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Emmy Dickens lives with her widowed mother in a neat house in neglected Nightingale Court, but Mrs Dickens has always impressed upon her daughter that her main aim in life must be to escape from the court Emmy sees that marriage is her best way out, and when Peter Wesley, First Officer aboard a cruise ship, asks her to marry him, she is over the moon Life goes well for the newlyweds they set up home and start a family But when Peter is killed and Emmy is left almost penniless, her problems begin

8 thoughts on “Two Penn'orth of Sky (Audio Download): Amazon.co.uk: Katie Flynn, Anne Dover, Soundings: Audible Audiobooks

  1. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    I have not quite finished it yet, but the story so far is really good Diana is a right little madam and spiteful with it I think that Emmy will go one way with her suitors and then there is a twist and it makes you go down another path A very well written book that keeps the interest going all the time and I am wondering who she will end up with, as I am now looking at someone else.A very well written book, that holds your interest Rags to riches and back again.

  2. Stranraer Lassie Stranraer Lassie says:

    Katie Flynn is an excellent author all her books are first class and tell the story of exactly how it was in our bygone days I d recommend her books to anyone.

  3. doreen broom doreen broom says:

    Enjoyed the story right from the start as one was kept guessing what the outcome woukd be and that wasp a suroeise

  4. mouse mouse says:

    Loved this book very well written, quite entertaining in parts Would recommend this book and Author and look forward to reading .

  5. happy reader happy reader says:

    As a fan of Katie Flynn I did Not enjoy this book as much as others I have read And skipped a few pages As the story was going nowhere found it a disapointed read and had guessed the ending long before I finished the book.

  6. jennifer carey jennifer carey says:

    An absolutely delightful story one of Katie Flynn best as the story develops it keeps you on tender hooks until the perfect ending

  7. CindyUnknown CindyUnknown says:

    If you enjoy Katie Flynn I recommend this as it s a good story from start to finish but that is my opinion

  8. polly liz polly liz says:

    An engaging book.easy to.read but he d to.put down.I.Will not mention the characters as I always think that spoils it for new readers