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There is a difference between exercise and training Exercise is physical activity for its own sake, a workout done for the effect it produces today, during the workout or right after you re through Training is physical activity done with a longer term goal in mind, the constituent workouts of which are specifically designed to produce that goal Training is how athletes prepare to win, and how all motivated people approach physical preparation Practical Programming for Strength Training rd Edition addresses the topic of training It details the mechanics of the process, from the basic physiology of adaptation to the specific programs that apply these principles to novice, intermediate, and advanced lifters Each section completely updated Better explanations of the proven programs that have been helping hundreds of thousands of lifters get stronger efficiently Expanded novice section with the details ofdifferent approaches to the problem of getting stuck and special approaches for the underweight and overweight trainee Expanded intermediate section withseparate programs anddetailed examples Expanded advanced section with detailed examples ofdifferent programs Expanded special populations section with example programs for women and masters lifters training through their s, s, s, and s Day to day, workout to workout, week by week detailed programs for every level of training advancement The most comprehensive audiobook on the theory and practice of programming for strength training

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  1. Customer Customer says:

    Great book, Rippetoe is as always a smart guy Buy Starting Strength the blue book first, then buy this one second.

  2. Coops Coops says:

    Don t agree with Rippetoe s dietry advice the gallon of milk a day etc , but his training advice can t be faulted.This would be a great way especially for anyone new to the gym, to build up an understanding of how to progress.There s even a section at the end for older people, or people with injuries, and the adjustments they ought to make to get the most out of their training Really like this book Bought as a gift, but had a good flick through and thinking of getting myself a copy.

  3. Sblig Sblig says:

    A fantastic book that builds on the already incredible work laid out in Stating Strength A vast number of programmes are explained and outlined to give intermediate and even the most advanced lifters a lifetime of improvement and gains in strength The principles contained in this book are scientific and proven through practical application A gold mine of information.

  4. J. S. Valaitis J. S. Valaitis says:

    As an early intermediate powerlifter I arguably do not need to know about what goes into the training of Advanced lifters or Olympic athletes, but the depth with which strength training is covered for individuals at all different stages and with different goals in this book is incredible You should definitely read this if you care at all about athleticism and especially strength training.


    Great follow up to Starting Strength which gives some good ideas for what to do later on in your progression.

  6. Lauren Lauren says:

    Bought as a gift.Was very pleased with this, apparently it s the most recent one of this book too Was in perfect condition when arrived and was on time.

  7. Hpaget Hpaget says:

    Amazing Marks no bs approach to training addresses a lot of the bad training practices out there and shows you numerous systems to get results from the novice to the advanced stage of lifting if your willing to put in the time and effort.

  8. Daniel R. Daniel R. says:

    Fantastic resource for the price Provides a long term plan to get strong and addresses a range of special populations Goes well with Starting Strength by the same author.

  9. Ricardo Mesinari Ricardo Mesinari says:

    Dieses Buch htte ich mir als junger Fitnesseinsteiger vor 7 Jahren gewnscht Einigen Trends und Mythen welche durch die Fitnessindustrie am Leben gehalten werden htte ich dann ignorieren knnen.Es werden mit verstndlichen Beispielen die wichtigsten Kennwerte Messzahlen des Kraftraining und Sports und ihre Notwendigkeit erlutert und in Zusammenhang gesetzt.Herr Rippetoe erklrt in przisen und prgnanten Stzen trainings und ernhrungsphysiologische Zusammenhnge, die Adaption des Krpers an verschiedene Trainingsreize Kraft, Kraftausdauer, Ausdauer , die Unterschiede hinisichtlich der Anforderungen an den Trainierenden, die die Trainingsreize setzen usw Er erklrt einleuchtend warum fr einen normalgewichtigen Sportler insb eben auch Anfnger Krafttraining eigentlich immer das Mittel der Wahl ist Leistungssteigerung und bertragbarkeit dieser gesteigerten Leistung lassen sich auf alle anderen Sportarten und auch den Alltag bertragen.Das Buch enthlt eine Menge Trainingsplne, fr Anfnger bis zum Profi Alle werden hinsichtlich Anforderungen, Eignung und Anwendungszeitpunkt erklrt Bei entsprechender Ernhung ist auch fr den Fitnessanfnger mit Muskelwachstum, Massezuwachs zu rechnen.Ich bin also einen Schritt zurck gegangen und habe mich an sein Anfnger Triningsprogramm gehalten Die Fortschritte sind beachtlich Schwindende Muskulre Disbalancen und eine nie gefhlte Power und Vortrieb beim Laufen Joggen.Die englische Kindleversion erhielt ich fr ca 9 Euro Fr diesen Preis einfach ein Muss, doch auch fr 25 Euro htte ich es sofort gekauft.

  10. Michel Cousineau Michel Cousineau says:

    I am 60 years old and I am training for a long time with all kinds of programs I tough that I was to old to make some progress but I was wrong It s the first time that I see the squat technique and deadlift the way it was shown and I can tell you that it makes all the difference I am training for 2 months with the new program and I made huge progress on my squat, deadlift and all others The volume is perfect compare to a lot of programs I think a lot of people neglect the basic and they shouldn t.

  11. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    I bought it for my 16 y o son to start planning his routine but he couldn t get passed the first few pages The book is too elongated and boring to read Even myself couldn t get to the point and got lost between unrelated unnecessary ocean of words It s hard to find your way in this book Such a shame for the great info hidden underneath the weight of blah blah blah.

  12. fschulz fschulz says:

    Awesome book every serious athlete and everyone interested in training effectively should read.It helped me to advance my training level to intermediate and beyond.Now I can deadlift almost 250kg.But not only for strength athletes this book is an enrichment It s principles and templates can be adjusted to basically every sport and training goal.It s universal principles will enhance your workout programming than anything else you have read and also give you a deeper understanding of the topic as it explains a lot.Many thanks to the author.