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I loved this book It s extremely well written and the author develops the characters perfectly So why haven t I given it 5 stars Minor points, but I m not a fan of relationships that progress unrealistically fast, and while I loved the character of Rhys, I found Cornell just a little unbelievable and think could of been made of his journey from seeing Rhys as the son of his best friend to his lover Also, as someone who is only a few years younger than Cornell, I found the continual references to how old and decrepit Cornell is to everyone except Rhys to be a bit OTT 45 is not over the hill Apart from that is was a great book, thoroughly recommend it if you like this genre. An absolute heartwrenching story that takes you on a journey through some difficult situations, but also reaffirms that love and trust will prevail.Cornell has lost his best friend and soul mate in an accident, that has left him with significant injuries Feeling cast adrift with nothing to focus on and no one to lean on he is at a loss.Rhys has lost his dad and knows he needs to be there for his friend Cornell, but he has had strong feelings for the man for years and doesn t want to only be his friends son.Both men are still grieving and with Cornell s physical recovery ongoing Rhys offers his home and ability as a therapist to the man.Living in close proximity means secrets are discovered and feelings explored Both being in the bdsm lifestyle also throws up it s own difficulties, making their way through the minefield of grief, desire and fear brings them even closer.Exploring the dynamics of their relationship will leave you both tearful and joyful in equal measure, a book that you can t wait to turn the next page. Ok, I want to gush and go on about how brilliant this book is, how wonderful the characters are, and how everyone should read this book, well they should But all seriousness this is a fabulously written book, that has brought two characters together and show us, the readers the full range of emotions when it comes to grief, and love Yes this is a book with BDSM themes and practices with Daddy kink, younger daddy and older boy, which is why I found it to be such a compelling read One I have no doubt I will return to time and again. Age is a number and life can change who you are This is a story about two people finding what they need in each other and slowly falling in love despite what their own and others preconceptions tell them they should do Wonderful story, highly recommend Everything you should expect from this great author. Oh this book is a rollercoaster.Keeping it realistic and managing to tug at the reader s heartstrings is a gift Nora Phoenix has and this book shows that to perfection The sadness and grief at the loss of Jonas Cornell s best friend and Rhys dad runs through the book like a thread, because of course you don t just up and move on There are ups and downs and insecurities on both sides some really deep ones for Cornell, again well portrayed and things aren t instantly perfect But the connection that keeps them trying is beautiful and the love that comes through so strongly is almost overwhelming.Great cameos from side characters Raf Brendan I d love a retrospective of their story, hint hint , Rhys Dom trainer Ford, and Rhys mum and Cornell s sister, both challenging women.Please tell me this is the start of a series Firm Hand is unsurprisingly coming from who the author is a fantastically emotional read.Cornell loses his best friend in a crash that also seriously injured him He feels he has no where to turn until Rhys, his best friend s son and his own godson tells him he s coming with him This is the start of a wildly emotional story between two men who have lost someone so important in their life but could also move forward with a newfound love.I loved both Rhys and Cornell Rhys, despite being the younger man of the two is an amazing Dom and he knows Cornell is the right sub for him despite the roadblocks in their way He was so caring and loving to Cornell even before their relationship progressed Cornell s side of the story broke my heart in parts as he dealt with the loss of his best friend His loss was palpable in Nora Phoenix s writing and I could feel the character s pain The two characters on the surface seem mismatched and I loved the way their lives had been wound together in the time before the story started and the way it progressed.An unputdownable read, and a nice little twist on the Daddy boy dynamic with an older boy and younger Daddy that in no way detracted from the dynamic or the relationship between the men. Cornell is broken after losing his best friend Jonas and getting hurt himself He s too old, too imperfect to ever attract a Dom again Until Rhys When Rhys gives him commands, Cornell yearns to obey When Rhys takes care of him, Cornell wants to kneel for him When Rhys is everything he s dreamed of, Cornell aches to call him Sir And when Rhys makes him fly, Cornell soars higher than ever before But there s one problem Rhys isyears old and is a juniorand he s Jonas s son How can you want to call your best friend s son Sir or Daddy Firm Hand is a standalone slow burn MM romance with daddy kink, an age gap, a very caring Daddy, and a boy who needs it, hurt comfort, mild D s play, and all the feels Nachdem ich mit Gentle Hand begonnen habe wollte ich unbedingt wissen wie Cornell und Ryhs zusammengefunden habe.Die Trauer um den Verlust der von beiden geliebten Person, ob als Vaterfigur oder Freund, ist sanft mit der Liebesbeziehung verwunden Ein junger Dom und lterer Sub findet man nicht h ufig zu lesen Sch n wenn einem klar gemacht wird das Altersunterschiede keine Hindernisse sein m ssen Es ist der Autorin ebenfalls gut gelungen leichte DS Elemente spanking, come denial einflie en zu lassen die den bergang zu der wahren beziehungsform zwischen Cornell und Rhys flie end erm glichen.