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Hangdog Days vividly chronicles the era when rock climbing exploded in popularity, attracting a new generation of talented climbers eager to reach new heights via harder routes and faster ascents This contentious, often entertaining period gave rise to sport climbing, climbing gyms, and competitive climbing indelibly transforming the sport Jeff Smoot was one of those brash young climbers, and here he traces the development of traditional climbing rules, enforced first through peer pressure, then later through intimidation and sabotage In the late s, several climbers began introducing new tactics including hangdogging, hanging on gear to practice moves, that the old guard considered cheating As climbers broke ranks with traditional style, the new gymnastic approach pushed the limits of climbing fromtoWhen French climber Jean Baptiste Tribout ascended To Bolt or Not to Be, a, at Smith Rock in , he cracked a barrier many people had considered impenetrable In his lively, fast paced history enriched with insightful firsthand experience, Smoot focuses on the climbing achievements of three of the era s superstars John Bachar, Todd Skinner, and Alan Watts, while not neglecting the likes of Ray Jardine, Lynn Hill, Mark Hudon, Tony Yaniro, and Peter Croft

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  1. Truth Devour Truth Devour says:

    Listening to the good old days of these adventure seeking, life living rock climbing super stars is a joy I truly love that early on in life they knew that this one thing, their obsession with the challenge of conquering great big walls was what they wanted perhaps needed to do.I m living vicariously through the details of the escapades described loving every page.

  2. Jim C Jim C says:

    When I started climbing in Wisconsin, my mentors would tell me about top sport climbers who could not climb 5.10 cracks Then I moved to California and became a solid sport climber But one of my best friends and climbing partners was a valley trad who had pioneered scary ground up ascents At night, at the camp, we talked for hours about climbing ethics, style, bolt wars and hangdogging.And that is what makes Jeff s book so good this is what this book is about Jeff was there at many of the events that started the bolt wars and interacted with the climbers which we all talked about This book is THE REAL DEAL Thanks for getting these stories out The stories about Todd Skinner are especially good one of our American climbing originals.Another interesting part of the book is how it documents to break barriers, you need to think outside of the box Any climber interested in American climbing history should read this book.

  3. reader7 reader7 says:

    This book talks about some really cool climbing stories More importantly it fills in the gaps between the history that everyone has already heard about and we are saturated with The era after the stone masters when climbing standards started to be advanced further has many colorful stories The old guard greasing holds to prevent sends, the old yosemite guard throwing bags of excrement on climbers to make things hard, and other stories make this a really interesting era of climbing history.

  4. Customer Customer says:

    This first person history of the dawn of sport climbing in America should be required reading for anyone who considers themselves a climber today While it deviates a bit from the central theme and drifts from time to time to topics and personalities close to the author personally, these small issues are minor quibbles the wealth of exciting stories from this odd historical period than makes up for them.Two luminaries play a central role in the drama Todd Skinner and Alan Watts Learning details from their remarkable careers was insightful, as was seeing how much the sport has matured and moved on from the unfortunate time of the excesses of both the overly snooty traditionalists and the too cavalier do whatever to the rock camp.

  5. mountainman mountainman says:

    Great read about the beginning of American sport climbing and the characters who played pivotal rolls, including Toddy Skinner, Alan Watts, and Hugh Herr If you like climbing you ll like this book.

  6. Steve-o-reen-o Steve-o-reen-o says:

    A very enjoyable read, the inside view of rock climbing as it was developing.

  7. NPFL NPFL says:

    Fantastic book I heard of this book from the Enormocast podcast This is a good book to learn about the transition to modern climbing use of cams, redpointing, etc This is probably my favorite climbing book I have read to date Definitely recommend this book

  8. Greg K. Greg K. says:

    Great book, filled with the history of sport climbing A very compelling read, story biased then the stories from camp 4

  9. Adriana Adriana says:

    Awesome Loved the stories and really loved to see how the history of sport climbing became what it is today.

  10. Linda Kelley Ebberson Linda Kelley Ebberson says:

    Great stories of an epic period in climbing.

  11. Customer Customer says:

    Great book for anyone enjoys climbing history