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Spitfire disgrace Matthieu Boudreaux has one wish to age out of the Pedigree he despises, then destroy it With one year left before he achieves the first step of his goal, Matthieu finally has some hope for an independent future That is, until a surly Amethyst dragon by the name of Geoffrey Drake and his entourage show up at Matthieu s cloister and inform him he s been selected to be part of an experiment Geoffrey Drake, proud and stuffy legal counsel for the Amethyst clan, has been charged with ruining his own life His mission Deliver a potential mate to the son of the Amethyst clan s most despised enemy and the man he s loved in secret for the last hundred years Topaz dragon Ian Brand Refusal is impossible Dragons don t consort with dragons, and should Geoffrey decline, he risks exposing them both Ian Brand, charming black sheep of the Topaz clan, is trapped between his forbidden love for an Amethyst dragon centuries his senior and his duty to his family Chosen by his unhinged father to be the Topaz candidate for the mating experiment, Ian is faced with a terrible choice run away with the man he loves and face the deadly consequences or accept his fate with a broken heart But dragon magic as Matthieu, Geoffrey, and Ian soon discover works in mysterious ways When an unforeseeable circumstance draws them all together and puts their futures at risk, they have no choice but to set their differences aside and work together to prove a new, startling truth What the dragon world knows about mates has been wrong all along, and it will be up to the three of them to prove it Please note Mate is a steamy omegaverse romance involving male pregnancy that will leave you in stitches It contains an experiment gone awry, five eccentric peacocks, an unusually large number of whelps, an ancient Viking Daddy dragon, and science For maximum enjoyment, Mate is best listened to following the events of Clutch and Bond

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  1. Loulou Loulou says:

    I absolutely love this series The combination of snarky banter, genuinely sexy relationships and super cute whelps is really compelling And the threesome in this one really works I would definitely like

  2. Lorraine L. Lorraine L. says:

    4.75 EggMuffinFabulous.I was wrong The authors were right This worked It shouldn t have a dragon m nage, whoops, sorry, I stand corrected Not a dragon m nage a Dragon Polybond This was a big surprise, it shocked not only me, but the entire dragon world The merde hit the fan But what merde it was Their Clans abhorred each other, but that didn t stop Geoffrey and Ian borring each other and a real shocker, as Alpha s didn t mate with Alpha s Throw in a sexy French Omega into this eggmazing omelette of eggydelight and you have quite a sexy souffl of deliciousness to digest.Of course our wondrous little cream puff yeah, I know, I m spending too much time reading Everard and it s rubbing off Harry, is in his element proving that it s not only love that brings breeding pairs together, but that Omega s are human dragons I thoroughly enjoyed it.It was the little things of detail that the authors slip in, that brings the book alive Steve s outfits , the flamboyant peacocks , the witty and sometime downright sarcastic humour that makes this whole Series shine for me Both these authors are classy enough to take pride of place in any Dragon s Hoard.Highly recommended, but you must start with book 1 and work your way through trust me, it s no hardship especially book 2 and it s on KU if you are a member.

  3. Charley Norton Charley Norton says:

    I was given an ARC through an online competition.I have never been so exicited to read a book as I was with this one and it did not disappoint I loved every minute of it From reading previous books I wasn t expecting to like Geoffrey that much but by the end of chapter 1 you get why he s so frigid in the other books He s a lovely soul with secrets only Ian knows Until Matthieu joins them that is.I adored all three characters as well as the secondary ones Everyone is given a personality of they re own and is not just filler for the background.Their story is all about the struggle for acceptance I think a lot of people could relate in their own way I can t go into it too much without spoilers so I ll just say that it s brilliant and so well written that you feel a part of it rather than a mere observer.This book introduces Snorre, the lovable dirty old man who supports them, and Geoff and Ians clutch of Peacocks Each peacock is it s own special character Only in these books would you find this magic lol We see past characters too, it wouldn t be be the same without Harry, Ev and Steve Side note aren t Julius and Darwin cousins Unrelated to the story but you will understand after reading Reynard and Misha Sounds hot Daddy Grim needs a boy

  4. Headinabook Headinabook says:

    This is a most anticipated book, that is best read in series order as there is a lot of background and world building in those books, but the dragons better hold on to their hats as everything is being challenged and not everyone is happy.I loved the first two books and this is no exception.The characters are so great with two Alphas Ian and Geoffrey who are from enemy families but have loved each other for many years, a sassy omega Matthieu who just wants out, feisty peacocks and a experiment which changes their lives and that of everyone.This is an extremely hot romance, full of family, love and the bravery to dispute and change the norms of society.I loved it can t wait for .

  5. Jackie Thorogood Jackie Thorogood says:

    Geoffrey and Ian are both lovers also Alphas, their relationship is forbidden but their feelings are very strong, Matthieu is a disgracebut finds himself being given to Ian much to Ian s feeling of not wanting him at all, This is a great book in this fabulous series, we meet up with the lovely Henry again, Ian and Geoffrey s peacocks are a means for so many jokes about cocks I really enjoyed this a lot,

  6. Heather McColgan Heather McColgan says:

    This book is filled with sassy omegas, protective alphas, peacocks and a sexed up Dragon Daddy Two alpha dragons from different families, love each other, Ian and Geoffrey but can t really be together One it s against dragon law and two their families Elsewhere in the pedigree poor Matti is waiting to age out and maybe do what he wants for once, but alas fate is a fickle thing He ends up being a clutch experiment, and is taken to Ian to be breed and have his clutch It s a story of love, romance and courage, and most of all family.

  7. Hayley Smith Hayley Smith says:

    This series has been such a original and enjoyable read, that has captivated me from the start I ve loved delving into the world of dragons that s full of humour, romance and ancient Dragon laws and politics.As much as I enjoyed Clutch and Bond, I think Mate has been my favourite so far It s got a great storyline and interesting and engaging characters Matthieu, Geoffrey and Ian were all very different and really bought the story alive.I loved it

  8. PL PL says:

    This one deserved far than 5 Absolutely amazing story filled with tension, heat and drama.Harry made me laugh as usual and his mate s silly nicknames for Harry provided good entertainment There were a few pervs, some stuck up mad dragons and some peacocks let s just say there was never a dull moment lol.Loved every book in the series and would recommend reading them in order.

  9. Kelly G. Kelly G. says:

    Mate Things I learned What a group of Peacocks is called A B O politics Where Alpha Alpha and Omega Omega pairings are the equivalent of modern gay couples, and typically frowned upon in this Italian city state style world government Favorites Dragon shifters my favorite shifters in general.The author duo s talent for dry punchlines and witty banter adds depth and character to the story that many books in this genre lack, taking this series from enjoyable to memorable and re readable Snorre is an amazing side character absolutley not what I originally pictured Do you like older silver fox papi s A new favorite secondary character sarcastic, lecherous, and opposed to any and all societal norms Yes please I m generally less into the m preg aspect of m m books unless it involves shifters, but I was even intrigued picturing gorgeous apricot and aubergine dragon welps scampering around their infatuated sires I love the dynamic, you have a Montegu v.s Capulet rivalry between the Amethyst and Topez clans with a hea Ian, dominant and firey wants Geoffery the moment the other alpha sets eyes on him He can sense Geoffery s need to submit Already bonded in secrecy, they resent the experiment forcing Ian to bring an omega Matthieu home just to sire a clutch for his father s political machinations Neither of them expect to fall for the feisty French Omega I absolutely recommend the entire series if you like shifters, m preg, urban fantasy, and flirty, comedic banter Notes Per most A B O dynamics and societal systems, there are elements of dub con.

  10. JD JD says:

    I think that this is my favorite in the series I love how complicated the guys make everything and yet how simple their connection are The new information that is revealed about dragons, in this world, is a great addition to the series Harry has such a blast with everything.I love how Matthieu doesn t take things sitting down and he wait for the Alpha dragons to solve their problems Geoffrey is so complicated and has some problems accepting himself He feels so deeply and works hard to protect his loves Ian knows what he wants He tries to protect his dragons and also put them before himself even when he shouldn t.This is a great story There is no cheating and I highly recommend that you give it a try even if you have an issue with threesomes.

  11. Joanne Joanne says:

    Geoffrey has been tasked with delivering the disgrace omega to his Topaz counterpart Ian as the latest part of Harry, Everard and Steve s mating experiment Ian does not want this and tries to speak to his abusive father and gets burned for it grrrr Matthieu is that omega and isn t happy with this development either What no one knows is that Geoff and Ian have been mated for over a century, secretly.When Matthieu is delivered to Ian the FUN begins I won t spoil this superb finish to this section of this series because i want you to have the same pleasure I did when reading it If youve read the others you might think you know what happens, YOU DON T I will say there are peacocks who are well loved , many ,many whelps and children new and returned, eggs of many and varied colors , than one polybonded group, and an abusive bully who gets his in spades So good.Our authors are asking for fan input on the next dragons we d like to hear about and I ,for one, am going to answer them after a little thought I cant wait to see where they take this story after this book

  12. S Wilgus S Wilgus says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book I don t write book reports, but I would like to tell you my thoughts This is a great universe that the authors have created, and the characters are well developed The writing and editing are great, and after reading the first two books, I waited impatiently for this book Although this book had a serious undertone that could bring me to tears what with all the angst, dragon politics and the unhinged head of the Topaz clan, there were places where I laughed out loud Although the authors have stated that this is one arc of the book that has been completed, I would love to read in this world Do yourselves a favor and read this series.A note to the authors I especially want to meet Reynard and Misha Beagle.

  13. R Keebler R Keebler says:

    Matthieu only wants to study law Not be signed over to a dragon who will fill him up with eggs and throw him away Geoffrey and Ian have been lovers for a century Against all the rules of dragon kind When Ian is forced with to make agonizing choice of taking a mate, he wants to run with Geoffrey Matthieu come up with a solution to their problems One that might work or fail spectacularly.This series so far has made me happy This book in particular A kind of fractured fairy tale, remove the hot sex and it would be a great children s story full of hero s and bad guys Matthieu lovingly refers to Geoffrey as his grumpy dragon and Ian as his stupid dragon But through it all he trusts HIS dragons to take care of him.The rest of their very extended family come along for the craziness Great new characters that add so much to the storyline Everard is going to have to at some point run out of food items to describe his love Harry And the peacocks are worth a story all their own Great, fun story.