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Love Anna Jacobs books There seem to be only two in the Staley series but the things had happened in the first book that hadn t happened in the second but they were very good stories all the same. It was nice reading Megs story An enjoyable book Not a page turner or a story I had to keep reading regardless of what I had to do, but it was good and a typical Anna Jacobs book Worth reading. After her husband died then her baby daughter Meg left home and was found in the moors by Toby Fletcher she was nursed back to health and stayed on at Tobys inn to help Toby out and meg fell in love with Toby but it wasn t easy as a lot of trouble was bound for Toby.A great read and well deserved 5 STARS. Wow I ve been reading books for so long ,but can t believe I ve stumbled on this auther,her books take me into a different world I can t put them down.and stay awake all night reading.five stars all the way.CAlico road was amazing. I loved this book and her other one Down Weavers Lane, I didn t want to put them down I ve now read 7 of Anna Jacobs books and enjoyed everyone. I am completely hooked by Anna Jacob s books Often reading we ll into the small hours because I cannot put them down You really feel that you are part of the story, watching as it happens Now, what book next The enthralling saga from the author ofA Pennyworth of Sunshine and Down Weavers Lane Calico Road runs through a tiny Lancashire hamlet up on the edge of the moors, miles from anywhere Its folk are an independent breed and inthey are a thorn in the side of the vicious mill owner in the valley below Toby Fletcher s father ignored his bastard son while alive Now Toby is the new owner of the rambling old inn, an unwitting keeper of its secrets Then Meg Staley comes to Calico a woman who was strong enough to survive one tragedy but found it harder to withstand a second blow Toby finds her wandering the moors, cold and starving, and brings her back to the inn Working there, Meg starts to rebuild her life and find a fragile happiness But then the secrets of Calico Road come crashing down on her and those she has grown to love