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It is a cold December night and Sylvie Dugdale is weeping as she walks by the Mersey She fails to notice an approaching figure, and jumping to one side to avoid collision, she finds herself struggling in the ice cold river Constable Brendan O Hara, just coming off duty, sees the girl s plight and dives in to rescue her He is dazzled by her beauty but discovers that Sylvie s husband is in prison, and the closeness that Brendan soon longs for is impossible But he is able to help her escape from Liverpool, arranging for her to stay with his cousin Caitlin in Dublin There she meets Maeve, a crippled girl from the slums who will change all their lives

9 thoughts on “Little Girl Lost (Audio Download): Katie Flynn, Anne Dover, Soundings: Audible Audiobooks

  1. Agnostic Duck Agnostic Duck says:

    I m being generous here I m new to this genre but have been enjoying reading material by what I describe as modern day Catherine Cooksons.In the main, I have found them entertaining and enjoyable This one fell well short.The principle characters are truly irritating and the story is flighty and patchy.I found myself getting increasingly bored by the tedious narrative Some of the episodes stretched credulity I read the whole book cover to cover but ultimately found it a bit of a struggle.This is the first Katie Flynn I have read and it s not a good start.I nearly went for two stars but decided to be kind.Ultimately I only 99p so I can t really complain It kept me occupied for a couple of days.

  2. B. Carmen B. Carmen says:

    The book arrived in time It is not in a very good condition, but well, nothing dramatic As to the content, it is very interesting for me, as Puppe and me have nearly the same age and I lived the war in a similar way, hers being even cruel And I m from Hamburg too An interesting book for all those who d like to get an impression of what was this war like for a little girl Can recommand it

  3. Sue848@gmail Sue848@gmail says:

    Just couldn t put it down, didn t really expect that ending, so it really did keep me guessing until nearly the end I know a lot of these stories are very similar in their format, but it takes me right into the times and makes one very grateful for all the creature comforts that we have around us today Keep up the good works Katie Flynn

  4. Carly Griffiths Carly Griffiths says:

    The book was very engaging and a good read but yet again the ended ruined it for me again Is there a follow on from this book Would like to know what happens when they meet again and what happens in kitty s life You cant just end where you did it ruins the whole story Second book I ve read from Katie Flynn with the same ending.

  5. Annie Annie says:

    When I first started reading this book I didn t think it would appeal to me However, after the first couple of chapters I was totally immersed in it Although the story is set at the end of the war, the whole book gives an insight into the war from the other side Although, as the author states, it isn t a history of the war, it is her story of what happened to her It is the story of two sisters who, in April 1945, are determined to find their mother The nazi propoganda gave out endless stories of the fate that awaited them when the Americans and British troops arrived Therefore the sisters wanted to be together with their mother at that time The portrayal of their experiences on the journey through Germany is completely enthralling Fact is stranger than fiction.The Epilogue at the back of the book is a very good idea where the author brings up to date what happened to her family and friends.This book will stay long in my mind after I finishd it.

  6. Penny Penny says:

    Another great book from Katie Flynn a story of love heartbreak and happy endings very sad in some parts like the death of the main characters husband and daughter but read on and there s lots of twist and turns highly worth a read as all of Katie Flynn s books

  7. Gina Daly Gina Daly says:

    Loved every twist and turn as Katie Flynn wove her tale But for me the story ended too abruptly and I am hoping for a follow on book so I can see how the characters got on in the news lives ahead of them A great read xxx

  8. Anno Anno says:

    Brilliant story Could hardly put it down Katie Flynn is a brilliant author.Combines all characters in different ways Thanks

  9. Maggie Knight Maggie Knight says:

    Katie Flynn I love her books They are very interesting couldn t put it down