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One summer won t be enough Kaenon Geary was done fighting the small minds in his sleepy Texas town when he made his escape and never looked back But now, for the first time in than a decade, he s returned to Braxton to spend the summer with his beloved grandmother her final summer and no longer recognizes the home he d left behind all those years ago Everything has changed Everything but the man he s never stopped wanting Brody Scott was the local football hero who became a gridiron champ, but he retired from the fast lane to forge a new life as the Chief Constable of Braxton He longs to put down roots in the community he is now sworn to protect Though he s not at all sure he can protect his heart from the quiet, earnest boy he once knew The boy who has come back a man Starting something would be a mistake Kaenon plans to fly away at summer s end, but his love is something Brody desperately wants to haveand to keep Their days together are numbered Unless some simple hometown magic can make all the right things bloom and show them the true definition of love

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  1. KT Dowling. KT Dowling. says:

    This is a book about a man returning to his hometown and his relationship with his dying grandmother Which is all well and good if you want to read a novel about that subject I didn t want to read that I wanted to read a romance What romance I got didn t appear until nearly 50% into the book and was then rushed and not really believable in any way I was bored to death by the first half of the book Endless tedious talking with a grandmother who cackled constantly and, for me, was thoroughly annoying I didn t like either character if I m honest and only kept going because it was Mary Calmes and I d paid a lot of money for the book By the time Brody made enough of an appearance to get to know him, there wasn t enough of the book left for the romance to develop properly or for the characters to make sense Added to which there was an influx of so many characters that it was difficult to keep a track of who was who.I can t recommend this book If, like me, you have a very limited budget for book buying and you are looking for a really good romance, don t bother with this book The first half bored me to death which is an unforgivable offense for a writer to commit as far as I m concerned I ve been reading Mary Calmes novels for years and I ve reread many of her books over and over again Not this one Having dragged my way through it once, I m not willing to repeat the experience I wanted romance, I didn t get it I got a couple of sex scenes and instant love over a few days.And it s such a shame because the two main characters could have made a really good romance if the spotlight had been on them from the beginning If the book had been about them and their story.Had the book been advertised for what it was, I wouldn t have bought it and would have no complaints But both Dreamspinner Press and Mary Calmes are known for romance and this wasn t one.

  2. DM DM says:

    Haven t read a Mary Calmes novel in a while, as they all seemed to be a bit samey big strong man rocks up and saves wondrous little guy whom everyone really loves A Matter of Time series ad infinitum However, downloaded the sample and enjoyed it, so bought the rest and was pleasantly surprised.The Wiccan aspect was interesting think Peg deserves her own story and it was an interesting angle to root pun intended the story in the earth of Braxton Texas, where Kaenon daft name, especially considering his sibling s names hadn t been for so long Kaenon was an interesting character what he had achieved despite what had happened to him, and thus his relationship with Jo his gran was understandably strong, plus the banter between them was generally good However, my main issue revolved around the forgiveness that was expected from Kaenon and how he became such a magnet all the men flocked to him Jory anyone Maybe it was the magic A few minor spoilers ahead, so be warned that Kaenon forgave his sister was understandable she too had been a kid when it all happened, though she should have done to contact him That he gave forgave his brother quite so easily, I didn t like not saying hold a grudge forever, but Everett beat him, outed him caused him so much pain Not sure I d be quite so easily forgiving Then there was his father Sorry, but he did not deserve forgiveness to blame it all on his mother was cheap and easy Your job as a parent is to love unconditionally, not try and send off to a gay conversion retreat, beat then abandon never to be in touch with again To say it was all his mother s doing was rather misogynistic from Calmes I expected better.Then there was Brody, the love interest It was understandable why Kaenon forgave him, but my issue was not knowing Brody He was a superficial character that was there instantly in love with the wondrous Kaenon and there was little about him or his personality It was too superficial for me to see their true feelings for each other this aspect was rushed As was the ending Seriously Is there going to be a follow up as there are SO MANY LOOSE ENDS This probably sounds as if I hated the book I didn t I thoroughly enjoyed it, it s well written, leading to me reading it very quickly and not really wanting it to end But It needs to be finished, and if you read it, I think you ll know what I mean.

  3. Ms. Patricia Cooke Ms. Patricia Cooke says:

    I ve never been disappointed reading Mary s books and this one is no exception This is about Kae and his return to the sleepy town he left behind years ago after many bad experiences He s now returning due to his Grandmother s ill health but what will he find A squabbling family but as he eventually finds out, many friends who are only too happy to see him again This is such an uplifting story and I just couldn t stop reading, I was sorry to get to the end I really hope Mary intends to return to this story as I felt there was so much potential for .

  4. Gabs Gabs says:

    Lovely story about finding love and forgiveness I can t wait for Mary Calmes books Her stories are always about a different viewpoint from the MC and huge hearts that can forgive than I could I always have a wonderful time immersed in her writing And she s the only author I m rereading constantly Many books I ll read 3 4 times Hers and I mean every single one I must have read close to a dozen time

  5. Avid reader Avid reader says:

    Such a beautiful read I enjoyed every page and couldn t put it down until I d finished Definitely one to read again.

  6. Mrs Michelle J Good Mrs Michelle J Good says:

    This is Mary Calmes at her best.I love this book The snark, the humour, the love and the story all bought together in classic Mary Calmes style.

  7. Mr. A. Mr. A. says:


  8. Vanessa Vanessa says:

    The m c in this book is Kae, a beautiful soul who at 14 yrs old is abandoned by his family for coming out as gay His Grandparents and aunt take him in and love and nurture him through the resulting bullying and harassment Kae experiences in their small town Years later and all grown up happily living away from his hometown, Kae has to return home and face his demons to look after his beloved, dying Grandmother This is a story of forgiveness, enlightenment, and love Mary Calmes handles the emotionally charged scenes throughout the book with her usual finesse as we see Kae face and overcome his fears and repressed anger This is a lovely story of a family that was broken starting to form loving ties again Recommend to anyone that enjoys a HEA.

  9. CP CP says:

    This evokes all the emotions The pain of a boy who has to endure the bewildering rejection of the family he thought loved him The betrayal of his brother that lead to terrible bullying in school The enduring love from his grandmother and his closest friends It made me cry but also smile I loved reading this story and wished that it didn t have to end.

  10. Jessica Jessica says:

    Dont buy this book thinking you are getting an m m romance This is a story about a man and his gramma, and not what you think it is I was extremely disappointed in this read and dont plan on reading anything else from this author again I wish i could get a refund for the money i dished out.

  11. Sunshiny100 Sunshiny100 says:

    I didtn feel the romance and the bully theme was handled horribly Like OF COURSE ALL IS FORGIVEN I felt bad for the victim They didnt deserve forgiveness

  12. Sadhbh Sadhbh says:

    Mary Calmes is one of my must buy immediately authors, so when she said it was available, I bought it immediately That was Friday and I m on my fourth reread Keanon s family rejected him when he told them he was gay but his paternal grandparents took him in and kept him until he left his hometown He s never been back in the nearly fourteen years since he left but now his grandmother has three months to live and needs him so he reluctantly returns The book is full of emotion, hilariously funny a lot of the time, heart wrenching at others I was not able to put it down until I d finished it and then I immediately started again from the beginning All of her books are on my reread pile and this one will keep me going until In a Fix is released Thanks Mary for another excellent book

  13. amvery57 amvery57 says:

    As always, a character that makes you feel that you have known them for a lifetime, and a support cast that you would like to have for yourself A book that leaves you wanting to know what happens next.

  14. alexandra moss alexandra moss says:

    Excellent Mary never disappoints reading her books takes you right into her world and you live the story All her books are a feel good read that can be read over and over and enjoyed every time Thank you for your mini vacations for the mind.

  15. dale dale says:

    Like all of Mary Calmes books the characters become real and interesting people and I enjoy going on their journey with them I have several of her books that I reread over and over to remind me that somewhere love still conquers all.