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All they ever wanted was somewhere to call home Beaten When Jenny s mother abandons her and her younger siblings, Jenny is left at the mercy of her abusive father, Henry And when Henry beats his eldest daughter so badly that she ends up in the hospital, it seems like there s nowhere left for them all to go Broken But factory worker Craig has fallen head over heels for Jenny, and he offers her a place to stay Happy at last, Jenny begins a new life with him, but when tragedy strikes, she s left to pick up the pieces of both her broken home and her broken heart Bereft Desperately trying to make ends meet, Jenny is alone and working round the clock Will she ever be able to give her siblings the happy home they deserve Or is the worst yet to come The Sunday Times best seller is back in a gritty family drama, perfect for fans of Nadine Dorries and Dilly Court It took a while to get into this story and I almost gave up on 20% but glad I didn tI would love there to be a follow up story on the family..Buy it you won t regret it.. A fabulous read from kitty neale Jenny had an awful life after her mother left home her father blamed Jenny for everything that went wrong but Jenny found love and her life changed for the better 5 stars for an excellent read Really enjoyed this book, poor Jennie not had much of a life what with her drunken father and selfish mother not too mention her sister Gloria It would be interesting if there was a follow up to this book. An emotional story I don t know how Jenny coped with everything what had gone off,this book is another page turner what kitty Neale has wrote once you start reading this book you can t put it down Kitty you seize to amaze me another brilliant read.I would recommend this book to your follows and I m sure they will enjoy it as much has me.cannot wait for your next novel to come out.You deserve then 5 Stars. After reading all of Kitty s books I just ove her style of writing another brilliant story always sad when I get to the last page keep writing Kitty you are my favorite author xx I couldn t put this book down, wasnt sure that I would enjoy the book but i am now addicted to kitty Neale books Have now read quite a few of Kitty Neale books, and I ve got to say I have never been disappointed by any of them This book was very enjoyable and I really felt Jennys pain and heartache.But shes a strong and resilient lady Be great for Kitty to write a follow up to this book It was lovely for Jenny to finally make a desision that was going to benefit her and her family but it would be better for her to find again true hapiness because if anyone deserves it, its Jenny II would gladly buy the sequel to this book Keep up the great work Kitty Neale. I have always enjoyed her books like this one.