Necroscope V: Deadspawn (Audio Download): Brian Lumley, Michael Troughton, Crossroad Press: Audible Audiobooks kindle pdf –

Come to the end and did not disappoint Love the series and have become a big Brian Lumley fan Glad I finally took up the recommendation of my friend even though it was about 20 years ago Love the books in paper Now on my Kindle Great book Just like all the other Necroscope books, apart from Harry and the Pirates, which is just good. I bought all five Brian Lumley necroscope books, they re brilliant Defo buying of his Thoroughly absorbing reading Have read them twice before and now on the Kindle If you like SciFi suspense, then you will love this series. There s a maniacal murderer on the loose, brutally slaughtering young women with a ferocity that rivals that of vampires Harry Koegh has spent his life combatting The Necroscope s been asked to solve the crimesasked by the dead spirits of the madman s victims Harry cannot turn down a request from the deadeven if it costs him his soul In the climactic battle with the vampires, mankind prevailed and purged the vampires from earth thanks to Harry, his team of psychically gifted spies, and Faethor Ferenczy, long dead father of the world s vampires, who betrayed his own kind But Harry s alliance with Faethor has a terrible cost Harry s very humanity is under attack from the vampire evil coiled in his mind Fantastic series of books Every bit as good as the last 4What can I say these vampires are not pretty boy kiss the girl and all is good,they drain the girl and change her into a flying beast from a vat.These guys are fair dinkum.. So far this book has been the most enjoyable in the Keogh series It pulls together all the elements of the previous four novels in a marvelous conclusion Yet it also branches into a new set of novels, exploring other aspects that only a talent like Brian Lumley can provide I used to think that Ann Rice was good, but after reading this series again for second time, I can only say that Brian is far better I look forward to the first novel being made into a motion picture There is a rumor of this may happening in the near future The author has a genuine talent of making all his characters plausible and interesting and he has created universes of infinite possibility to keep elements of his world creation alive and or expand into to other tangents which are equally interesting Like others I enjoy how he can do historical flashbacks and make them come alive to the point you forget where your at until he brings you back it just being a fantastic conversation between Harry and some dead thing in the ground that still has a very cunning and devious mind,plotting its own agenda,while spinning a very entertaining yarn.In this case Faethor is whom I refer to,when he was reminiscing about his son Janos in this novel I really would like to see whom they Hollywood when it comes to karen Since she clearly one of the most beguiling women characters that Lumley has ever created.Unfortunately as I think of this ,it becomes obvious that the movie would have to toned down some,since Lumley is quite graphic in describing what vampire sex involves.Stimulating Non the I was really quite saddened when Lumley decides the end the life of Harry s son by him devolving into wolf form and losing all his brilliance.He clearly could have been another branch for an additional series of books in his own right.Would I recommend this book,well isn t it obvious