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The new novel from the new master of menace Sunday Times The worst thing possible has happened Richard and Juliette Willoughby s son, Ewan, has died suddenly at the age of five Starve Acre, their house by the moors, was to be full of life but is now a haunted place Juliette, convinced Ewan still lives there in some form, seeks the help of the Beacons, a seemingly benevolent group of occultists Richard, to try to keep the boy out of his mind, has turned his attention to the field opposite the house, where he patiently digs the barren dirt in search of a legendary oak tree Starve Acre is a devastating new novel by the author of the prize winning best seller The Loney It is a novel about the way in which grief splits the world in two and how, in searching for hope, we can so easily unearth horror

11 thoughts on “Starve Acre (Audio Download): Amazon.co.uk: Andrew Michael Hurley, Richard Burnip, John Murray: Audible Audiobooks

  1. Joeboy Joeboy says:

    Starve AcreThis was a bit of a strange one, I m in two minds over how I feel about this I don t normally read this type of book so I guess I wasn t wholly comfortable reading this, others may make sense of it The story revolves around a couple who s 5 year old son died suddenly, obviously an upsetting event for anyone to go through This upset has a huge impact on their lives, which in turn leads to some very strange weird happenings.The book is easy to read, the font is a good size, it s also nicely laid out It took me four hours to complete, so it s not a long story What I did like about this, is that the cover has a fold in flap on both the back front which can be used as a bookmark.If you like strange supernatural type stories that are a little weird, then this may be for you Personally I did like it, but I wasn t blown away by it, that is probably due to my taste in books rather than the story itself.If you have found my review at all helpful I would very much appreciate if you could click the Helpful button below, thank you.

  2. Mark Budding Mark Budding says:

    I have read Mr Hurley s two previous books and enjoyed both however The Loney is soo dark.Well so is this one Grieving parents of troubled young boy struggle to come to grips with their loss.It goes from bad to worse Richard struggles to make sense of an old local story, whilst his wife goes to pieces They get some help but it causes yet anguish for the couple.The ending Looking forward to his next offering.

  3. Osprey Osprey says:

    The horror and tension is wonderfully created, and a sense of evil never leaves the page But there s a fundamental character flaw in Richard whose story this really is He s the pragmatic realist pooh poohing the irrational and unprovable But when the central supernatural event happens, he accepts it as just one of those things, thus losing his own credibility as a strong character and weakening the whole structure and premise of the book Pity really because without that defect the book would have been great,

  4. Neenaw Neenaw says:

    A bit disappointed with this to be honest Loved the previous 2 books, The Lonely and Devils Day, maybe because they were longer and developed, I m not sure I ve read a lot of folk horror just lately so maybe that s taken something away from the impact the ending might have otherwise had I still look forward to whatever Andrew does next though.

  5. Sir Benedict Godfrey Sir Benedict Godfrey says:

    This was on my wishlist, so when it was on offer for 99p, I bought it with no hesitation I m glad I did as i really enjoyed it An original story with a constant brooding atmosphere The author captures the setting really well I m a southerner, but the whole scenery, weather and other factors are distinctly northern and you can feel it when reading the book I don t think really long horror novels are necessary and the length is about right for me think Carrie, the Haunting of Hill House, the Woman in black and so on are similar lengths I read some similar folk horror books this year and they were not as good and went on and on I agree that the book is reminiscent of M R James as suggested by the critics If you haven t had the experience read his works as well You ll see what I mean.Thank you to the author for taking my mind away from the dreaded Covid19 situation And seriously, if you re contemplating buying it while it s 99p on kindle, seriously go for it I d pay full price in hindsight, but I hadn t read any of his previous books I will now though Enjoy.

  6. Mrs's anon Mrs's anon says:

    A book that kept me reading when I should have been doing other things.Vivid characters, not all of them pleasant.A strange story, an inconclusive ending Enjoyable.

  7. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    Did not enjoy this book kept wanting the plot to get to the point and I found the end twisted Only read to the end because I had paid for the book If it had been a library book would have returned it not finished reading.

  8. S. J. Fletcher S. J. Fletcher says:

    The novel started really well Flashbacks between the present and the past were handled effectively I personally feel that the group of people from the village who come to help Juliette out in her time of grief, were unused apart from the visit itself , which then sparks a change in her behaviour I would have liked to have seen them play a involved part in the novel.I also feel that the character of her sister didn t really add much to the narrative The ending to my mind, was an odd one Definitely worth a read and don t be put off by my opinions I am an avid reader, not an author

  9. janiec janiec says:

    I read this book in two sittings Combining a troubled family with a property possessing a nefarious history, this book is impossible to put down until the final unsettling pages A fast and ominously intense read.

  10. Keith Pendry Keith Pendry says:

    Most imaginative but also disconcerting storyline that moved too rapidly into fantasy and would have benefitted from a little deception and mystery

  11. Darren C. Darren C. says: