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I know it can be frustrating, but I feel that I was unfair for the other person to give this a 1 star review just because it arrived damaged, it happens once in a while Mine arrived perfectly fine, only a few chapters in but so far I m loving it, not at good as Karen Traviss but still good Gives you a much better insight to the new characters The storyline isn t as interesting as the previous books but just like Gears of War 4, try to think of this as a new chapter of the Gears Franchise other than thinking it as part of the other books Definitely recommend. You ve played Gears 4 and you want to know how the story goes before you embark on Gears of War 5 This is the story that you have to read It s one hell of story. This book had a different pace and style to the previous GEARS books by KT But is still a useful primer to GEARS 5.Sadly JD is still under developed and we are non the wiser about the fate of Anya Stroud or the backstory of JD and Marcus being estranged Hopefully it will be addressed in GEARS 5.As a fan it s worth a read, there are some errors and it s too short for me. This is a well written book that expands on characters you ve only recently met It details the direction things have been heading in since Gears 4.I enjoyed it. The official prequel to the action video game Gears , beginning immediately after Gears of Warand leading directly into the new game Following Reyna Diaz s death at the hands of the Swarm in Gears of War, Kait seals her mother s tomb and swears revenge As she, JD, Del, Marcus, Cole, Samantha, and Baird lick their wounds and resupply, First Minister Jinn summons them to New Ephyra, promising that the crimes they committed will be forgiven Before they can rejoin the Coalition, however, Jinn demands proof of their loyalty, and of the threat of the Swarm Promised a new command, JD and Del agree Plagued by nightmares, Kait rebels and refuses When she discovers that two teens from her devastated village have survived, she goes rogue and strikes out to rescue them, accompanied by Marcus Fenix Pursued by the robotic DeeBees, Kait and Marcus search for survivors Instead, they find an overwhelming force of the enemy and an unexpected ally Meanwhile JD and Del lead a mission to locate the Swarm, only to be cut off from New Ephyra Trapped and surrounded, they re on their own Picking up where Gears of Warleft off, Gears of War Ascendance is the official, action packed bridge between that game and Gears