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In theWimbledon men s final, Center Court was a stage set worthy of Shakespearean drama Five time champion Roger Federer was on track to take his rightful place as the most dominant player in the history of the game He just needed to cling to his trajectory So in the last few moments of daylight, Center Court witnessed a coronation Only it wasn t a crowning for the Swiss heir apparent but for a swashbuckling Spaniard Twenty two year old Rafael Nadal prevailed, in five sets, in what was, according to the author, essentially a four hour,minute infomercial for everything that is right about tennis a festival of skill, accuracy, grace, strength, speed, endurance, determination, and sportsmanship It was also the encapsulation of a fascinating rivalry, hard fought and of historic proportions Strokes of Genius deconstructs this defining moment in sport, using that match as the backbone of a provocative, thoughtful, and entertaining look at the science, art, psychology, technology, strategy, and personality that go into a single tennis match With vivid, intimate detail, Wertheim re creates this epic battle in a book that is both a study of the mechanics and art of the game and the portrait of a rivalry as dramatic as that of Ali Frazier, Palmer Nicklaus, and McEnroe Borg

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  1. Gary Herber Gary Herber says:

    I was concerned that it could be redundant, only being about one match, but with the authors extras it was a great read.

  2. tomomori tomomori says:

    2008 etc

  3. AuH2O AuH2O says:

    This book is one that can be read quickly and focuses on the most well known battle between these two champions in the 2008 Gentleman s Championship.The writing is crisp and moves the story along well Obviously, this has been authored by somebody of talent who can write well.There were a couple of issues that I had with the book, though, that prevented it from becoming a favorite of mine I recognize that books about specific sporting events have to go down one of two paths they can provide a simple rehash of the contest by giving a this happened, then this happened, etc type of narrative or they can focus on a few key moments in the narrative and delve deeply into what the opponents thoughts were about how to proceed Regrettably, the narrative often goes down the former path to the detriment of the latter.This match was full of moments when it looked like the contest was going to go one way or the other It would have nice to hear from Nadal about decisions he was making between points and games during the match Federer nearly pulled off a monumental comeback that was full of moments that would have been wonderful to explore with this titan of the game as he expresses some of the disappointments and hopes that rose and fell within him that afternoon Instead, too often for my taste, the book reads like a simple newspaper account of the match.This next criticism needs to be read through the filter of my own tennis fandom I am a Nadal fan and watched this match clapping with every step Rafa took towards dethroning the king I do not dislike Roger Federer in any way, but I will always be a Nadal fan on the court The affection the author clearly feels for Fed and his game too often drift toward sycophancy The writing is not dismissive or belittling of Nadal, but the roses being tossed before Federer in the narrative were to my way of thinking excessive.Still, this is a well crafted book That is a rare enough thing that it can allow the reader to easily overlook some of the things that could be improved.

  4. JZ JZ says:

    I love reading about Nadal and Federer, who are the two greatest tennis players of all time The book talks about how they learned the game, how they practice, how they think, and who influenced them Plus MUCH MORE It talks about the game of tennis and fills the reader in on what goes on at Wimbledon It is just so interesting, I was actually sorry when I came to the last page You will also discover Rafa Nadal s Uncle Tony and love him for how he thinks and what he instilled in Nadal Totally unique and admirable characters and beyond interesting.

  5. Jacob Serafini Jacob Serafini says:

    I had no idea how you could write a book about one match, but Wertheim made it work Great read and a match I recall watching fondly in a bar on the beach in Jamaica during my honeymoon after I got sunburned Relived it serve by serve in this book and the author did not disappoint Great back story on both players and some very good insight into both of their upbringings Anyone who watched that match should read this book.

  6. LSmith LSmith says:

    Rating 4 1 2 of 5 stars excellent Review Mention the word Wimbledon and even non tennis fans immediately know that you are talking about one of the most prestigious sporting events of the year So when the finals pit the top two players at the time playing in a match that some consider the greatest tennis match ever played, it will take on a life of its own L Jon Wertheim writes about the match and that life it takes in Strokes of Genius , a riveting account of the 2008 Wimbledon finals between top ranked Roger Federer and second ranked Rafael Nadal.Just a recap of the play on the court would make a terrific book It was as even as a match could be, no matter which advanced tennis statistic one wants to use when evaluating the epic battle While Wertheim s recap was not a shot by shot account, there is plenty of description of the action on the court He writes it in such a detailed and descriptive manner that just like when I was watching the match on TV in 2008, I was getting goose bumps reading about it even though I knew what the outcome would be I had to take a breath and exhale after reading the passage describing Federer s backhand shot to avoid losing in the fourth set tie breaker That describes how good both the match and the writing about the match were.Wertheim mixes in plenty of information and stories on the two tennis legends as well These stories are well researched and the knowledge he has gained as a writer of tennis at Sports Illustrated is evident Topics such as the players trying out new rackets, how they handle media requests and their middle to upper class upbringing are described in equal parts humor, detail and precision, with a dash of melancholy when appropriate Some other nuances about the game in general are also included One of the better passages on tennis came early in the book when he writes that only in tennis do the opponents warm up with each other Nadal and Federer warmed up for this match by hitting balls to each other Can you imagine Mariano Rivera throwing batting practice to David Ortiz Or Tony Romo throwing warm up passes to Victor Cruz These stories are mixed into the play by play of the match at various points and this is the only downfall of the book At times, these seemed to hamper the flow of reading the book The best analogy to describe them is that they felt like excellent commercials you enjoy during breaks in the telecast of the match I liked reading them, but would have preferred that they come at the beginning or end of chapters, not in the middle after reading about a fantastic Nadal serve or Federer return.Overall, this is an excellent book that any sports fan will enjoy This was a match that does become one of those Where were you when questions Reading it will help one relive those great memories.Did I skim NoPace of the book Good, despite the switching back and forth between topics.Positives Many, but the best is the rich prose and style of writing Wertheim paints a picture on each topic, from the game itself to Nadal s lifestyle relatively simple for a sports superstar This was the first book I read by him, although I have read many of his articles in Sports Illustrated and he is an excellent author.Negatives Only the placement of stories and information on the players and the game That was covered in the review Otherwise, there were no negatives in this book.Do I recommend Yes, especially for tennis fans I do think, however, that just like the match, this book would attract non tennis fans for the excellent storytelling and recap of a historic event.

  7. Alan L. Chase Alan L. Chase says:

    I am a passionate, albeit mediocre, recreational level tennis player Self taught in the sport, I lack any discernible style or classic strokes, but I have a strong appreciation for good tennis So, as I watched the 2008 Wimbledon Men s Finals with awe, I knew instantly that I was seeing history in the making That preliminary verdict has been affirmed and verified in a wonderful new book about the event written by acclaimed Sports Illustrated writer, L Jon Wertheim.Werthein does a wonderful job of taking the reader through the unfolding events that occurred a year ago at Wimbledon He adds spice and texture by weaving in back stories from the early lives and tennis careers of Federer and Nadal the latest personal embodiments of the ages old Athens vs Sparta rivalry On the surface, the grace vs brute force analysis is a tempting one to endorse, but the styles of these two great players are not so easily distilled and deconstructed.Here is how Wertheim sets the stage in contrasting their divergent styles and personas Beyond the records, their rivalry was heightened by clashing styles One could spend hours playing the compare and contrast game Federer versus Nadal embodies righty versus lefty Classic technique versus ultramodern Feline light versus taurine heavy Middle European restraint versus Iberian bravado and passion Dignified power versus an unapologetic, whoomphing brutality Zeus versus Hercules Relentless genius versus unbending will Polish versus grit Metrosexuality versus hypermuscular hypermasculinity A multitongued citizen of the world versus an unabashedly provincial homebody A private jet flier versus a steerage passenger A Mercedes driver versus a Kia driver Page 4 This is a book that will delight even the most casual of tennis fans and everyone who has an appreciation for superlative levels of human achievement.Enjoy Al

  8. Phil M Phil M says:

    Well done Reading this book is just as exciting as watching the game The author does a fantastic job weaving in several story lines into this legendary game so that when you reach the climax you feel just as exhilarated and as fatigued as these two legendary tennis stars An awesome read

  9. VelvetOrange VelvetOrange says:

    Wertheim somehow seemlessly weaves in the details of the match with a huge amount of information on the participants.Have read this twice now and it was still rewarding upon revisiting.

  10. Matthew Dicker Matthew Dicker says:

    Jon Wertheim had an advantage in writing Strokes of Genius, in that he was describing one of the best and most exciting tennis matches in the sport s history Yet in less capable hands, this book could have dragged on endlessly with repetitive descriptions of forehands and backhands.Instead, Wertheim wrote one of the best sports books I ve read in the past few years The book is not just the story of the one match, but also the story of Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Wimbledon, and tennis itself Wertheim looks at the match from what seems like every possible angle, even telling the story of the chair umpire I was amazed at Wertheim s ability to sustain interest over a full book on a single tennis match No matter how great the match was, and it was one of the best ever, an account of any tennis match can only remain interesting for a thousand words or so Because Wertheim uses the match as a springboard to tell many related stories, the narrative remains compelling throughout.

  11. Paula Duffy Paula Duffy says:

    It s porn for tennis lovers, and particularly those who adore Roger and or Rafa Great details about their respective families background and the set by set analysis is all you could want It s a great read and Wertheim has fun with it I m just quibbling about some repetitive stories details..

  12. Woden1ragnar2 Woden1ragnar2 says:

    Whether you are a Nadal fan or a Federer fan or both you are bound to enjoy this in depth analysis of the greatest tennis match ever played.

  13. David Pruette David Pruette says:

    On the surface, Strokes of Genius by Jon Wertheim is an account of the memorable 2008 Wimbledon final between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, the top two players in the world The contest was immediately cast as the best match ever That may be true even though this year s final between Federer and Andy Roddick was also excellent Mr Wertheim s book goes much deeper than just a replay of the match We are supplied with interesting background material on both Federer and Nadal For any tennis fans, this is good stuff You learn the history of the players, the development of their tennis games, their handling of the emotional side of tennis, their quirks, their strengths, and their weaknesses You also receive a great deal of insight into life on the pro tennis tour and begin to get a feel for the effort required to reach the top.Wimbledon has always been a place of fascination for me I have watched the championships whenever possible for years After reading this book, I believe that I will be better able to understand some of the nuances of what it takes to be a Wimbledon champion I also know much now about Federer and Nadal than I did before, and I admire both men for their amazing tennis skills.We happened to be in Paris this past June when the final of the French Open was played We did not attend the matches the last weekend, but we noticed that there was definitely a buzz around town about the tournament and about Roger and Rafa in particular Of course, it turned out that Nadal couldn t play, so Federer swept through the tournament for his first French Open title We watched the championship match in a sports bar in Montmartre, and the French people in the bar seemed to have a real appreciation for Federer I wish now that Strokes of Genius had been published a little earlier If I had read the book before watching the French Open final, I would have been even absorbed by the tennis.I highly recommend Strokes of Genius to any tennis players and to those of you who are simply fans of the game.

  14. Kevin R. Kevin R. says:

    Incredible I m a life long tennis player fan, but I m convinced that this book would be a ball to read for everyone, regardless if you ve played or not I heard about this book from the SB Nation YouTube channel.

  15. xhighbar xhighbar says:

    I liked Jon s easy writing style Lots of interesting factoids come out about pro circuit tennis during description of the 2009 Wimbledon final I had already read other biography s on both players, this book went into less depth on childhood development Look forward to an official biography by either star.