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Brought to you by Penguin The fifth novel in the compelling Shipyard Girls series by Sunday Times best selling author Nancy Revell Sunderland,With the war showing no sign of abating, Helen is thriving in her role as shipyard manager But at home the return of her father brings a shocking discovery that tears her family apart Gloria is shouldering the burden of a terrible secret If the truth comes out there could be dire consequences, and it will take all her resolve to resist the pressure around her Meanwhile Rosie is throwing herself into her work, taking on as many shifts as she can Anything to keep her mind off the fact that she hasn t heard from her sweetheart in months With life in the shipyards tougher than ever, will the strength of their friendship see them through to victory

11 thoughts on “Victory for the Shipyard Girls: Shipyard Girls, Book 5 (Audio Download): Amazon.co.uk: Nancy Revell, Janine Birkett, Penguin Audio : Audible Audiobooks

  1. Leslee Barron Leslee Barron says:

    Do not start reading this series of books Unless you want to be completely hooked I m on my 5th.The stories are based in Sunderland, the once shipbuilding capital of the world, during WW2.A team of women welders, lead by Rosie who else , unite to do their bit during the war But it s not just the women welders we read about, no, it s their families, their loves and their rivals too.Some of the characters have become like family to me I m actually involved in their lives, whether I like it or not.Each book, at some point, has had me lying wide eyed in my bed wondering, and caring, questioning what s going to happen next Nancy Revell, Queen of the cliffhanger as I call her, has hit a nerve with these books She must be one well organised writer to weave the complicated stories of so many characters throughout this series of books.Thank you Nancy, as if I could be any proud of my hometown.BTW, If these stories don t become a TV series I ll eat bookmark

  2. hometrainer-tests.de Customer hometrainer-tests.de Customer says:

    I have read all of the books in this series and have loved them all I was born in Sunderland so recognise all of the locations and can remember seeing the workers streaming out of the shipyards Familiarity was the initial attraction but the stories and the characters soon had me gripped, sometimes till 2 in the morning I love a series of books like this and can t wait for the next one I really hope they keep coming, I miss these girls between books.

  3. eileen mason eileen mason says:

    I started to read the series of 8 books of the Shipyard girls and so enthralled with the storyline, I have not been able to put each book down, this edition however was a little disappointing as some parts were repeat chapters if the previous books, at one point I had to check I wasn t reading a book I had already read Other than that a superb story.

  4. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    This series follows the lives of a group of female shipyard workers during the second world war their lives in and out of work , loves, highs and lows It really is worth reading the whole series in order I couldn t wait to see what happened next and I m really looking forward to the next book in the series Highly recommended

  5. P. Jaynes P. Jaynes says:

    I am now reading book 6 in this series If you like WW2 stories, these are interesting and gripping, and you feel like you are living the characters lives, Nancy Revell portrays her characters really well I shall soon be ordering books 7 and 8.

  6. Mr. C. M. Bolton Mr. C. M. Bolton says:

    I have now read all of the shipyard girls When you read what they have done The girls worked and played hard Brilliant set of books Brings the war to life Giving the girls their voices Everyone will enjoy Nancy s books.

  7. wendy poole wendy poole says:

    The lives of the young women welders and their families are once again beautifully and sympathetically portrayed Shame is exposed and comfort comes in unexpected ways Looking forward to the next book in this series as there are undoubtedly still some questions to be answered and secrets to be revealed.

  8. Midlands Meg Midlands Meg says:

    Couldn t wait for this to come out and it didn t disappoint Waiting now for the next one due out I believe in March 2019 Can recommend the whole series Gives a lot of war time historic facts about the women doing a mans job oops that sounds sexist these days but it was different then.

  9. geordie4me geordie4me says:

    Excelente continuaci n de la historia

  10. scotgal scotgal says:

    Love this series of books Can t wait for the next one to come out.

  11. Margaret Barry Margaret Barry says:

    I love these books and I can t wait for the next book to be released.