{Read ePUB} Porsche 911: The Practically Free Supercar: The Complete Beginner's Guide to the Smartest Route into Porsche Ownership (Audio Download): Amazon.co.uk: Robert McGowan, Joshua Gilholm, Robert McGowan: Audible AudiobooksAuthor Robert McGowan – Circuitwiringdiagram.co

Have you ever dreamed of owning a Porsche This book is for you Now you can turn your dreams into reality and experience what it feels like to own the motoring legend that is the PorscheYou are about to discover why you don t need to be wealthy to own and run various Porsche cars In fact, owning your dream Porsche can be free motoring if you follow the guidance set out in this book Inside, you will discover How to buy and maintain the world s most iconic sports car cheaply and to get back what you paid for it come resale An overview of the Porsche model range including s, Turbos, GT, GT, Boxsters, Caymans , and theHow you can afford your dream Porsche How to locate, buy, run, and sell the right Porsche the smartest and easiest way Which Porsche is the best value and whichyou should buy now Typical Porsche running costs Which cars are affected by IMS, bore scoring, and RMS issues and how to spot the tell tale signs of problem cars How to take precautions on potentially affected cars Which Porsches have the best investment potential How to master the unique driving characteristics of a classicand avoid the infamous snap oversteer Real world accounts of the author s Porsche ownership experiences with three cars including how they drive, how they were purchased, run, and sold cost breakdown included And PorscheThe Practically Free Supercar will equip you with everything you need to know about the smart way to enter the world of Porsche It outlines the same strategy that the author has used to make Porsche ownership a fantastic and cost effective experience It is a must listen and a great quick reference guide for anyone who has ever considered buying one of these amazing cars

14 thoughts on “Porsche 911: The Practically Free Supercar: The Complete Beginner's Guide to the Smartest Route into Porsche Ownership (Audio Download): Amazon.co.uk: Robert McGowan, Joshua Gilholm, Robert McGowan: Audible Audiobooks

  1. N.C.S. N.C.S. says:

    This is a perfect little introductory book on a subject which, for many, is really ruled by the heart and not the head That being said, a number a head cases are buying these cars as they may represent reasonable investment value.The author correctly points out that no such car should ever be purchased with this as the ultimate aim We live in rapidly changing times, and these cars will soon be relics of a bygone internal combustion era Thanks for this great primer.

  2. mysteries-detectives.co Customer mysteries-detectives.co Customer says:

    Purchased this for my husband, the following review is from him Although having owned a few Porsche s to date and would call myself fairly knowledgeable about the subject, I still found this book a really informative read It s great to get the views and experiences of a fellow 993 enthusiast who like myself has a love of all things Porsche The book is an easy read with excellent photography included It is a handy guide into Porsche purchasing and ownership and would be very helpful to anyone contemplating buying a car from this iconic brand.

  3. mysteries-detectives.co Customer mysteries-detectives.co Customer says:

    I got this book as I am interested in potentially owning a Porsche within the next few years This book really helped me narrow it down to which models would suit me best as well as what I need to look out for when searching for my first Porsche I cannot recommend this book enough, not just to potential Porsche owners but also to Porsche enthusiasts in general as Robert shares a lot of the history of the company Many things I had never heard of before Brilliant purchase

  4. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    you re not alive The passion rips out of every page of this book It s well worth the price just to learn a bit about the topic and put yourself in the driver s seat imaginatively speaking as the author discusses every nuance of his cars and balances the risk and responsibility of ownership with the sheer joy of driving them on epic routes in Scotland s countryside.Some excellent photography is included and the style is easy to read and understand Glad I heard about it.

  5. Sirow7 Sirow7 says:

    Common sense record of someones car ownership Not particularly informative about porsche Waste of money.

  6. mysteries-detectives.co Customer mysteries-detectives.co Customer says:

    Decent ownership experience book, but the book itself took just 90 minutes cover to cover However, some excellent advice about making a sound purchase financially when it comes to 911 ownership

  7. Stewart Nicholson Stewart Nicholson says:

    This is a great read if you are thinking or dreaming of owning a Porsche The author clearly adores this iconic car and really gives a detailed and sometimes eye opening account of both driving and being able to afford to buy and run one of these beautiful cars.If you re dreaming of owning one then read this and your dream may well become a reality.

  8. T.Donnachie T.Donnachie says:

    Excellent reference tool.

  9. mysteries-detectives.co Customer mysteries-detectives.co Customer says:

    Great book, a must for new buyers or aficionados About one of the most contradicting and not liked 911,the 996 model that saved the Porsche name..Detailed and well researched book

  10. Alex Antunes Alex Antunes says:

    Great book for anyone interested in Porsches.Even if you are not looking to buy one or if you already own one, there is still very interesting content to be discovered.I really appreciated reading it

  11. mysteries-detectives.co Customer mysteries-detectives.co Customer says:

    Excellent review of the 911 in its various models and with its various performance variations and issues to consider

  12. Johannes Johannes says:

    Good book if you want to learn how to buy a Porsche

  13. Jason F. Jason F. says:

    Really enjoyed this book The title caught eye, the concept peaked my interest, and page flew by as soon as it hit my mail box Plenty of depth without going to crazy Brings to light the positive and negative of all the platforms available Would be a handy little reference for somebody exploring a near future purchase Killed this book in 3 nights Throughly enjoyed it.

  14. Savage Savage says:

    Interesting read but is getting outdated quickly The advice is common sense with some insights on certain years but nothing that you can t get with a quick Google search My biggest issue is how short the book is I read it in a hour at a slow pace so was left with the feeling that this should have been an e book for 2 instead of a 15 paperback.