Bevan Greiner, Crossway: Audible Audiobooks

  1. sadovidsporn.co Customer sadovidsporn.co Customer says:

    Product as described.

  2. Joy Lenton Joy Lenton says:

    This book contains one man s soul outpouring before God It traces his personal devotional journey with the intention of enabling others to take and use these words for themselves Though the topics vary a bit, they centre on having a right relationship with God, with the benefit of receiving his forgiveness, grace and love.The section images are lovely, acting as an integral part of using this book as a daily devotional They are helpful in aiding contemplation and meditation, which stem from the suggested bible verses and reflective questions at the end of each poem These devotions are quite confessional in tone but they cover topics that are relatable.However, I didn t find them particularly poetic at all, and they are quite repetitive as well The poems look like split up prose masquerading as lines of poetry, but not very successfully to my mind Although it might have been the author s intention to leave them open ended to interpretation as poetry or prose prayers, in which case, he succeeded in that goal And he claims to be of a pilgrim than a poet.With a few notable exceptions, I couldn t connect in the way I hoped with these heart cry devotions poems Many of them left me disengaged even though I love poetry and it usually speaks to me But that wasn t the case here, sad to say, because I couldn t relate well to the author s style.

  3. Helen Gee Helen Gee says:

    A simply gorgeous book in every way The poetry speaks deeply to me, the layout is stunning I m so glad that I did not order this in Kindle format because it is such a special book to hold as it is read.

  4. Westside Church Westside Church says:

    I received my books scratched up and marked The unfortunate part is that these books were suppose to be gifts.

  5. HB HB says:

    LOVE this author, have read most of his books however, these rambling thoughts and meditations were not what I expected I didn t return the book, I put it in the neighborhood Little Library thinking someone might find it inspirational It s not bad, just not as expected.

  6. SKP - Georgia SKP - Georgia says:

    I read this every single day So inspirational Sets my heart right to face the day

  7. Amy Gee Amy Gee says:

    A beautiful collection

  8. Nicole Nicole says:

    Beautiful pages

  9. Calvin Chin Calvin Chin says:

    Really good and very helpful