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Feeling grateful. Create your own silver linings SHIFT YOUR PERSPECTIVE CHANGE YOUR LIFE Setbacks, disappointments, failures can incapacitate anyone But they don t have to Spoken word artist, rapper, and international best selling author of Unlearn, Humble the Poet, shares raw and honest stories from his own life from his rocky start becoming a rapper, nearly going broke to being the victim of racial prejudice to reveal how a change in mindset can radically alter our outlook Simple yet profound, Things No One Else Can Teach Us show how our hardest moments can help us flourish, but only if we recognise and seize the opportunity Humble the poet cracks it again Author does not dictate what you should do, what is right and what is wrong He very clearly makes you think for yourself as one size does not fit all There is non of this life coaching or subliminal judging If you are looking for someone to tell you how to live your life and over come obstacles Then you are reading the wrong book If you want a book to inspire you so that something clicks within you, makes you think and process life then you are in the right place.Bravo Humble Da Poet 5 star read and audio book.Stay Blessed I was expecting unique insight and words of advice I could use and apply to my own life but what I found was generalized and already said by others If your into self help books already you ve probably already read much of what s in this book If you re looking for your first one in this genre this is good choice Let start of by saying, since I have received my delivery I haven t put the book down Amazing book with so many overwhelming feelings I have to say humble the poet, truly pour his heart for chapter 4 Rest in paradise, himmatt The visual described wow I just love this book so much. I never marked in a book than this one I would recommend it to every person in the world, it is such a good book on perspective. The sheer idea of writing a chapter on a thought is brilliant Good price Amazing read Everyone needs to read this book After reading Humble s first book Unlearn which I was really impressed with, I pre ordered this book I love his style of writing and his messages Even though the messages may not be unique, they are uniquely presented from his perspective and experiences I highly recommend both his books as he tries to show us all that we don t have to be locked in this prison of the life that we have created for ourselves, most of which was created and learned from someone or something else parents, school, society, etc My only advice to an author that is extremely wise for his age is to delve into the books and audio recordings of authors like Alan Watts, Orison Swett Marden, Ernest Holmes Walter Russell, and others and maybe he has to expand his ideas views on mortality and eternity Check out Are You Drifting Real freedom comes from knowing as Alan Watts would say You are it You are the Universe and not some separate ego personality masquerading as John Smith who just happens to be lucky enough to be residing on this earth at this moment of time in eternity oxymoron If you are searching for freedom from yourself and all the illusions society creates Humble s two books will help take you there.