Prime Civil War (Audio Download): Stuart Moore, Richard Rohan, Marvel, Dreamscape Media, LLC: Audible AudiobooksAuthor Stuart Moore –

This is an interesting companion read to the trade paperback of the same title.In case you re not in the know, Civil War was a major event in Marvel comics a few years back It involved multiple comic titles, all tying in and weaving in to the storyline This novelisation is therefore also a tie in to the story.I was sceptical at first but I enjoyed the read You do not need to read the comic but it helps, and the novel gave me a deeper understanding of what goes through the minds of the main protagonists, which are Iron Man and Captain America Spiderman also plays a big part in the whole event, and also features quite a lot in this book, but other popular characters appear throughout as well.This won t win any literary prizes, but it s an enjoyable read, and it s an easy read Comic book fans, young and old, should be able to get into this, and is a great idea to get the younger generation picking up books.I ll definitely be looking at Marvel prose novels. Great book if you want to expand on the Graphic Novel read. Delivered in less than 12hrs I believe New, so great condition etc.I believe I hadn t read the description correctly, and placed the order thinking it a comic book, which it isn t It s basically the Script of Civil war, which is great But not what I was looking for when I sent it back though, I was immediately refunded the same hour, no problem. Reasonable read but far too many characters to try and follow during the course of the story line. Iron Man and Captain America are two core members of the Avengers, the world s greatest superhero team But when a tragic battle blows a hole in the city of Stamford, killing hundreds of people, the US government demands that all superheroes unmask and register their powers To Tony Stark Iron Man it s a regrettable but necessary step To Captain America, it s an unbearable assault on civil liberties This GraphicAudio Production is adapted from the graphic novel by Mark Millar and Steve McNiven Great read couldn t put it down Great way to get the rough civil war story in.