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Another great story by Dilly Court I hope the next one comes out soon as I will be had to wait for another one of her fantastic story s. Although this book of Dilly Court s is a touch far fetched I m still enjoying reading it.It is very annoying to have not just mistakes but long passages that are printed twice on the same page ,do the publishers not have proof readers ,also annoying is the fact that I pr ordered this book and paid 4 49 only for it to be offered just a week after receiving it for just 99p.not on and doesn t encourage me to pre order in the future. Daisy is suddenly dismissed as a governess and returns home to her aunt and uncle in London to find they plan to move to a small village Reluctantly she goes with them as she has no means of keeping herself This proves to a life changing decision and takes Daisy along many paths A brilliant story Looking forward reading the next book in the series and catching up with all the characters Just finished reading this book and have enjoyed it very much Look forward to the next one in the trilogy. Yes I did like this book and enjoyed reading it.A nice gentle story with a interesting twist to it.The characters developed slowly and were believable which means that I will have to buy the next book in the series. a bit of a slow start but then it went bowling along at a great rate loved following the lives of daisy and her family and friends cant wait to start the next book thanks fdilly youve proved again what a great author you are. Can t wait to read the second book Will Daisy and Jay live happily ever after Will Jay return to what he knows best the sea smuggling Will Daisy become a qualified nurse or will she be a doctor Book 2 please Love Dilly Courts stories.so much in them And i love old fashion stories back in england Realy good.have read a few of hers now Looking forward to reading. I am sorry but I am writing this for my mother whilst she is watching the news but she felt the urge to say how much she enjoyed this book Intense and riviting are some of the adjectives she used.She has now told me not to pontificate too much and is now telling how nice everyone s makeup is on the news.So I can conclude if you have a mother like this She may well be silent and enjoy this book too.Also five stars She never gave me five stars when I was growing up So it must be good The new novel from the Sunday Times best selling author The perfect heartwarming romance for Christmas