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Bennet James world is imploding His relationship with his best friend, lover, and longtime partner, Aiden, is falling apart because Bennet is no longer enough for him in bed Their differences are getting the better of them, and, for the first time in eight years, Bennet doesn t see a path toward the future he s always hoped for Aiden Hennessy is devastated The night Bennet breaks off their relationship, Aiden s world crumbles at his feet He s never envisioned a life that doesn t involve Bennet, and he doesn t know how to mend the divide between them, until the day he comes home early and walks in on something he thinks could be the answer to their problems Chris Wheeler doesn t do emotions Three years after an unexpected and catastrophic loss, Chris has mastered the art of keeping men at arm s length Casual flings and one night stands have become his standard But one night everything changes when he s propositioned in a parking lot by a copper haired bartender and his dejected lover Aiden, Chris, and Bennet tumble into a complicated strings free relationship that leads them right into heartbreak and tragedy Admitting their feelings and finding a way to heal their wounds together is the only way for them to see if love can still come after all they ve survived Content advisory The characters in this book are involved in a menage relationship There are elements of kink, including but not limited to role playing, breath play, and rough consensual sex

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  1. S.Anderson S.Anderson says:

    I absolutely loved this book I have never read a book that breaks your heart on one page and makes your panties wet on the next This is a great story about three very different men that are incomplete until they all come together as one My heart broke many many times for these incredible men and I m so glad that they get their hea There is a lot of sex in this book and it is off the charts hot I especially loved chapter 30 and the toy that Aiden brought for them Kate Hawthorne is fast becoming a favourite author of mine and I can t wait to see what she releases next

  2. Nikki JD Nikki JD says:

    I have decided that needs to introduce a new rating level for this book I have given it 5 stars but in reality it is a 5 panties book Oh my word this book is so hot it is off the charts Four chapters in and I was needing a cold shower By the end I had gone through a box of tissues heartbreaking scenes and a couple of cold showers hot, hot, hot scenes Mind you it s not gratuitous, mindless sex, it s all there because it s an integral part of the story We learn why Aiden is the way he is, why Bennet can t give it to him and why Chris needs them both.If you are not into m m books then it s probably not for you If you haven t read a m m m book before give this one a go Just start reading when you have a couple of hours spare because once you start you won t want to put it down until the end.

  3. Shelly Shelly says:

    I kind of wished I d read this before Until You Say Otherwise because then I wouldn t have known how it was going to end, that being said I still loved it Christopher, Aidan and Bennett were great characters, their relationship was a tad chaotic but it didn t feel rushed or unrealistic I felt a little heartbroken for Aidan and Bennett in the beginning because they d love each other alone for as long as possible and their problems were tearing them apart, I m glad they found Chris when they did and I m super happy they all get their HEA I could tell with this book that it along with the first two in the series and the last one were interwoven timeline wise and I thought that was done rather well A great book, a great story and a great read.

  4. Sue bowdley Sue bowdley says:

    Oh how I love Kate s booksThis one I think is my favourite of this series..Bennet sweet sweet Bennt and AidenAiden who loves to be hurt..The way they bring Chris into the relationship was done amazingly well Aiden wanted Bennet to hurt him during sexBennet couldn t so they brought in Chris to hurt Aiden and give Bennet what he needed too..It was all consensual but there was obvious problems along the way..Chris, damn his back story broke my heart..Really he went through a lot of pain..Aiden and Bennet were good together just not perfect This was done really well and I love itA few tense moments but nothing over the top..Plus..We get a book for Rich.I can t wait for his storyI m loving this author and x

  5. Freckles Freckles says:

    I m never sure going into a m nage if it s going to work This story worked for me and I enjoyed it The two mcs Bennet and Aidan have loved each other since they were boys, they were their first everything but now it s not enough as they want different things in bed Aidan meets Chris and brings him to Bennet thinking he will bridge the gap between them I enjoyed seeing how Chris brings it all together and how good they are for each other Look forward to reading Richards story out soon.

  6. Jackie Thorogood Jackie Thorogood says:

    Can two men become three Aiden is heartbroken when he comes home to fine his long term partner with some someone else Bennet I took awhile to understand him, but in the end he redeemed himself,Aiden and Bennet both knew something was missing from their relationship, But what enter Chris, who doesn t do relationships.How can an author put this much emotions into a book is truly amazing Cannot recommend this highly enough.Definitely will be reading this again.

  7. Hayley Smith Hayley Smith says:

    I fell in love with this book and have re read it than once already It s a beautiful love story, that s between three people each with different needs.Aiden, Bennett and Chris s story is a very well written brilliant read It made my heart hurt at times, was super hot and completely addictive.Ps Bennett was my absolute favourite

  8. julie taylor julie taylor says:

    Read both book and loved them I wanted Chris s story and it was so good Loved the plot and the characters A must read

  9. Faye K Faye K says:

    When A B C could Love.4.5 stars A first time read for this author Beautifully written This story is gorgeous, the characters the scenes and the storyline make a great book I connected to Aiden and Bennet on the first chapter there love is strong but unfortunately they both needed from the relationship The aghast for their partnership since they were teenagers to breaking up was inevitable to come Bringing Chris into their bedroom causes other things to happen now ones expecting to happen Christopher was fantastic in this but he also comes with his own baggage This has really hot sexy scenes for them all and also includes breath play, and dark scenes which are written well.Bennet and Aiden were in a relationship but it was definitely rocky Aiden needed from there sexual moments that Bennet had trouble with Being together since childhood but they needed to separate 3 long months they agree to bring in a third man.Aiden just may have found their third when Christopher chats him up when hes working behind the bar.Chris knows its about to get complicated.

  10. E M Denning E M Denning says:

    Bennett, Aiden, and Chris are probably my favorite MMM ever And Bennett, he s my all time favorite character He s sweet down to his bones I want to take him home and spoil him forever He s precious.

  11. Maewolf Maewolf says:

    I absolutely loved this book Couldn t put it down It had everything to keep you engaged So much emotion, both the painful and loving variety, and hot, steamy action Aiden and Bennet have been together all their life, best friends They have been each others first in everything They love each other greatly, but they have grown to need something the other just can t give Willing to try anything, because being apart isn t working either, they find a third A complicated strings free relationship that is supposed to benefit everyone Chris only does one night stands or casual He enters into their relationship to find himself involved than he should be Likes that he is needed That they all get something from each other that they need Will their complicated relationship work Will Chris counter balance their dysfunctional relationship A tragic and heartbreaking story to get their HEA that you will love Would I read this book again Yes Would I recommend this book Definetly Yes Now to read from this author.

  12. R Keebler R Keebler says:

    Aiden and Bennet have been together since they were teenagers, discovering everything together They have never been quite right though Aiden needs than Bennet can give He wants pain, to be controlled, told what to do Bennet wants mostly the same as Aiden, he just doesn t recognize it Unable to make the relationship between them work, they break up, but are soon back together, with nothing changed Still looking for that elusive something that will complete them.Things finally come to a head when Aiden meets Chris Desperate to not loose Bennet he make a proposition to his not quite boyfriend and Chris, a stranger Chris is very intrigued Seeing endless possibilities, something in the two men calling to him.Chris has his own demons, having lost the love of his life several years before, he isn t interested in pursuing a relationship A strictly friends only, way to get off together, an absolutely no strings arrangement is agreed on Failing from the start, soon they are all entwined with each other Chris calls Aiden his shiny penny and Bennet calls Chris daddy Three men One not getting enough, another giving to much and hurting because it just isn t what he needs The third, wanting to give and take in equal measure but not willing to open himself to heartache again.Beautiful damaged men, with the power to complete or destroy each other This book is another captivating story of exploration, discovery, and love reborn Very well done.

  13. ASeubert ASeubert says:

    This book was so amazing I couldn t stop reading this because I just had know about them and I needed them to get their HEA They didn t have an easy path and they had to open themselves up in a way that left them vulnerable and that is hard for anyone to do.Aiden is a bartender and him and Bennett have been together for 8 years and while he loves Bennett then anything, they are not compatible in the bedroom After a rocky couple of months between them Aiden has an ideaBring in a third Aiden was an amazing character and I loved him He was complex and engaging and this drew me in really wanting to get to know him on a deeper level Bennett was everything to him and he loved him so much yet he struggled being unable to give Bennett what he needed.Bennett was such a sweetheart I absolutely adore Bennett and I really enjoyed getting to know him Bennett loves Aiden then anything to the point that he has spent years pushing what he wants to the back burner to make Aiden happyEven if Aiden didn t really know He was so selfless and caring, he always put everyone else above himself He was socaring and kind and unfailingly generous in his need to make this he loves happy.Chris has closed himself off emotionally for years and relationshipsForget about um He meets Aiden at the bar that he works at After trying to hook up with him and walking him out to his car, Aiden text s Bennett and Chris meets him and they explain what they are looking for Yet feelings always have a way of creeping up on people Chris has a pain inside of him that makes him choose the life that he is living and if he wants this chance with them he has to rip off that scab and open himself up to Aiden and Bennett.I loved how we saw the way that Aiden and Bennett flailed in their relationship even though they loved each other so much It showed us that not every relationship is hearts and flowersEasy peasy They really take work and sacrifice and there are ups and downs and you really have to put yourself into it to get to the other side They decided to try something that might not be for everyone and I liked being able to see their uncertainty, yet they wanted this to work so much Yet what they received was better then anything they could have imagined and the hot, sexy manlove was burning up my Kindle baby This book was such a beautiful and captivating story I absolutely loved Aiden and Bennett and Chris They fit so perfectly together and it was so amazing to read and I definitely recommend reading this book While this book is part of a series it can be read as a stand alone.

  14. guardian_angel guardian_angel says:

    Omg how to describe this book and actually convey how good it was This is not your typical love story It is so much better.What would you do for the one person that held your heart and soul This book starts out as an M M story and then becomes an M M M story It is so heartbreakingly beautiful and the love between Aiden and Bennet is so fierce that you literally ache for them and their relationship When Chris is brought onto the scene it is clear that what these three men need is each other like pieces of the same puzzle that just fit I love how unashamedly Kate Hawthorne writes about ideas and relationships that aren t status quo and yet in such an honest and open way that you find yourself not just rooting for the characters but embracing them in your heart.If you haven t read His Kind of Love 1 and The Colors Between Us 2 , there are recurring characters from those two books that show up in this one and they add depth and completion to the very detailed world building of this book I can t say enough about how good this is Worth 10 stars

  15. Lisa Neal Lisa Neal says:

    Aiden and Bennet have been together since they were kids Their relationship is all they have ever known While they both know there is something missing from their relationship that is keeping them just shy of forever happiness they are not sure exactly what is missing, until Aiden walks in on Bennet in a compromising position one night.Enter Chris Sexy, tattooed, troubled past and willing to try out a crazy idea that Aiden has as long as Bennet agrees.Watching these three tiptoe through the idea of just adding a third for sex and then deciding to dive headlong into a full blown relationship was nothing short of fantastic.While Chris helps Aiden and Bennet complete their relationship with the missing pieces, the couple helps Chris heal the pieces of his shattered past and form one bond.