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I love the simplicity and down to earth nature of this book It literally made me get up and start training I m so looking forward to my first Tri with this book as my Tri bible. Como principiante en triatl n me ha servido para sentirme identificada con los comienzos de la autora en este apasionante deporte Tambi n he aprendido valiosos trucos e ideas para disfrutar a n m s del triatl n y adem s me he re do un mont n. A really enjoyable book that rolls along with good pace It has the right balance between anecdotes and facts to make inspired and informed Thoroughly recommend I stumbled upon Meredith s blog 6 weeks ago when I signed up for my first sprint triathlon with a friend I am a reasonably good runner I have run 7 marathons but I have never really ridden a bike and the open water swimming freaked me out Meredith gives you her extremely human and hilarious account of how she got into the sport, and gave me invaluable tips on how to approach the bike and swim segments for a newbie like me She also goes into all the gear you need, and also the things you don t I completed my triathlon last weekend within the cutoff time, even on my crappy urban bike, and I was so proud of my achievement I have since then got hooked, joined a triathlon club and bought a snazzy entry level road bike. This book is a must read for all male coaches, spouses, and partners of female triathletes with children, careers, you name it The title may imply it s just for women but it s not To all the guys out there, do yourself a favor and read this book Or at least by this for you female triathlete and secretly read it while they re not You really should read this it will help you make your female athlete s life easier making your life easier As a certified USAT and Ironman coach of many female athletes, I can say every male coach should read this book It gives a great insight into what many of the female Age Group athletes deal with on a daily basis during training, racing, working, family life, and a routine daily basis and it does it all while being quite humorous which is an added bonus I can say without a doubt it will help any male who has a relationship with a female triathlete, whether he s a coach, spouse, or partner, appreciate all the issues thrown at them while they re simply trying to do one thing cross the finish line on race day.The book is by far THE best triathlon book for a beginner athlete, male or female There may be other books with catchy titles like The beginner s guide or the The Bible but this is the ultimate guide It s highly organized, well thought out, and very detailed Not only does it have tidbits and helpful hints but it also covers some of the psychological and emotional things new triathletes will face during training and racing It will help you prepare for those thoughts and make you realize that you re perfectly normal and not alone There may be other books that offer you details on training specifics but no other book will help you prepare for your first race day better than this book will physically, mentally, or emotionally.Meredith has organized this book brilliantly and made the sport of triathlon so easy to digest and blesses the readers by adding her own humorous experiences to it that each and everyone can or will relate to during their love of triathlon From the basics of swim, bike, and run, small details of stretching to the mental games of the sport, marriage, parenthood, work, to decision making on when to move to the next distance, she covers it all.It s obvious there was a lot of blood, sweat, and tears put into the revised edition Don t let the title of the book fool you, this is a must read for everyone involved with triathlon. I enjoyed Meredith s first Triathlon for every woman book, and love this updated version I understand the concept of the fat stranger who looks back at you in the mirror.Amazingly encouraging for ALL women You Are a Badass for aspiring triathletes a practical and inspiring guide to getting off the couch and on the trail to race your first or th triathlon When Meredith Atwood first shared her journey from tired, overworked wife and mom to successful triathlete, her story resonated with women everywhere, online at SwimBikeMom and in the first edition of Triathlon for the Every Woman Now with her own IRONMAN finishes, experience, and triathlon coaching expertise, Meredith is back with even wisdom In this fully revised edition, Atwood not only shares how she went from the couch to an IRONMANtriathlon in just over a year, but also shares the latest expertise from coaches, nutritionists, and athletes on each component of the triathlon swimming, biking, and running With compact training plans, the most current nutrition advice, updated resources, and the latest information on long distance racing, this new edition has all you need to make your triathlon goals a reality PLEASE NOTE When you purchase this title, the accompanying PDF will be available in your Audible Library along with the audio When I originally decided to enter my first triathlon in 2015, the first edition of Triathlon for the Every Woman was the very first book I read after the shock of what have I just signed up for wore off and the Googling began The most important thing that this book does is encourages its readers to cultivate not just the physical skills necessary to complete a triathlon, but also the mindset necessary to show up at the start line It has the perfect balance of personal anecdotes, humor, expert advice, and common sense to help anyone safely get to that starting line especially for average people with jobs, kids, bills, and stressful lives It is because of books like this one that people are realizing and the power of connection in supporting physical and mental health, and that out there on the course are people of all shapes, sizes and ages right alongside the professionals What other sport truly allows the privilege of this kind of connection This fact shines through in Meredith s writing Twenty two triathlons later including three half Ironmans , I still follow Meredith s advice to be a student of triathlon always learning and growing, and thus I eagerly awaited the second edition of this life changing book My favorite part of the second edition is the nutrition advice, and also the section on data for folks like me who enjoy seeing the success of their journey bear out in numbers and pairing this with how they are feeling in evaluating their progress Reading the second edition reminded me to be mindful and appreciative of the amazing things my body can do when I really listen to it, and that the true reward is not the finisher s medal but the hard work and the journey in getting to that starting line. I AM EVERY WOMAN I AM BECOMING A TRIATHLETE I AM THE FAT STRANGER AND I am literally in tears laughing my butt off Tears beacause I am reading this and this is so much like my story Tears because Meredith Atwood s writing style is so freakin halarious I am only in the the very beginning of this book but have scanned every page and it is packed with amazing information I really need to go to bed but I don t want to put it down I am training for my first triathalon in April and this book couldn t have come at a better time, just when I was doubting myself I have every Triathalon book on this Kindle under the sun and none of them compare to this book Thank you Meredith for writing a book that speaks to me. I m training for a half Ironman this fall, and I have read every blog, book, and training guide I can get my hands on This is the best thing I v found so far The writing is funny, accessible, and relatable The advice is practical She demystifies the training process and makes it clear the finishing a triathlon is not something reserved for Adonis like lifelong athletes in fitness ads I want to complete my race in a decent time, and I have to fit my training in between work and other responsibilities If you want a book and training plan that will get you to Kona, well, this probably isn t that book But if you re a woman who wants a swift kick in the bike shammy, a good laugh, AND some useful advice on how to approach tri successfully, this book is going to be my first recommendation.