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I wanted to fall for a boy Not a man Not a legend The month I wrote my first piece of code, Jax Jamieson launched his third platinum album The week I drank my first beer, he spent in jail The day I got under his skin, I wound up on his tour And the night he gave me his hoodie I fell in love forever Good Girl is partin the best selling new adult rock star trilogy Wicked Jax and Haley s romance continues in Bad Girl and concludes in Wicked Girl NOTE Good Girl and Bad Girl end on cliffhangers you ll find the book hangover worthy ending of Jax and Haley s story in Wicked Girl Books by Piper Lawson WickedPart story Good Girl Bad Girl Wicked Girl Play Play NSFW Rise Travesty Schooled Stripped Sealed Styled Satisfaction Modern Love Easy Love Dirty Love Twisted Love

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  1. Tamara Harrington Tamara Harrington says:

    So I absolutely freaking loved this book Moody rocker, introverted intern, rock n roll tour and life all happening at once.I wasn t sure how I would get on but I could not have asked for this book to be any better There was mystery, drama, intrigue and a slow burn love story that is about to span three novels.If you re looking for quick, dirty, sex then this book is not for you There s a lot of insight into their minds and I enjoyed being there to understand the characters better.Looking forward to reading book 2 now

  2. Rosie Rosie says:

    I had read the Travesty Series by Piper Lawson and enjoyed them because each book was about an individual couple So I was a bit reluctant to start the Wicked series because I knew that all three books are about the same couple But when the boxed set came out, I binge read them in the space of a few days.However, this review is based solely on the first book, Good Girl I really liked how strong Haley is and that she wouldn t take any rubbish from Jax Their chemistry is great and I really liked how she didn t turn into a pile of fan girl when she met him and realised he was just a normal guy However, the twist at the end which created the cliffhanger was a little bit predictable and I thought Jax could ve handled the situation better Can t wait to see what happens in the next book, especially as it s so easy in the boxed set Side note when he called her Hales, it gave me real One Tree Hill vibes and that s my favourite so it made me very happy

  3. BananaTricky BananaTricky says:

    Three and a half stars.Haley Telfer needs an internship stat or she will lose her place on her college course She has the usual tragic backstory, single mom killed in a car crash, lost her college scholarships as a result isn t there a family tragedy clause in those things , never knew her father yadda, yadda Then, after she thinks she has bombed a job interview with Wicked Records, she gets told she s got the job Then, as luck would have it, on her first day, actually on her way to her induction, she meets her idol, the legend that is Jax Jamieson, unfortunately her attempts to help the guy in a recording studio with some IT issues lead to her accidently assaulting her idol Nevertheless somehow she gets promoted to back up to the sound engineer on Jax s tour, without his consent.This was an enjoyable, yet predictable YA NA nerd meets rock star romance Jax hates being a rock star and has lost his mojo, he s counting down the days until he can hang up his guitar and spend time with his family Haley is a little beam of Pollyanna sunshine that just can t help making friends with everyone and fixing things, she s also a talented musician and skilled at all things technical Heck she s even written an app to fix music to make it appealing to the listener.I have given up on 99% of YA NA novels because of the angst and the cliches but this had sufficient plots woven into the relatively short novel to keep me interested Warning, this is only part one of three so there is no resolution of the Jax Haley dynamic.

  4. Mo Mo says:

    Really pulls you in from the start Loved the interaction between Jax and Haley, the getting to know each other without knowing Both of them very into what they do A beautiful getting to know each other So much feeling Also love how the music means so much to them Looking forward to reading next in series.

  5. Cara Cara says:

    Gave up after a few chapters as this book made no sense First she tanks an internship interview but still gets the job, then she s asked to go on tour to cover a sound tech that is big in the industry and then the young new girl is left in charge of getting the rock star to the venue I m all a good rock star romance but have it be slightly believable.Read Vicki James or Kylie Scott if you re looking for a better piece of writing

  6. NixyPixy NixyPixy says:

    You will enjoy this read and there are some curve balls thrown in which makes it compelling.The only not so great thing is that the Author wrote 2 and 3 equally as good which should have been combined into one book

  7. Michelle (shelly) Diguer Michelle (shelly) Diguer says:

    Brilliant start to a great book Straight away your pulled into the story of Jax the rock god and sweet and innocent Hayley the college intern computer geek this first book keeps you addicted and the story just keeps on giving

  8. Laura Mckenna Laura Mckenna says:

    Anyone who enjoys the New Adult Romance genre will know how difficult it is to find an author who s books are well written, non clich and where the characters aren t ridiculously predictable and somewhat sexist.which is why I m so happy to have discovered Piper Lawson I loved the characters of Jax and Haley Jax is an amazing brooding musician rock star lead without being too melodramatic Introducing the heroine as a tech savvy girl who is actually involved in the sound aspect of the tour rather than just an office coffee making intern was a breathe of fresh air and gave the character so much substance I loved the slow burn of the romance and I really didn t see the slight twist at the end coming I can t wait to read the rest of the series and see how their romance plays out I also can t wait to pick up the rest of Piper s books.

  9. fiedler fiedler says:

    Downloaded this book from Kindle Unlimited, but then, reading about it, was put off by it being really the first of a three parter with cliffhanger endings until the finale It sat on my reader until I opened it accidentally a few days ago and started reading About twenty minutes in I stopped reading and downloaded the other two books in the set Very good decision It s a great read, the cast of characters is really interesting and well drawn, and the story line unfolds smoothly with much passion and some heartache It s just a lovely story.

  10. Karen Karen says:

    Good Girl A Rockstar Romance Wicked Book 1 Piper LawsonThis is my 4th Piper Lawson book and since it was a Rock Star Romance book I thought this is new for me, so let s give it a go I realized when I downloaded it from that there were three other books so, I had a heads up that it was going to be a series, knowing that I went in prepared to have a story laid out that would take us through their story.Haley is a force, she knows what she likes, her own personal space not to be infiltrated, she is a wiz when it comes to all things digital, she is a code writer, she has no family that she is aware of and she has a thing for Jax Jameison, Rock Star and someone Haley feels she relates to Jax is a star who knows what he wants when it comes to his music and his crew He has a soft spot for the sound tech Jerry, he wants all of those who tour with him to be comfortable and to have what they need to make a tour easier for all He also is carrying a huge weight on his shoulders.In Good Girl, we are introduced to a number of characters who play roles in this first book Jax s band mates, the band that plays the opening at each show, the tour manager, the CEO of Wicked records, the sound tech and Haley s friend Serena All of them have roles to play in this story and I am going to assume in the upcoming stories of Jax and Haley s relationship.Piper Lawson sets up a wonderful opening for Haley and Jax and the rest of the gang We get to see these two characters grow and discover a lot about each other The reader gets to see the inside of this tour, from discussions that range for deathly allergies to learning about alzheimer s to a truth that when revealed creates a wedge between Haley and Jax.I ve very much looking forward to moving on to Bad Girl A Rockstar Romance Wicked Book 2

  11. Tina L Tina L says:

    I love rocker romances and this is a great start to Haley and Jax s story I found it to be an easy read and the dynamic between the two characters was great I truly enjoyed the fact that it was a slow burn and not instalove because you got to see different sides of the characters There is a lot of room for character growth and the fact that it spans over three books is nice Looking forward to reading the next instalment in their journey.

  12. Susanakat Susanakat says:

    This is the first book for the Wicked series The story develops around the tour of an important rock band and everything that comes with that.I liked a lot the starting of Jax and Hailey relationship They meet from a curious way They have their own issues but start developing a weird friendship that works for them until that is not enough With a nice slow burn pace, the main characters story is told.This book is entertaining, lighthearted, funny, steamy and has many witty lines from all the characters Also, music culture, movies culture even philosophy are present in this story that I ve really enjoyed.If you want to spend a good time or even maybe take a break from a book with drama of too deep topic, this is your book.Still, my fave series si TraVesTy 3