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I thought this was a well written piece of Op Ed journalism about the life and growth of tiger woods.Disclaimer like most books on tiger, tiger himself didn t participate or offer commentary This is written by a tremendous sports writer that has spent the majority of his career on the golf beat during the career of tiger woods Mr Bamberger spent many of those years with sports illustrated, during a time that SI was regarded as not only the best sports news source in the US, but one of the better sources of journalism period.With that out of the way, the author breaks his story into three acts Tigers early years, framing his mindset as an athlete and as a person He goes to great lengths, referencing stories both from tigers public and private life, to frame him as one of the fiercest competitors in the history of sports Act 1 is rooted in respect and a healthy dollop of fear Tiger will win at any costs.Act 2 outlines the fall His personal struggles, his struggles on the course, and how the two become intertwined The author engages in speculation He doesn t pull punches He likely is now on tigers naughty list based on what we read here But it sets up a great ending and really, sets up the resolution of the Ongoing story of tiger woods.Act 3 brings us to the 2019 masters Great insight of behind the scenes and just below the surface details that make the experience richer Having finished the book just before CBS s replay of last years masters, I can say it made watching tigers win even special.Certainly worth a read What else do you have to do under quarantine Very objectively written, informative and not over the top with Tiger Love The author asks some very pointed questions about character flaws, drug abuse and PED use that gave the reader enough to think about while acknowledging Tiger s dedication and talent as an athlete. I ve read numerous Tiger books, because I loveTiger I figured this book would really concentrate on Tiger s comebackinvolving in the know stories of his inner circle Author got side tracked regarding Tiger s possible ped use Who cares about Galea that circus.Didn t care for writer s style Felt like I was reading a newspaper not a biography. I have been a Tiger fan for ever, so a sympathetic book about Tiger gives me a lot to like However, the author portrays Tiger as a human being, with all his warts and vulnerabilities, who had a most extraordinary life There are many interesting details about other famous golfers, the world of PGA, the Master s, and much Unless you hate Tiger from bottom of your heart you would love the book. Really well written story of Tiger Woods life after the tragic Memorial Day incident Author Michael Bamberger is a terrific writer, bringing such emotion and drama to his descriptions of events and tournaments in Tiger s career Awesome read highly recommend Probably one of the finest books ever written about Tiger Woods Michael Bamberger at his best The Second Life of Tiger Woods gives anyone who reads it a whole new and refreshing insight on Tiger Not to be missed Fun read that shows the requirements to become and the pressures of remaining a champion and one of the best It s nice to see that Tiger is aiming to win at life and not just at golf I wish him well and I will always remain a fan. Fascinating Bamberger knows the world of professional golf, and the pressures it exacts, like few others The Wall Street Journal It s one of the greatest comebacks of all time And for Tiger Woods his game, his body, and his life in shambles getting back to the winner s circle was only half the story Here s the rest of it Tiger Woods long descent into a personal and professional hell reached bottom in the early hours of Memorial Day inWoods DUI arrest that night came on the heels of a desperate spinal surgery, just weeks after he told close friends he might never play tournament golf again His mug shot and alarming arrest video were painful to look at and, for Woods, a deep humiliation The former paragon of discipline now found himself hopelessly lost and out of control, exposed for all the world to see That episode could have marked the beginning of Tiger s end It proved to be the opposite Instead of sinking beneath the public disgrace of drug abuse and the private despair of a battered and ailing body, Woods embarked on the long road to redeeming himself In The Second Life of Tiger Woods, Michael Bamberger, who has covered Woods since the golfer was an amateur, draws upon his deep network of sources inside locker rooms, caddie yards, clubhouses, fitness trailers, and back offices to tell the true and inspiring story of the legend s return Packed with new information and graced by insight, Bamberger s story reveals how this iconic athlete clawed his way back to the top Here you ll meet the people who have shaped and saved Tiger s life It s a disparate group a Florida police officer, an old friend from Tiger s boyhood, his girlfriend, his manager, his caddie You ll go inside the ropes and see Tiger s interactions with fellow pros, with broadcasters and rules officials and Tour executives, with legends young Rory McIlroy and old Jack Nicklaus and in between Fred Couples On the Sunday before Masters Sunday, you ll join Tiger as he takes a long, slow, contemplative walk across Augusta National, and you ll be with him again seven days later in the splendid isolation of the tee at , in the rain, his right foot slipping while he swings his driver atmiles per hour This is an intimate portrait of a man who has spent his life in front of the camera but has done his best to make sure he was never really known Here is Tiger, barefoot, in handcuffs, showing a police officer a witty and self deprecating side of himself that the public never sees Here is Tiger on the verge of tears with his children at the British Open Here is Tiger trying to express his gratitude to his mother at a ceremony at the Rose Garden In this audiobook, Tiger is funny, cold, generous, self absorbed, inspiring and real The Second Life of Tiger Woods is not only the saga of an exceptional man but also a celebration of second chances Bamberger s bracingly honest book is about what Tiger Woods did, and about what any of us can do, when we face our demons head on I was at the Monday practice round at Tiger s 08 00 teeoff I was also at the Belrieve PGA during the sauna like conditions Can t wait to read this book There was some enjoyable insight and untold stories within Most off putting to me was the choppy, bounce around inconsistency of the story line He would begin one theme, interrupt it with an unrelated story, bounce back 20 years to something else and return to the original theme The author was very disjointed Sorry.