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I don t think there has ever been a title released by Anna Jacobs that I haven t awarded 5 stars to This is another wonderful read by this author I don t know how many follow up books are set for this series, but I can t wait for the next one to be released It is a really good story to lose oneself in and the only problem is that once I start reading, I can t stop reading it at every opportunity, and then I get to the end of the book with than a little disappointment The reader becomes part of the characters and is immediately drawn into the story. This is only about the 3rd book of Annas I have read and fast becoming a fan This book had everything, A brute of a husband, a Land girl returning home injured to a cottage left to her, a displaced Polish Jew Just to name a few If you like sagas from this era Then I can well recommend.I am lucky really, as the whole set is now available at the push of a button Brought back memories from growing up during the WW2, from standing in queues, walking home in the blackout etc My Mother calling the Moon the Parish lantern My father working in building trade London, never knowing if he would come home each night To me , it brought it all back Characters very believable, having had to be servants to some who thought themselves above me too Well thought out story, kept me hooked to the end.Made me look for the next book It is impossible to rate Anna Jacobs A Time to Remember without also rating the 3 following parts of the saga A Time for Renewal, A Time to Rejoice and Gifts of Our Times The 4 books become one as you read them and even if each by itself can stand alone, the four of them together create a great unit which you will read fast, one after the other to see how the facts will develop and how the people in them will survive the post WWII in England and all the terrible consequences of the air raids and the destruction of things and people Great reading I really enjoyed the first book in this trilogy and am about to read the second one Based at the end of WW11 when soldiers were being demobbed it tells the story of a middle class family and one other family who become linked A great read. I felt this book had something for everyone War time the shortages that people went through, digging up parks to plant vegetables The small amount of rations that were available and you had to have ration books to get such meagre amounts Also the way the forces took over homes of the rich, only to disrespect and leave those estates in ruins Plus the cruel way that displaced persons were treated by some Plus wife beating cruelty to children And last but not least the romance that can blossom Hope you enjoy as much as I did. I really enjoyed this book and looking forward to reading the next one in the Saga I could not put book down The first book in a heartwarming new Lancashire based series by beloved and best selling saga writer Anna Jacobs, set at the end of World War Twothe war in Europe is over It should be a time of utter joy and celebration Most women can t wait for their men to return, but in the small town of Rivenshaw in Lancashire, Judith Crossley fears having her husband back in the house He d grown into a bully and a drunkard, and on the occasions he d come home from leave, he d hit her He wasn t a good father, either Luckily Judith has found an unlikely ally, a friend to turn to Maynard Esher, from an old aristocratic family on the other side of town But Judith knows that when her husband returns, she and her children will be back in the firing line again She decides that for the children s sake, she must leave her husband But with the house rented in his name and other accommodation scarce, where on earth can they go