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Anna Jacob s riveting new Lancashire saga introduces an unforgettable heroine Emmy Carter s mother is a prostitute and her life has made Emmy determined to avoid the same fate But Emmy is beautiful, so attracts unwanted attention her mother s protector has his eye on her, as does evil Marcus Armistead, her employer s nephew Marcus is excited by Emmy s virginity and has her kidnapped, but Emmy hits him over the head and escapes Marcus, further enraged, kills her mother and becomes even determined to rape Emmy, but the combined efforts of the local parson and Emmy s young suitor manage to keep her safe from harm Finally Emmy sees Marcus get his just desserts, finds out who her father was and attains the respectability she has so longed for

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    Always 5star s for this author her stories are brilliant i felt for young Emmy with a mother like hers and people thinking the same about her.I think this is true even in today s society with some people I m just glad that Jack didn t feel this way not like her horrible aunt and cousin.so happy that it all worked out well and her and Jack live happily ever after.

  2. Mois reads Mois reads says:

    Another spellbinding book from Anna Jacobs it has it all adventure abduction and murder love and happiness Emmy grew up with her mam as a prostitute but wanted a better life for herself in that she found Jack Staley but there love wasn t easy.5 STARS a great read.

  3. Craftymare Craftymare says:

    I m only a short way through as I tend to only read it at the gym But I love her books and this one isn t disappointing so far I would highly recommend Anna Jacobs books.


    What can I say, yet another brilliant read from Anna Great series.

  5. brownhs brownhs says:

    Could not put this book down So good and such a heartwarming story I was on the edge of my seat on some parts Love Anna Jacobs books always a good read.

  6. avengersinfinitywarfullmovie.de Customer avengersinfinitywarfullmovie.de Customer says:

    Annna Jacobs is another author whose books I enjoy and I can t wait to read another book in the series.

  7. Javempa Javempa says:

    Enjoyed this book now reading book 2

  8. mrs.tracey a carney mrs.tracey a carney says:

    That book was brilliant x I know we all ready know the style of Anna s books but wow they mess with your head and your heart X another brilliant book

  9. Sandra Davis Sandra Davis says:

    All Anna Jacobs books are easy reading I am just finishing the end of her books that are available on kindle.

  10. avengersinfinitywarfullmovie.de Customer avengersinfinitywarfullmovie.de Customer says:

    like it

  11. patricia hogreve patricia hogreve says: