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I loved this book and was sad to leave the characters behind when it came to an end We follow the childhood of Patty who was abandoned as a baby and who subsequently spent her young life in an orphanage You get a good insight into the grim orphanage life in Liverpool in the early 1900s Patty has a dream of becoming a nurse which she eventually fulfills but her early upbringing and what happens to her close friend shapes her adult life and her attitude to men This is Katie Flynn at her best and I would highly recommend it. I chose this book because I ve read several of Katie Flynns books however I found this one very disappointing in the beginning When Patty went looking to trace her background how coincidental that the first house she tried knew of her being left there in a Bush likewise the boy she spoke to knew as well now that s than a coincidence felt the first part of the book was very amateurish however it did improve as it went along. This was a nice read, but I found it did jump a little from one chapter to the next which made me go back to make sure I had not missed anything out., characters were good, but again I feel that the ending could have been better, or maybe a follow up to find out what transpire s with the baby and Maggie. Growing up in an orphanage not sure why their there only to told there where found under a Bush or on a door step then make something of them selves is brilliant that is what the girl in story did and found love as well One wild night in the s, midwife Patty Peel is called to attend a birth on the opposite side of Liverpool She pedals off into the storm and delivers a baby girl in a filthy slum dwelling, just as the mother dies The drunk and violent father tells Patty to get rid of it so she takes the child away, meaning to deliver it to the nearest orphanage However, Patty spent her entire childhood in an institution, except for the frequent occasions when she ran away, and cannot bear to hand the baby over But she has few friends and despises all the men around her, so how can she hope to bring up the baby alone I enjoyed this book very much A slight love twist made for excitement Also a different kind of hardship faced as a child in care gave it a sadness that could never be understood by those who have had a loving normal childhood. More of less guessed what was bound to happen early on into the book BUTit was a pleasant read and quite descriptive of the times.I read with interest and in huge sessions but it was easy to put down and resume at another time. Katie flyn is also a good read this xx book is no different from that other reads I m really pleased with this book The Bad Penny was a Fantastic Story I have read all of Katie Flynn s Books I love the Era She writes in It makes You Appreciate how Spoiled Our Generation is What Everyone Endured during and Post Wars I will continue to try find any new books written by Katie Flynn. Great book Highly recommend