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Someone is watching Someone is waiting Despite having attracted the attention of a dangerous stalker, Special Agent Jason West is doing his best to keep his mind on his job and off his own troubles But his latest case implicates one of the original Monuments Men in the theft and perhaps destruction of part of the world s cultural heritage a lost painting by Vermeer Naval Reserve Lieutenant Commander Emerson Harley wasn t just a World Warhero, he was the grandfather Jason grew up idolizing In fact, Grandpa Harley was a large part of what inspired Jason to join the FBI s Art Crime Team Learning that his legendary grandfather might have turned a blind eye to American GIs liberating priceless art treasures at the end of the war is than disturbing It s devastating Jason is determined to clear his grandfather s name, even if that means breaking a few rules and regulations himself putting him on a collision course with romantic partner BAU Chief Sam Kennedy Meanwhile, someone in the shadows is biding his time The romance has died and the story is pitiful What one is left with is a sad excuse for a relationship, and an artistic confusion.How would an art museum be seeking the reparation of an artwork that is apparently still undocumented Seriously, they want it back but they only believe that it may exist Any artwork by Vermeer, owned by a museum before WWI never mind WWII would be fully documented, photographed, studied and depicted in a vast number of monographs of the author s work.The author is confused, and so am I. What a wonderful read Every time I think this series is ending, I find out there will be another sequel I m so very glad there will be I am absolutely not ready for the Jason Sam stories to end. Another great instalment in the Art of Murder series Sam and Jason are two great characters whose relationship underpins the series highly recommended.