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The last place Evan Vincent expected to be dumped was at his engagement shootin a dude ranch in Tennessee Four years of working for his ex for free and standing in his shadow leave Evan reeling with the sudden freedom Escaping here and working for the ranch owner for a few months could give Evan a chance to regroupand rebound That can t be a bad idea, can it Running a dude ranch takes up all of Josh King s time and energy He escaped the place briefly before his dad died and left it to him along with the memories and the guilt Even his best friends don t know the skeletons in his closet Josh isn t going to risk his heart when all Evan wants is a good time, doesn t he They don t know if they re fighting to turn a rebound into or to keep it from becoming Both seem equally scary for two men with trembling hands and aching hearts, but there s no denying that they go together like mac and cheese And maybe just maybe this sudden passion is exactly what they were both missing Is this the best timing ever or the worst timing ever Tremble is a stand alone gay romance novel with a HEA ending and no cliff hanger

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  1. Cadiva Cadiva says:

    This book was super sweet and everything I love about this series Josh is the last of the Significant Brothers to find his true love but the wait was worth it as Even really is his perfect partner.I loved how these two interacted, Josh is all protective and comforting, Evan is reluctant at first, having just been dumped by his dick of an ex fiance while on their engagement photoshoot But he can t hide his attraction to the rancher and slowly realises he can rely on him.This is steamy but not overly so, there s some truly sweet moments as Evan takes up his role on the dude ranch and discovers he s not only found a new job but also a new love and a new family as the rest of the gang embrace him fully.The whole series has just been a joy to read, no annoying angsty dramatics other than where things worked within the plots, each of the pairings unique but with a strong sense of brotherly love running throughout.I shall be sad to see the end of these men

  2. A Harvey A Harvey says:

    Wonderful, wonderful end to the series Josh is the last brother to get his happy ending and what a ride it is.Evan gets dumped by his fianc e in the middle of their engagement photo shoot Josh offers him a place to stay to figure himself out, after all he can t just leave the guy stranded And soon the two start an affair, it s supposed to be just a rebound fling but we all know that s never gonna stick now is it I adored how these two bumbled their way into a relationship, almost without noticing Josh s ranch is a wonderfully rich backdrop to their story, the cast of characters are just as wonderful as our guys.A fitting end to a lovely series, I ve truly enjoyed spending tons with this band of brothers they all get one final shout in this book.

  3. Lucy Oliver Lucy Oliver says:

    Last book in the series and finally Josh gets his HEA I have been waiting to learn all about Josh s background and for him to have his turn at romance as i have always thought of him as the quiet brother and was intrigued to discover why.Enter Evan a delightfully sweet guy in a toxic relationship until circumstances change and he meets the handsome ranch owner who just wants to help him out and sparks fly.The romance is a whirlwind but the characters balance each other out perfectly Loved the chemistry and story between the two mc and i always love when everyone gets together so we can revisit old characters Cant wait for the next and see how the wedding of the year turns out.

  4. earlyn earlyn says:

    True love finally happens.Evan was in a relationship that was totally one sided He was giving and his ex was a douche and never treated him like a loving finance.Josh has the biggest heart and as he watched Evan and his ex , he wondered why they were together.When Monty dumped Evan, Josh came to his rescue The friendship grew and the attraction undeniable A lovely written romance in this series.

  5. Joe Joe says:

    All the books, are fun at times moving and wise and very optimistic The plot lines always have an element of adventure as well as intimacy Highly recommend

  6. Desi Desi says:

    Unfortunately the last part of the wonderful significant brothers series, I will miss the guys.I do not know what to write unless it s another great book by Ed Davies Absolutely worth reading Josh, owner of a dude ranch and Evan, a marketing expert, disposed of by his fianc e as garbage.When Evan comes to Josh Ranch for engagement photos and his fianc leave him there, Josh picks him up and offers him a job.A sweet story, the other brothers are back too, and it s wonderful to meet them again.Ed manages to create lovely characters again.I do not know how to express how much I love the books.

  7. SMorris SMorris says:

    I just love ALL of Ed Davies books Tremble is the last of The Significant Brothers to fall in love, Josh was worth the wait to find his equal in life Evan was dealing with a toxic situation only to find what really matters in life Love always seems to knock on your door when you least expect it A beautiful love story I can t wait to read .

  8. Dixiecowgirl060 Dixiecowgirl060 says:

    A story with so much heart and all the feels I loved the idea of meeting the perfect person at the most imperfect time and how do you handle that Are you brave and trust yourself or do you protect your heart and not take a chance on love This story is about learning your heart and trusting yourself It is about being loved and accepted for who you are and valuing yourself Just a beautiful story that will warm your soul Evan and Josh will just make you smile and want to wrap them up in your arms I really enjoyed watching them learn each other and take care of each other Their self discoveries were logical and their love was organic.It was wonderful to see the rest of the guys and to know that the brothers were there for both their friend with great advise and support as always I do wish i had a group of friends that diverse and close.This is an amazing series and this story could be read as a stand alone I do however recommend that you read the entire series because it is awesome.

  9. Bo Bo says:

    This series is so splendidly constructed, beautifully written, and each book interdependent on the others and the previous ones in order that the only justifiable review I can think of is to combine them all into one.Caveat I am not kidding that you must read them in order, no matter what the promotions or other reviewers might say That s the only way to get the richness of the lives of all six of the Significant Brothers and their eventual intendeds The great thing about what author Davies has done is include in each book a brief back story of how these six men came together to develop their own family by bonding in high school and staying with each other for another decade through thick and thin.My only complaint is that some of the covers can lead you to be a bit confused as who is who, but for the big guy is the brother in five of them, I think.All that said, here s a brief review of each of the tales, each of which I grace with five stars.SplinterNico the ex astronaut is now a Park Ranger in the Great Smokies, and Deen the jaded rock star is on a hiatus from his infamous debauchery That they should be thrown together in the forest and no only survive a splinter or two but come together as lovers is a sweet, and sometimes adventurous, tale This book sets the tone, and introduces us to the other brothers Nico is quite conflicted about how he lost his career in space, and Deen is getting and disillusioned with life on the road Can Knoxville bring them both down to earth GraspMaybe the sweetest romance of the books, this one pits the big and sometimes gruff zoo vet Blane against the free spirited and artistic Falcon They meet at the zoo where Falcon has taken up an artist stance to capture meerkats in action for a series of paintings Though instantly attracted, both put up physical and emotional barriers until it becomes obvious to friends and families that this is stupid How their romance progresses is one of the neat stories of the series.SlickRoman, the somewhat out international airline pilot, and Oscar, the dynamic and suddenly devastatingly injured classical dancer, run into each other somewhat haphazardly Very much a one night stand kind of guy, Roman starts to think a little domestically which he s always longed for as Oscar starts moving in the opposite direction because they are basically always on the road How they come together with the help of the brothers, and their own frustrations, is compromised by a jealous jerk in each of their lives Interesting how they approach the problems and how they are ironed out.TraceThis one s MCs are a bit off the grid for me, but in the end they seem to fit just as well as the others Dustin is almost an introvert, which sets him apart from the brothers as much as his physical stature, which is smaller the cover of this one is very confusing Leo, on the other hand, is sort of like Nico in the first book he s an ex military close enough to an astronaut for me , built like a brick outhouse, and trying to find his way after four years in the service And even though he has naively and somewhat shockingly never given much of a thought to his sexuality, his is the only eventual gay for you story in the series, and it took me a while to get used to that The nasty bits of homophobia that dance around this tale are the eventual crises points, but in the end two completely ill suited men get what they need from the bothers, and each other.ClutchThis is the conflict of interest one wherein brother Tyler, the car racing pro, gets completely wrecked and needs deep physical if not emotional therapy And who would give him that service Well, openly gay therapist Alec When they meet all bets are off as they are inflammable to the touch whenever they are near This leads to a lot of hands off planning, moist of which doesn t work until Alec wisely refers Tyler to another therapist The conflicts don t end, however, and it takes some kick butt stuff from the brothers, especially farmer John, whom we get to know here in a sort of prelude to the last book, to get these two together Nice denouement.TrembleThis one has the best brother IMHO, John, the proprietor of a dude ranch, and the most unconvincing set up for his get together with Evan The latter is virtually left at the altar by his seriously nasty, dominant fianc while Leo see Trace is taking their pre wedding photos at the ranch John is instantly smitten by the extremely na ve and trusting Evan, and it turns out that John, in his own way, is also na ve and very, very trusting If you can get past the incongruity of how Evam was dumped and who did it, and wander along with him and John, you might find this one of the better, if not the best, of the series Which I did.Have fun with a grand series.

  10. Sue Allen Milkovich Sue Allen Milkovich says:

    Who knew Josh was the butterfly This is the most touching story of the series and I LOVED them all Josh was just always the deflector of the group Quick to make a joke, out drink everyone, put his ranch ahead of everything He was the most sensitive but still the most emotionally standoffish with the brothers Then fate dropped Evan on the ranch for a much needed vacation with his fiancee Then fate had a great big ole laugh on Josh Evan is a very sweet, stunning guy, who finds himself stranded when his fiancee shows his true colors This story was absolutely everything you could ve wished for the finale Witty, charming, funny, sexy, with two fantastic characters to fall in love with Josh and Evan are incredible characters This series SIGNIFICANT BROTHERS was an AMAZING cast of characters, it was an absolute pleasure to meet Thank You for this fantastic collection of stories I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK AND THIS INCREDIBLE SERIES

  11. Amanda H Amanda H says:

    Oh my What to say about Ed s writing I already haven t said He is amazing and I have loved all his books including this one Ed is the master of a sweet love story mixed with real life without the angst and drama you find in so many books Plus they are hot hot hot Both Josh and Evan have baggage But they each learn to help each other work through their issues Josh and Evan have such a fun raptore between them that they are hilarious My favorite scene is where Evan accidentally tells Josh he is head over heels in love with him and he would die if Josh knew so of course Josh heard and has to tell him I highly recommend this book you will fall head over heels in love with these characters as did I

  12. Voska Voska says:

    I really enjoy everything I read from this author He never fails to make me fall in love with his characters This book was no exception.As the last book in this series I had a lot of expectations I expected to read about a couple of weddings, at least Deen and Nico s I understand that you can get the rest of the story if you sign up for the newsletter, but I m not a person who feels comfortable signing up for stuff So, yes, I m very disappointed this wasn t in the book, among other things I was getting nervous as I neared the end thinking there was so much to cram in to so little time left in the story I was about three paragraphs into the epilogue when I realized I wasn t going to get to read about all the things I wanted to.Even so, I did enjoy the book, I even cried for Josh some I enjoyed this series and I will continue to read books by this author.

  13. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    Reading this book was a bit bittersweet, because I ve fallen in love with the Significant Brothers series, and I know this is the last of the brothers But Tremble was too good not to love it I ve been waiting for Josh s story His heart just seemed so big, and Evan was the perfect choice for him.The story was sweet, and though it touched on some serious issues like emotional abuse it left me with such a happy heart.I m hoping this isn t the end, that we ll see with the brothers maybe Kev or Adam s story Either way, I highly recommend Tremble.5 stars.

  14. Lisa Neal Lisa Neal says:

    Josh has always been one of the quiet brothers In this book we learn why as well as learn what a huge heart he actually has Evan is on Josh s ranch for engagement photo s with this fiance when he is completely blindsided by the man he loves Josh steps in to help Evan make heads or tails about what happened The guys spend and time together and the story that unfolds was one of my favorite of the group I am sad to see these guys stories come to an end but I know that E Davies will have stories for us This series will be a read and re read for me many times.

  15. weloveit weloveit says:

    I have come to really enjoy this author Both series I have read, Riley bros Significant Brothers books were really neat.No great angst, no great drama, just really believable plots and well described characters right through.It makes for relaxing reading, and certainly kept my stress levels down for a while.Thanks E, for good reads, HEA s and genuine Love.