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Derek Osbourne s life is mostly quiet A routine that keeps him functioning, a job as a tattoo artist that keeps his rent paid and food in his belly, and if he s alone through it well, there are worse things to be With his complicated past, Derek is sure no one would ever want to deal with the struggle that comes along with loving someone who has severe PTSD Especially since the man who spent years abusing him is now in hospice, and Derek has taken over his end of life care Derek s resigned himself to living and dying alone, and maybe that s okay Then one night, during a raging storm, Derek finds himself stuck in an ATM vestibule with a quiet stranger, and it s in that moment his world begins to change Basil Shevach is new to Fairfield, taking over his dead aunt s florist shop He s also Deaf in a small town, where he and his sister are the only ones not hearing It s not to say he hates it there, but he s not sure Fairfield is the place for him At least, not until one night, when a storm leaves him trapped inside the bank with a man quietly panicking against the glass door He s immediately intrigued by this unbelievably attractive stranger with bright tattoos covering his arms and haunted eyes, but he s also bitter because he s dated a hearing man before and it ended as badly as it could go for him He had resolved years ago to never make that mistake again, but somehow, the frightened man trapped with him in that little room, crawls under his skin and no matter what he tries, he can t seem to shake him Will the two of them be able to find their way together, or will their pasts prevent them from being able to find happiness and contentment when they need it most Free Hand is the first book in the Irons and Works series Each book contains an individual story line with no cheating and HEA

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