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Ruthie Gillespie s efforts to find out the truth about a mysterious missing rock star lead her on a terrifying journey into the past Researcher Ruthie Gillespie has undertaken a commission to write an essay on Martin Mear, lead singer and guitarist with Ghost Legion, the biggest, most decadent rock band on the planet, before he disappeared without trace inHer mission is to separate man from myth but it s proving difficult, as a series of increasingly disturbing and macabre incidents threatens to derail Ruthie s efforts to uncover the truth about the mysterious rock star Just what did happen to Martin Mear back inIs he really set to return from the dead, as the band s die hard fans, the Legionaries, believe It s when Ruthie s enquiries lead her to the derelict mansion on the Isle of Wight where Martin wrote the band s breakthrough album that events take a truly terrifying turn

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  1. John P Eldridge John P Eldridge says:

    I have read all of the authors books and I was eagerly awaiting the Lucifer Chord , I was aware one of the central characters was Ruthie, and that it drew on themes also from previous books That said this book could be read without having read the previous novels.The book for me was one of those rare beasts that I struggled to put down This is one of FG Cottams better if not his best novel so far I was able to identify with the locations and I found the characters and plot had real depth What I also like is that the author does not overload the reader with descriptive information He offers just enough to paint the scene or character on the page whilst allowing the readers imagination to finish the scene This allows the book to flow at a reasonable pace For me this really makes a book and is indicative of a talented writer There has been mention in another review of the authors writing style For me it works, its fresh, has pace, is well researched and allows the readers imagination to participate in the story.The book is a supernatural thriller but again it is measured, not gratuitous or fantastic just enough to make you think..If you are in any doubt, buy it and I don t think you will be disappointed.

  2. Trav Trav says:

    I ve just finishing reading this fantastic novel and it s one of those rare novels where you want to know the outcome without wanting it to end.The previous reviewer has it covered with a great review, which I fully agree with.It s the tale of Martin Mear a 1970 s rock star, who dies in mysterious circumstances leaving a trail of mystery and a cult following Ruthie Gillespie is commissioned to write an essay on the reissue of his albums which leads her into sinister events surrounding his life and death Her research his hampered by a sinister organisation that seems to have a vested interested in Martins death.There are moments of dark, heart stopping scares occurring out or ordinary situations that you don t see coming that Mr Cottam excels at.I ve read all of F G.s novels and enjoyed them all, so will re read them, while waiting not very patiently for the next one.

  3. D. Blair D. Blair says:

    I ve been reading FG Cottam for some years now, with the first book being The Waiting Room This was most definitely as deliciously creepy as that story and something I looked forward to returning to each evening.It doesn t do any harm that I am also very familiar with the Isle of Wight and East Sussex locations he uses here so I could visibly see them as I read.I was intrigued by the Max Askew character and I would have liked to see of him, he added a decently sinister element to the story, but I think Mr Cottam had the balance right.This is very much a book to read on a rain lashed, windy December evening.I look forward to the next FG Cottam.

  4. Pamela Robinson` Pamela Robinson` says:

    I waited with bated breath for this book to come out on kindle and I was not disappointed I love the way the author ties his previous works together, picking up loose strands and pulling them taut The Jericho Society spreads through the House of Lost Souls and using the character of Ruthie Gillespie brings together the Colony trilogy A sophisticated story that captures your interest right at the start and doesn t stop until the last page.

  5. Joanie Joanie says:

    A few years ago I came across The Waiting Room by F G Cottam in my local library I absolutely loved it A couple of books later, I downloaded The Lucifer Chord onto my Kindle as it sounded great I wasn t disappointed Chilling, thrilling and creepy A very good read The only reason I ve given it four stars instead of five, is because for me the ending was a bit rushed For example, what happened to Carter Melville We can assume, but we are not told for definite Anyway, that s all I m going to say, because if I talk any about the ending they ll be spoiler alerts Give it a go You won t regret it.

  6. the elf the elf says:

    Is this a ghost story or is it not a ghost story In the beginning it leads you to think that way Then as the story nears it s end you are led to believe otherwise until the twist in the tale right at the very end.

  7. J. R. Hunter J. R. Hunter says:

    Another great offering from Mr Cottam worthy of his colony trilogy Ruthy now single takes on a research project that leads right back to the Jericho Society.

  8. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    Fantastic well crafted horror story

  9. L Henry L Henry says:

    I have been a fan of Cottam s books for years and his books never fail to deliver an atmospheric tale of the supernatural In this particularly book one of my favorite characters,Ruthie Gillespie, returns and once again finds herself swept up by supernatural events as she attempts to piece together the story behind the meteoric rise eventual disappearance of an amazingly talented musician The further she delves into the dead artist s past, the a corporation with occult ties that has featured in several of Cottam s other books starts to pop up in Ruthie s investigation As usual it is very well written and engrossing My number one recommendation is to NOT start it anywhere near bedtime as will prove extremely difficult to put down as just a few pages turns into just one chapter, and the next thing you know it s 4am.

  10. Mark Mark says:

    Ruthie Gillespie makes a welcome return in this beautifully written, intricately plotted novel.The Lucifer Chord is structured like a detective novel with writer researcher Ruthie taking a job to research the life death of Martin Mear, frontman, lead singer, songwriter and founder of 70 s rock group Ghost Legion, and write a book to be included in an upcoming box set.As one would expect, it doesn t take long for insidiousness to come creeping into the story Tying in various plot lines historical elements of the Jericho Society an ancient evil cabal, fantastic bits on the music industry, flushing out Ruthie s character and wrapping everything up in a great conclusion, Cottam delivers another brilliant and scary read.

  11. Janet Janet says:

    FG Cottam has done it again, written a paranormal horror novel that is impossible to put down until you reach the end you savor it bit by bit, as if it were a delicious dessert, wanting and yet not wanting to reach the end He is my favorite author I read and reread everything he writes Some of his books I ve read three times and will probably read again Not only is the story sensation, with wonderful characters, but his style of writing is unique and special I truly recommend any of the paranormal horror he has written He never disappoints

  12. Rinabobina Rinabobina says:

    If anyone else wrote this I would say it was a pretty good story, but I expected way from Cottam Loved all his other works except Brodmaw Bay and I kind of put this one in Brodmaw s category Ok, but when you know how he can turn on the make your scalp tingle horror, you kind of feel cheated with this one Had good potential but just never really took off More of just a paranormal mystery than the full on horror that we ve come to expect Oh well, maybe next time.

  13. Shannon M. Shannon M. says:

    I bought this book hoping for a great adventure into British horror I was a little disappointed because it s mostly talk Talk, talk, talk It did get better towards the very end, when the mystery is uncovered, but I struggled through most of the book, wondering when the exciting horror part was supposed to start It was still a good story, so I gave it three stars because it was just a little bland.

  14. B. Hancock B. Hancock says:

    Cottam creates characters that live and love, struggle and fear, and ones that face whatever they find in the dark Ruthie is one of my favorites And no one builds an increasingly chilling atmosphere as well Suddenly, you find yourself reading in a room that s too dark in the middle of the day The rock history and supernaturally tinged mystery in this book make it one of his best.