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This is the classic Dinosaur Island tale Sir Arthur Conan Doyle s Lost World is about contemporary with this one, written in the WWI period It precedes the spate of 50s Dinosaur Island movies such as the 1957 The Land Unknown , and of course, Jurassic Park by a number of decades But, instead of the pulp hero Professor Challenger and his associates, the dinos and cavemen are confronted by survivors of a torpedoed Allied ship, and of the German U boat that sank them and later by a rescue expedition organized to find and bring back those survivors By today s finicky standards, this would be a pulp era adventure, with all the conventions that implies, but it is nonetheless high adventure Burroughs, the creator of Tarzan, John Carter, and Pellucidar, could really write action scenes Yes, he does than a little German bashing, but remember when these stories were written He tried to make up for it, years later, with the likeable German crew of the Zeppelin O 220 in Tarzan at the Earth s Core This edition not only includes Land That Time Forgot, but both its sequels The People That Time Forgot and the somewhat better Out of Time s Abyss I was a bit surprised to learn in the foreword, that these three tales, though they appeared separately in a magazine, were apparently intended as the three parts of a novel a bit like a story arc from B5 The journey starts off as a submarine story which, while it doesn t include the later obligatory scene for submarine stories, where the sub dives deeper than it was designed to go, includes lots of intrigue, action, and a couple of takeovers technically not mutinies that keep things rolling , but soon develops into a classic Lost World tale on an uncharted island full of dinosaurs and cavemen and Burroughs comes up with an appropriately weird reason why they can coexist , with Our Heroes endangered not only by the natives and local wildlife, but by the egos of the two faction leaders, who should IMHO better have set aside their quarrels and worked together here The second part of the tale covers the adventures of the leader of a rescue team assembled to retrieve the survivors, after their plight is revealed by literally a message in a bottle Marooned in the dino infested lands of the island, by the crash of his recon plane, the leader of the rescuers must now face the additional matter of rescuing himself Needless to say, various creatures and natives have other ideas The third and final book ties everything together, as the protagonists of the first two parts, and the remaining survivors and rescuers, link up, and a really weird foe makes itself known Fans of Tarzan and John Carter won t be disappointed It all starts with a message in a bottle, a cry for help from a lost world Submarine manufacturer Bowen Tyler was on an Atlantic journey to Europe, when his boat was torpedoed by one of his own submarines He manages to survive, along with his faithful dog, Nobs, and with a little help from a passing tug boat, capture the U, the very submarine that he built, and that had torpedoed him With the German crew and the English tug crew, they drift to a lost island, almost as big as a continent, where exist many animals long since extinct elsewhere, and where evolution is compressed to a lifetime Through it all, he hopes to win the love of the beautiful girl he rescued in the English Channel, the lovely Lys La Rue great book by a great writer none better Edgar Rice Burroughs is tops for adventure and action His heroes are all built along the same framework strong, smart, and ready to cut to the chase His heroes always find a great female counterpart who is also clever, athletic, brave, and loyal The adventure starts in this book from page two and just keeps going ERB is a very good writer even if his subject is fantastic silly, out of this word and he always includes some of his own life philosophy, which again, is simple and straight forward.This is a great taste of Burroughs, but for and better, go to all the Mars stories I read those out loud to my kids when they were 7 11 and we all loved them, learned a lot of vocabulary, and were captivated by the adventure Also Burroughs is good for teaching the value of virtues courage, loyalty, friendship, personal strength, self reliance and Read Burroughs Have your kids read Burroughs Excite the imagination, underscore teaching mentioned virtues and just escape to amazing, wonderful places Highly recommended. I first read The Land That Time Forgot five years ago, when it was still published in three separate short volumes The Land That Time Forgot , The People That Time Forgot , and Out of Time s Abyss all originally published in Blue Book in 1918 I enjoyed the story immensely, but I mistakenly treated it as a trilogy, or a series of novels like Burroughs s own Barsoom series, and read them separately, interspersed with other books With the publication of this single volume Commemorative Edition , I finally realized that Burroughs meant for the work to be published as one novel which it was until the 1960s , and sat down to read it as such.What a difference this makes I now believe that The Land That Time Forgot is Burroughs s best work, and the definitive lost world tale The three sections are semi independent, but work as a whole in unexpected ways In Part I, we are introduced to the Island of Caprona and the bizarre prehistoric land of Caspak hidden inside it, but only after a long submarine journey Before the hero can solve the mystery of the strange evolutionary system of Caspak, we cut to Part II, which immediately launches us into an adventure on the other side of the Island with a new narrator Many plot strands come to an end at the conclusion of this second section, but there are still some questions left, still some mysteries, and Part III brings it all to a great conclusion, when we finally see behind the curtains and learn the enigma of Caspak.Burroughs s writing is simple, tough, and exciting, and Caspak provides endless excitement from all corners of pre history and fantasy dinosaurs, sea monsters, cavemen, giant mammals, and winged humanoids And there are airplanes and German subs as well But what really sets this novel apart from other, similar stories, is the evolutionary concept that rules Caspak I will say no the riddle of Caspak is the best of many reasons to read this wonderful novel, presented complete for the first time in nearly half a century. Odd one this I ve read a few ERB books and almost the first half of this is a series of wartime encounters involving a U boat The bit I was looking forward to came later, and seemed a bit rushed and little simplified Hordes of dinosaurs but the author gets fed up with going into detail about them The landscape is good though the scale of it is hard to believe if it is a lost world, and the stratification of the cavemen is fascinating though doesn t get explained in this book I will read the two follow ups eagerly though, at least to try and solve the mysteries left by this one. It must be over 50 years since I read this and tastes change Read other ERB in the last year or two and while this isn t his best it s still a decent if dated story.