Prime Fast After 50: How to Race Strong for the Rest of Your Life (Audio Download): Joe Friel, Douglas James, Echo Point Books & Media, LLC: Audible Audiobooks By Joe Friel –

There was very little in this book that I didn t already know about but what it has done for me is to bring together a lot of ideas that has really helped me with my training The stuff in this book has added significantly to my knowledge.I compete at a fairly high level and, as an older athlete, this book is aimed right at me well written as Joe s books often are , easily accessible and referenced throughout, I have used this book to completely revise the way that I train and, whilst I can t say absolutely for certain, I have achieved some quite outstanding results this year including an Ironman 1st place Age Group and, for the money, I think that this reflects good value that you d be foolish to not invest in. Fast Afteris for every endurance athlete who wants to stay fast for years to come For runners, cyclists, triathletes, swimmers, and cross country skiers, getting older doesn t have to mean getting slower Drawing from the most current research on aging and sports performance, Joe Friel America s leading endurance sports coach shows how athletes can race strong and stay healthy well past ageIn his groundbreaking book Fast After , Friel offers a smart approach for athletes to ward off the effects of age Friel shows athletes how to extend their racing careers for decades and race to win Fast Afterpresents guidelines for high intensity workouts, focused strength training, recovery, crosstraining, and nutrition for high performance How the body s response to training changes with age, how to adapt your training plan, and how to avoid overtraining How to shed body fat and regain muscle density How to create a progressive plan for training, rest, recovery, and competition Workout guidelines, field tests, and intensity measurement In Fast After , Joe Friel shows athletes that age is just a number and race results are the only numbers that count With contributions from Mark Allen, Gale Bernhardt, Amby Burfoot, Dr Larry Creswell, John Howard, Dr Tim Noakes, Ned Overend, Dr John Post, Dr Andrew Pruitt, and Lisa Rainsberger This audiobook is skillfully narrated by Douglas James All figures and tables referenced in the audiobook can be found in the supplementary PDF PLEASE NOTE When you purchase this title, the accompanying PDF will be available in your Audible Library along with the audio Simply a brilliant book written by an expert in his field.Hard to put a finger on what it was that drew me to the book as I m a 53 year old tennis player with zero interest in triathlons.However, as an aging athlete with a multitude of sports injury and failed training programmes in his locker, I found Joe s advice and the way he puts it across, drawing upon both his, and various sports scientist research and experience very enlightening.So, if you re old and injured, and don t want to be, then read this book. The I think about the contents of this book after reading it the I have grown to appreciate it It will form a reference next to Noakes for going back to time and time again and won t join the box of training books hidden forever in the loft.The concepts covered are relatively simple and have been covered many times before What Joe has done is collect and discuss the evidence, where he feels the evidence is overwhelming he integrates it into the suggested training plans where there is some uncertainty he puts the alternate points of view, gives his interpretation, but makes it clear that the final decision is the reader s.As a triathlete, I would have liked discussion of integrating multi sport training as one ages balancing possibly conflicting priorities and maximising cross training This has been covered in specific triathlon books including Joe s , but it would be good to see discussion specifically for the older athlete and integration into the training plans. I have tried to scan the internet for information on how to train effectively into old age And there is not much that can be considered directly for people in their senior years, that are already quite fit and want to maintain or increase fitness.This book is looking specifically at this.Half way through this book Like most books they tend to over drill home the main points But I do like the way the science and statics and believes Into old age and fitness are being challenged and scrutinized for there validity The book breaks down misconceptions and replaces them with a better understanding I am sure the second half will be just as interesting and start to develop the way i look at training and keeping fit , now i have just reached 50 and looking for improvement and longevity to continue riding. I enjoyed this book but I agree with other reviewers that there is quite a lot of duplication and re review of earlier pages Maybe the publishers were worried we d forget what was written on the previous page once we approached passed 50 The focus on HIIT is interesting and once you have that nugget then there is little new, particularly if you have read previous books such as the Training Bible But still, an interesting and accessible read. Having been impressed with Joe Friel s Training Bible and having passed the 50 mark a few years ago I thought this book should be good and I was not disappointed Some of the material does repeat what is covered in the Training Bible but the focus on what is best for maintaining and improving performance with increasing age was both interesting and thought provoking As a relatively newcomer to endurance sports I m keen to progress as quickly, and safely, as possible and this book provides advice on how best to approach training in order to do just that. I m not quite 50 yet, but feel that sometimes my body struggles with the rigours of training This leaves me with the dilemma of what to do, do I reduce intensity, volume or frequency Thankfully this book goes a long way towards answering these questions I believe that with the insights gained from this book, I can carry on enjoying training injury free for years to come and possibly even hit a few new personal bests. Everything I needed to develop my plan is in this book I just find it s a bit all over the place I recommend highlighting and annotating heavily as you read in order to get the details you ll want to go back to later I did the tests between a few training periods and later went for lab testing I actually found the lab testing very useful as it identified a need to add low intensity training in order to train my body to burn fat efficiently My muscles seem to be going straight to the sugar like a kid at halloween Cutting to the chase, the book makes the case for training at high intensity and since I don t have any limitations why not But I am still mixing in some long and slow runs first thing in the morning, before eating, to train my body to use its fat stores to push back the bonk. Seit nunmehr fast 30 Jahren bin ich im Ausdauersportbereich als ambitionierter Hobbywettk mpfer unterwegs Nun im fortgeschrittenen Alter gilt es, einiges am Training an den Zahn der Zeit anzupassen Die Ausf hrungen von Friel sind eine sehr profunde und auch anwendbare Grundlage, um eine sehr gute Leistungsf higkeit bis ins hohe Alter zu erhalten Ich habe viel Literatur in Jahrzehnten gelesen und dieses Buch geh rt zu den Besten, die mir in punkto Trainingsgestaltung, Anwendbarkeit im t glichen Leben und Verst ndlichkeit untergekommen sind.F r alle Oldies, die im Alter auch noch Spa an Leistung haben und die Zeit optimal nutzen wollen ein MUSS